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  1. Hey everyone, I survived Would reply to all messages but there's rather a lot! Firstly started by having a consultation with the surgeon whereby I asked him if I could have a topical (numbing stuff before injections), to which he replied "I don't think we actually have that as we don't treat children" How embarrassing, plus I must be the only peron who has ever asked him due to the "I don't think..." So, I was shaking like a little leaf at the thought . Went through paperwork, possible complications etc etc for him to tell me that he would be very surprised if he had to cut my gu
  2. Thanks, I will take a peek now
  3. Well, been dreading it for a week and the day has finally arrived... Getting my two top wisdom teeth pulled at 11.30, apaarently have to have my gums slightly cut and possibly some bone removed? I am absolutely scaredy cat and I think more scared of the totally assured that I will feel nothing but pressure during the procedure Am aware that it will ache after, perhaps even for a few weeks but I can handle that. Post op report to follow, hopefully to put anyone else at ease who may have this to 'look forward' to
  4. Hey Howdy I got all excited reading that and thought 'I haven't ever seen a Lotus round here' (there's only about 4 roads). Canterbury is beautiful, especially on a sunny day like today Very much looking forward to my Lotus adventure ! Hey Thanks! There's nothing stopping me now! Love this place already
  5. Hey and thanks I would indeedy look after it - very well
  6. Thanks for the advice and a point in the right direction, always good to have recommendations, especially when it comes to a sale and servicing ... I'll make myself so mad if I test drive one, hmm guess I could just go from dealer to dealer for the whole weekend and perhaps in disguise for a second go in each Naughty Hey I kNOW, I kNOW, I kNOW, I have had a little goosey Funds permitting, I'd have one NOW, no actually, I am so impatient I'd have one yesterday ! That's where you guys come into it I'll pass any I find through here for filtering/opinions!
  7. Sounds great The other forums haven't even replied to any posts so I have gone
  8. Aha, yup - most definately like that I never get of looking at these little beauties
  9. Fantastic Ta very muchly The trouble with me is that I am sooooo impatient, I want one now!
  10. Hey Fitz Well, that's ultimately why I joined TLF...for some techinal advice and assistance... I believe that a standard Elise is nippy enough, so guess this would be a good start... I know one thing for has to be gunmetal grey/Titanium I will make the most of this place to do my research as I am aware that if you are going to get a car a little out of the ordinary then you really need to know your stuff... I never thought it'd happen tbh but it may well be able to now
  11. OMG, what is it, what is it, WHAT IS IT... This is one of the first threads that I have read upon becoming a member today and I'm already confused
  12. Had a little peek in there just now, looks like good, organised fun Will have a good look later on I'm sure everyone's working right now, seeing as lunch is techinally over...I'm not on here really, I am just a figment of your imagination
  13. Currently in Stone...moving to Reading for a month or so then hopefully to Rochester (if me and the other half can manage a months trial) Grew up in Darenth though and have been round the area all my life...gotta love Kent
  14. Hey Bibs That sounds like a plan...I am only 10 mins or so from Brands Hatch and 2 mins when at a rugby club in New Ash Green, so always easy to get to. Thanks for the reply...have posted on another forum and no response at all, looks desolate and unfriendly MissChief
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