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  1. Thinks are really starting to come closer. I just love the gold flakes in the Lotus Motorsport Back! IMG_20220815_170027.mp4 IMG_20220816_141840.mp4
  2. Wahr are the feelings about 245/40R17 front and 295/35R18 rear? Would they fit? Yokohama has the Advan A052 and Advan Sport in these sizes.
  3. FInally seeing the progress being made. VEry interesting how the paint shop is filling crakcs and holes by first making them bigger.
  4. So I've started looking at rims and tires for the Esprit. The familiar problem is that very few tires are avalable to fit to the stock wheel sizes. Semms like only less popular brands such as Nanking, Falken or Toyo are still making a tire that would fit for both fronts and rears. Also,the 6-spoke OZ Racing wheels on the car willnneed extensive refurbishment and repainting. It looks like I may have found a viable option that would open to a much larger world of tires. Team Dynamics (RimStock) has the Pro Race 1.3 ( rim in 18"x8.5 and 18"x10 that could fit. Apparently the offset can be custom fitted, otherwise spacers could bridge the gap (objective being to keep the track as Lotus handling division designed). There are a lot more tires available to fit the 18" wheels font and back, including the Michelin Pilot Super Sport (245/35ZR18 in Front, 295/35ZR18 Rear - each only 10mm wider). Team Dynamics wheels are fitted as option to many Exige V6 (including my Komotec Exige EX460) and I think they look very fitting. The Esprit has such a timeless (futuristic) look that it need not be locked into the past by old wheel designs.
  5. Took a day and a half, but first progress is showing. I'm sure hoping the rest will go faster.
  6. Time for an update. I finally saw the car end pf June at the paint shop. Such a dream. Unfortunately the repainting is becoming abit of a nightmare. Evidently the car was already repainted at one time, but the paint didn't bond to the car. So, this will take a bit longer.... received_588245172864494.mp4
  7. Anyone have experience with the Nanking NS-2R THey seem to be available in the proper sizes.
  8. Now that it has been a few weeks and we've all had time to see or read the varios tests I'm wondering if Lotus really got the press cars right. Mind you, I'm not talking about the test results, the Emira is obviously a great step forward, but was it, for example, right to give EVO a car with road tires for the track tests, others semi-slicks for the road. Since Lotus is so evidently positioning the Emira as the other sportscar against the Porsche Cayman it seems reasonable to compare how the two manage these campaigns. Generally Porsche will invite the press to a great location (Portimao comes to mind), bringing a stable of cars with them. Some configured for the road, some for track. Each test crew is then given their chance to drive a road car, make their videos, etc. They then return to the track and are given the keys to a track prepared car for part two of the test. All the time Porsche has the necessary engineers on site to make sure the test cars are immaculate and properly set up. It may be a bit more expensive, but that is how you get the best test reports and videos!
  9. Interesting that most of the reviews mention the gearbox as a weak point, much as it always had been in the Evora and Exige.
  10. The Lotus Cars teaser was the initial inspitarion, but Tim's car completed the picture with those rocker panels. And a bit of EX460 for the front. Unfortunately we wont be able to get the OZ saturn rims, the car being fitted with the older wheels. I'm still open to suggestions for a better alternative.
  11. Status update: So we have been focussing on planning and setting everything up for the restoration: The gearbox rebuild will be performed by PUK Racing in Augsburg, Germany. The parts are on stock at Quaffe and have been ordered. The removal and shipmentof the gearbox by Komo-tec is scheduled. We've finalized the paint design and the car is now being prepared for painting. Needed parts have been identified by Komo-tec and being ordered. FInalizing the design and repainting proved quite challenging after we saw the offer. Repainting a car and changing colour can cost a fortune and I definitively underestimated that. But, in the end no compromises are being made. Amazingly, so far we haven't found any of the expected roadblocks. BTW we did find out why the paint was so bad. The car had previously been wrapped and when the last owner had the wrap removed the paint came with it. Also, the wrap seemed to have promoted osmosis in some places.
  12. So what is the 2022 view on new tires for the Esprit V8? It seems few tire makers have matching sets of 235/40R17 and 185/35R18 sizes any more. How many have exchanged the 235/40R17 for the more widely available 245/40R17? And, which manufacturers have the same tire in both sizes?
  13. And I actually prefer the later wheels and wing. So if someone wants to swap. But on the other side, I very much prefer the earlier interior and dashboard.
  14. In the meanwhile Komo-tec have completed their initial inspection and the list of issues is amazing: Various paint defects (clear coat detachment, possibly partly osmosis / wavy-pored paint) - a clear result from pulling the old wrap Small ding in the front bumper Rear diffuser partially wrapped with unknown background (it's a fake carbon wrap) Interior partially foiled with unknown background (fake carbon wrap) Oil pressure gauge defective Defective wiper linkage Heating controller not working Air conditioning not working (line in the lower engine compartment probably leaking) Transmission very stiff Scraping synchro gear 2 and gear 5 1st gear 1 very loud Idle speed gets stuck Taillights glazed (probably have to be replaced - turn signals were colored red = not allowed in Germany) Transmission oils heavily No catalytic converters installed Rear axle rubbers LH and RH defective Broken front turn signal glass Front left headlight (one lens tarnished, one glass defective) Wheels need to be refurbished Tires front DOT from 2009 Tires rear DOT from 2010 That is it! I've ssen cars come in for their annual inspection wiht a longer list of issues, this car is 26 years old! I expected the gearbox, I've had gearbox issues with every one of my Lotus, so the the known weaknesses of the Esprit gearbox did not surprise me. I always budgeted for a gearbox rebuild and hardening. Most costly item will probably the new paint job. I've pretty much finalized the design, but I'll keep that for later. Next steps (from easy to hard) having the car painted rebuilding the gearbox Identifiying and ordering parts having Daniel find time and space in their workshop to begin working.
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