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  1. Not yet.😁 Komotec is still testing /preparing for production. Seems they completed testing
  2. Generally it makes sense to clear the faults on forst occurance. This is what your dealer will equally do. However, don't do it repeatadly on the same errors (unless they are very rare), that is when it is time to go to the dealer and have him fix it. Many faults are cleared on restarting the engine, or after a few cycles without fault.
  3. TBD

    Can I fix DSG on exige v6 🙃

    Daniel confirmed to me that they are finalizing and Komotec should have something "ready for the season" this year. No info as yet on pricing. 😞
  4. TBD

    Future of Lotus

    Those are surely the 311's. Komotec (Lotus am RIng) alone has sold a dozen or so. I believe the jump from 72 to 115 in 2014 is, in fact, largely due to KT becoming a full dealer. Also Carsten has been growing strong.
  5. If you look at the full range of kits form Komotec you'll see that this is quite realistic: KT 370: KT airbox plus tune KT 390 : headers plus sports cat plus air filter plus tune (stock airbox) KT 410 : as above plus faster spinning compressor plus tune (stock airbox) KT 430 : all above plus KT airbox plus tune KT 460 : all above plus charge cooler plus tune KT 500 : new pistons,new rods, larger compressor, headers (TVS-1900), sports cat, KT airbox plus tune - just don't forget to include a new gearbox (sequential?) with this one Lotus couldn't go that route because of the sports cat, which would compromise certification. So they chose the larger compressor. For this they only have one kit: KT 475 : new headers plus sports cat plus air filter plus tune.
  6. TBD

    How good with the roof off!

    Took the roof off in spring, but it back on in end October before my last trackday (without squeeks or rattles). I found
  7. The suspension bottoms out long before the underside touches the road surface. I won't count scraping the splitter, which I do daily (in fact, I can't leave the driveway without scraping), but that is a full ride height.
  8. Wrong question. The questions to ask are: If the gearbox blows up it I get more than 500hp why should I try? If the pistons burn through at 500hp, why should I turbo the engine? If I turbo the Exige, where can I put the turbos? If the turbo kicks in mid corner how do I avoid spinning out?
  9. TBD

    Exiger35 Komo-Tec EX390

    You can always ask Daniel at Komotec before.
  10. TBD

    Exiger35 Komo-Tec EX390

    I recently helped Daniel with a customers EX460 kit here in Southern France. Marcassus had installed the kit but the engine never did run right. The lambda sensors had been interchanged between the banks, leading to a rough engine finally overheating the cats and lambda sensord. Evidently the Exige 380 Cup does not have the same ECU file as the other Exige variants and in fact, even Lotus Cars seems to have issues in getting the correct fil3e for these models. Daniel was finally able to create a correct file from scratch, but it was an effort.
  11. You've diagnosed it quite well, change the brake switch.
  12. TBD

    JLR on shutdown

    Has JLR got all their models (and variants) through WLTP yet? That is what is hurting most manufacturers right now, they can't sell anything because the cars haven't been certified yet. For example, you can't order any new Porsche model right now.
  13. TBD

    Lotus SUV...

    Likely not, but the next Volvo SUV very likely. Maybe they start with something similar to the Lotus Carlton, basically a Lotus enhanced and optimized Volvo.