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  1. i'll organise it from my side thanks again for the borrow purza
  2. ok managed to get back online lol. i have finished with the turntable....i wasn't intentionally hogging it lol
  3. felt it in Bury, Lancs. woke me up, thought the kids had jumped on the bed, about ready to shout at them when reality seeped in, lol being rocked around the bed, things falling off shelves lol i was so full of adrenalin it took me a while to get back to sleep, the kids slept through it lol
  4. oooo some good choices there, i have cast my vote i was tempted to say i like mine best lol but had to go with man running round tree because mine doesn't make me giggle purza
  5. thanks i love the pics of the cars but i'd hate to choose between them....they look soooooooo goooooood
  6. lol i suppose i will have to start trawling through the threads to try and find who has the one of the bloke running round the tree?? makes me giggle..... any
  7. lol no use at any of them, apart from the shutting (honest) blast, i should have been a bloke.....
  8. Hi guys I was hoping to make it at some point during the day, but not going to happen this time hope you all have fun
  9. lol i suppose it depends on the height of the lady though, seeing as i am only 5" , if the blokes too tall and i'd end up with a permanant crick in my neck from looking up all the time
  10. lol very good, but i thought the main one was his first name must not be Always !!
  11. I got a bottle of Baileys Terry Pratchett - Making Money big dressing gown, lol i am like a cuddly teddy bear the dvd 300 some smellies and chocs Zen MP3 player (my mam and dad, they organised the pressies off the kids, but forgot from themselves...hehehe)
  12. Yayyyyy i scored major brownie points with my Dad Gave him a copy of "Bunk Dogger - First Offence" today, he was over the moon it might have been a mistake he is looking through his LP collection (thankfully a small one) trying to find others that we can't get on And thanks guys for the input regarding the noise, i have left it as it its like listening to the LP all over again....ahhhh happy days Since receiving the turntable it had to stay in the box cos it was christmas and there was no way i was going to set it up and get all the LP/singles sorted out (there would have been no christmas dinner lol) Lol it came out the box yesterday, and i have to remember i have kids to feed lol need more writable cd's purza
  13. lol .....nah, she doesn't do anything for me Merry Christmas folks xxx
  14. Merry christmas and a happy new year to all hugggsss all round purza
  15. haberdashers, (although i use most young ones don't seem to be able to use "very or really" in a sentence nowadays....its all thats well good, that was well fast, thats well scary.......and so on.....
  16. i will be going for a small (4 ft) fake tree, on a table, with no decorations on the lower branches.... we have a 7 month old mad cat, who loves to knock everything off the sofa so offering her a 6ft fake decorated tree would seem rather purza
  17. We have had ramdom fact of the day, so now how about those all important questions in life that need answers. I'll kick off. Why when you tell someone that their are 4 billion stars in our Galaxy do they believe you, but if you say that some paint is wet they have to touch it? because they can't prove you right or wrong on the stars but can test the paint Why is it people say they "slept like a baby" when babies wake up every two hours? maybe they mean they have been drooling and wetting themselves
  18. lol i don't have anything as cool as that, but the little guy and the purza
  19. lol thanks for the i have to stop as the kids want to know what i am laughing at.... purza
  20. lol interesting observation so best plan would be to get your bread, then veg, then leave the raw meats till last, go home and clean all your purza
  21. Oi !! Cheeky ..... I would like to point out that he had previously been having trouble with first gear before I drove it.... And considering I love messing with cars (don't mind getting dirty) not much of a
  22. lol when my husband left me he took the turntable
  23. oooo i have been drooling after one of these i would be interested please finally i can get bunk dogger on cd
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