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  1. hi katie

    superdavelotus had said about if others wished to chip in to do so through paypal and gave his email i have asked if he didn't mind still collecting but then sending the cheque as it had to be made payable to Salford PCT rather than direct to the charity, once Jeff's wife has the cheque she will then send it in with regards to which charity it was to go to.

    my email program has been a bit iffy of late so i am having to message dave from here and i am waiting to hear back from him

  2. please forgive me for not getting back to you all sooner, internet is playing up, plus as i am sure you can imagine Jeff's wife is in a bit of a whirlwind at the moment. i will be speaking with her regarding the flowers and info she wishes to pass on, and i will let you all know as and when i find out.

    thank you for your continued sympathies

    ok guys, managed to speak to Jeff's wife, she says thank you for the kind offer of flowers but she is looking like a florist as it is and wondered if you'd make a donation to a charity instead. it is something local to the family and to do with kids and sports which were close to his heart

    i will speak with Dave (superdavelotus) about him co ordinating the donations as they have to go to a specific place first before being handed to

    The Diana Children Community Nursing Service

    they help parents of disabled children in the home as well as taking the kids to do sporting activities

    as to the cause of his death, it breaks my heart to have to say that he took his own life, please even if you know where his family live can you please come through me as she doesn't want any fuss.

    She also says thank you for the offer of help, she may need some regarding his lotus esprit but all in good time.

    heartfelt thanks


  3. huggssss to you and your family, i can't see anyone giving grief over your decision, its the big picture that you are looking at. The health and furure of your family are paramount. We know that you appreciate the work and help done :wub:

    take care and best wishes


  4. awwwwww kimbers I'm sorry :) didn't get to the travel lodge till late friday and was busy with the wedding all saturday.

    lol I should have been confident enough to just say lol hey guys i'm at the travelodge anyone fancy meeting in the car park sunday morning and having a brew at the burger king lol my kids would have gone......and they are?? ooo nice cars lol

    huugss purza

  5. Went passed that sign on the way to Hethersett for a wedding a couple of weeks ago, but it was late friday evening and i had been driving for 5 hours and my bum was numb, decided we would follow the signs on sunday before going home

    in the end didn't as i just wanted to get home thats the closest i have been to Lotus Cars :shock:

    will add it to my list of to do before i'm 40 :)

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