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  1. The only thing you'll find is that while T cutting the waxoil will be spread around and make the T cut less effective. I'd recommend removing it with white spirit or similar first then T cut and finally re-apply waxoil to cover these chips.

    ok thanks for that, i wasn't sure as to whether i should remove the waxoil, and i take it that the T-cutt will be ok going over the chips once waxoil free?

  2. hi all

    shock horror purza asking a car related question lol

    ok i am currently running a VW Golf GTi Mk2 '91/'92

    it is supposed to be tornado red but it is salmon pink in places lol i was going to T-cut it but there are the odd spots on the body work (stone chipped paint, slight knocks from handle bars) where they have been treated with waxoil to prevent or limit rusting?

    now am i able to T-cut over these areas and just reapply after waxing? or ???


    ps obviously this will be done AFTER i finish my bathroom :)

  3. :) well the plaster is still in place lol didn't fall off, ceiling is painted, some dado removed cut and refitted to create an edge.....but i hate sanding down woodwork to be done though, fiddly dado rails.......who'se idea was this....mutter mutter......
  4. wonderful pictures folks, really enjoyed looking through them all (the housework can wait lol) you looked like you all had a terrific time on the saturday night (i'll start saving now for next year, count me in :))

  5. lol love DIY and working on cars, don't mind getting my hands dirty and have never been one to worry about breaking a nail :yes:

    but i love a challenge and since my cheque book wouldn't be any use if the funds are not available lol i'll give it a go, i do things in bits, i can't work flat out for several days to complete things i will do some then do something else, it will get done but may take a couple of weeks rather than days (it won't drag into months i'm not that bad)

    i'll let you all know how i'm doing.....whether you want to know or not lol :P


  6. thanks for all the tips folks :yes: much appreciated......

    just removed all the loose plaster, so now have some very attractive patches on the walls lol

    so plastering will be my weekend job :P although saying that my daughter has a sleepover on saturday for her birthday so i may be busy cooking instead....sheesh need more than one of me lol

  7. decided to make a start redecorating my bathroom......i have the gloss, paint, tiles :thumbup:

    adding extra tiling over the bath, moving dado rails etc....... finding loose plaster in the process lol

    never tiled before but that won't stop me, i know the theory :) and i can do anything if i put my mind to it lol

    bought plain white tiles and the kids and i have been drawing on some of them, ( i have ceramic pens :)) to make things more personal, they will be added randomly around the walls, one of the tiles is the lotus badge lol

    it may take me a while but i'll get there, wish me luck lol

  8. Hi all :pirate:

    The kids and I had a wonderful day :)

    as i was a newbie to a meet i will admit to being slightly nervous about actually meeting folks lol

    thanks to all of you who made me feel welcome, you're and i wasn't kidding about my size either lol (i think i am more suited to an exige....mmmm its on my wish list as well as an esprit lol) glad i managed to finally get on a picture too :)

    waves to all those i met :thumbsup:

    pocket purza lol

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