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  1. post-1236-1242334466_thumb.jpg

    lol this is my hand, gothic mechanic lol

    i was helping to fix brake calipers, refit welded exhaust, replace hand break cable and speedo cable on my golf GTi

    i've never been one to worry about a broken nail :)

    hairy and a strong smell lol errrmmm i think i'll pass :)

  2. thanks :w00t: even if i'm just doodling i draw eyes lol

    its taken a few years to do as i only paint what patterns and colours i see, if nothing comes to mind i don't do anything

    wow thats intense, bit of piccasso inspiration?

    lol not one to look at if drunk (i have been told this by a friend) there is possible influence but its not meant, its just what i see at that time.....

  3. Well took my son to see the new Star Trek movie last night and all I can say is "Well done" that J. J. Abrams guy! Great acting, funny where it needed to be, good story line to make it work with the previous Star Trek incarnations and excellent SFX.

    Highly recommended if you are a Trekky. We got there late due to my son forgettig the need to get to the first show early and had to stand in the back for the whole 2 hours but it was well worth it to see it on an IMAX screen!

    Anyone else?

    ok i went to see this last night, didn't get to see it at an IMAX though but never mind. really enjoyed it, and i will admit to being a it of a trekkie :) it gets a thumbs up from me :P

    saw the trailers for the new terminator - looks good

    and for transformers 2 - again looks good :)

    hoping to see wolverine next week :)

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