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  1. awwww bless you, the thought is comforting looks like its just me and my whisky lol
  2. oh gosh yes.....its wonderful and warming.....
  3. lol i don't have an option, i have to carry on...just no one here to appreciate how brave i
  4. little lad in bed, poorly, bad cough runny nose - always just before his dad picks him he will be well by he is such a generous kid too..... i am sat here waiting for the lemsip(plus whiskey) to kick in, nose blocked but runny...ooooo nice..... eyes streaming and all red....... need volunteers to rub vics vapour rub on my chest and tuck me up in bed and look after me..... well its worth a purza
  5. thankfully it stayed dry had a good walk round, everyone was impressed and said it was the best they had seen all night......a number of kids wanted me to make them a dalek for next he loved showing it off and had a great time
  6. just thought of a possible problem (apart from getting up the the weather has been a bit wet here over the last few evenings....rain and cardboard don't oh dear i think i will be the only fairy Gothmother holding an
  7. Gosh Happy Birthday lads hope you all have a great time celebrating purza
  8. ok one like i said a bit of a drunk dalek....
  9. on the plus side, due to him being inside the dalek he can wear his big coat (no moaning about being cold ) lol thanks Bibs for the storage idea......but would that be Dr Loo...... i'll get my coat.......
  10. lol right good idea Bibs.......emmmmm so next a garage
  11. at the beginning of October my Son informed me that he would really like a darlek costume for good job i love a so over the month i have been collecting large sized cardboard boxes and such (sink plungers ) i have finally finished it.....sprayed black....not perfect ( well i think it looks like a drunk darlek) but Son thinks its great roll on next week when he is walking round the streets wearing ( and he will have trouble getting up kerbs lol) i will try and post a piccy then the next question is....what am i going to do with it after purza ps hmmmm darlek with tinsel and fairy lights....who needs a
  12. oooooo i do like the look of the shirts
  13. lol thankfully i am an exception to the rule then i ain't a nob while driving the golf gti ( i ain't a nob while driving the lotus either...i am a good girl ) purza
  14. Hi, Nice clear site, easy to use too (which is a bonus for I have added it to my favourites purza
  15. I have one of me as Lara Croft in her bikers leathers......will try and find it purza
  16. lol heres my list..... music...listening to, enjoy singing Architecture hiking/walking...trees nature swimming used to love doing archery driving....fixing cars painting....murals arts and painting, glass engraving, embroidery, needlepoint, many many more reading watching cycling, road races/track watching F1 watching athletics, swimming, gymnastics love avoiding housework...i am very skilled at there are others but i can't think of them at the mo....
  17. please forgive the question but is that since it has to be blown up to A3 size? i was thinking of sending my pic in but not sure if it will comply with the specs? i will have a look at the original (not very good with purza
  18. lol you can use my avatar if you like its a nice car and i'd buy one purza
  19. cor...... sorry if link has been posted before but looked and couldn't find it purza
  20. ooooooo i have been waiting for this to come out my brother and i will be going to see it soon......
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