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  1. lol roger :) nice idea but i'll probably be driving my golf .....bless it passed its MOT first time and at 19 yr old thats not bad at all lol still need to t cut it to try and get its red back (its tornado red, salmon pink and bone white in places!!)

    everything is organised, i have my lists, just need to pay for it lol

    and comem47 like that idea :) but i have already designed mine, white celtic knot on royal purple background :)


  2. Ahhh i am so glad i love arts and crafts :) lol keeping the cost down for this wedding

    i'm making my own invites, fridge magnets and such

    my gran and i will be making the buttonholes and things (i get my crafts abilities from her )

    and i have done a design for the top of my wedding cake its illuminated script of mine and his names. getting the cakes from asda they can print the design on top of the cake mmmm chocolate sponge :)

    i have found out my pay will be dropping by over 25% in dec lol i wasn't getting loads to start off with so need to find another job, keep thinking i should do my glass engraving, arts and crafts, kids murals.

    i can't believe how many weddings i'm involved in this year lol my brother gets wed in april and i'm his best man :D my best mate gets wed a month before me and i'm a bridesmaid :) and then obviously my own lol

    busy busy busy

    hugss all xx

  3. Hi Purza!!

    Nice to see you back here. Hope you're well. I'm living in France now so not so easy to meet at the Pilsworth Asda!!

    LOL very true hope your enjoying yourself over there :D

    how dodgey did we look transfering that turntble of yours from boot to boot lol

    :welcome: have fun

    hi roger

    nice pic :) he looks very sleek

    what with the nice hot weather i take toothless outside with me while hanging the washing out, he loves it

  4. :thumbsup: hi Bibs

    things are good thankyou, getting use to having a man about the house lol

    loving being able to get my washing dried outside in the sad am i :)

    enjoying driving my golf gti....its still going yayyyy bless its almost 20 yrs old now still needs t-cutting lol

    i have a pet dragon.......well its a breaded dragon :no ......called toothless he's gorgeous and a right softy lol

    hows things with you??


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