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  1. No crashes! The only casualty was an Audi, which lost gearbox oil.
  2. Komotec Exhaust on the EX460 at full blow.
  3. We had an organized hillclimb on Mont Ventoux (better known from the Tour de France ) yesterday.
  4. I've seen the car a few times and it obvious it was set directly against the Audi TT. I find the looks a bit confusing, they very well copied the lines og the original but somehow when you see both it looks like an original A110 on steroids.
  5. TBD


    As said above, the white guage is just there to show that it is a fuel display. The flickering means either the illumination behind is dying, or may have just beeen a reflection from sunlight. The rear lights are not connected to the CANBUS, no worries there. They can however show a fault or even confuse teh DSP if their resistance is wrong (known issue with the Tranforged ones - see GF Williams discussion on this). Finally, the 120 is for the Gulf States markets where an alarm light is seemingly required by law if you're driving above 120 (i believe its Km/h)
  6. You're both disqualified. Michal asked for cars whose lights "look ordinary in the daylight. When lit in the dark, they are atrocious." Michael was speaking of the lights, in your contributions the whole car is atrocious They are equally atrocious in daylight and in the dark.
  7. TBD

    A new model...

    Lotus is moving production out of Brexit-country. the Exige is going into Exile.
  8. Good observation, I had the same impression in the last weeks. I hadn't looked further into it as I have the roof at this time and the A/C is of no use anyway. It has always been an issue with Lotus that the fresh air intakes are located just behind the radiator.
  9. If I remember Daniel correctly the IPS is the real constraint for the EX460 kit as this exceeds the IPS torque limits on full throttle. Resultingly you will be getting less than 460 HP in lower gears where the ECU programmed limits cut ins. Daniel recommended the 410/430 HP packages at most. However I would add that it depends on your climate. The EX460 includes the charge cooler, which means the engine doesn't lose as much power at higher temperatures (@geartox, as we have in Southern France).
  10. Have you asked for a test drive yet?
  11. Unfortunately I don't think that matches well with Geely's list. I see it more like this: Reposition the Lotus brand in public opinion, "Lotus is the better Porsche" and the Sportscar brand of the Geely group Upscale prodution by a factor of ten and build the company such that they can handle this. Leverage group synergies, use Volvo/Polestar parts. Make sure we earn money on every model we build! And maybe at some time Geely will enter Formula E with the Lotus brand.
  12. TBD

    Future of Lotus

    Given the funds it can go a lot faster than you think. Consider how fast Tesla has grown, in about ten years from a barnshed putting batteries in a LOtus Elise to todays output of 5,000 cars a week. That is roughly 100 times the output of Lotus.
  13. TBD

    X-trac innards…..

    I know Komotec already have a sequential box and are working on installing a dual clutch gearbox (AUdi based). I think Daniel is waiting for sufficient customer pressure to finish this. I hope the pricing will be right.
  14. TBD

    Driving on track in 38 Celsius

    I had a similr effect on the EX460 on a track day in Southern France. I was in Race mode when suddenly both race and sprt mode lights came on and the car lost power. Problem went away after a few minutes, then came back. I then turned off the traction control completely and all was well. My conclusion was that the DPM-system has problems with the very high grip on hot days such as you describe and the higher power levels of the EX460 (and maybe the 430).
  15. Hold my beer🍺 I've just gone through a most significant version of what you may have. I had the clunking sound from January. We sent the Öhlins in for revision and though they found nothing everything was well after reinstallation - for about four weeks, when the clunking returned. On advice I had all (visible) bolts in the suspension tightened, but to no avail. Nonetheless they released me for our Alpine trip. Well things got worse during the trip and afterward my first stop was the garage, where we finally decided to remove the dampers once more. But we couldn't, it was impossible to pull the top of the left damper out of its cage. This is when I finally saw the source of all problems - the nut had come off the single bolt holding the damper. This bolt had then started to slip and was now blocking the cage from sliding down. The bolt was now sitting halfway out, obviously free to move but blocked from sliding our further by the cage itself. We ended up having to open the subframe in order to cut the bolt and finally pull the damper out. You can see some of the havoc that the loose bolt had wreaked in the meantime. I had the damper repaired, got a new bolt which we tightened hard (and secured with Loctite). Everything is fine now.😅 So, moral of the story (and my recommendation), if you have a clunking sound make sure to check the upper mounting bolt on the damper. Unfortunately you can't see it without removing the assembly, but that is why its so easy to oversee. Your car is nearly new, so one might not suspect it, but don't forget that loose bolts have been a Lotus specialty for 70 years now. At one instance I had also thought my issue might be related to the bushing or a broken helper spring, but obviously this was not the isue.