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  1. See here:
  2. So would this setup pass MOT, resp. tÜV in Germany? To my understanding it would require individual (and expensive) certification
  3. I wouldn't even think twice as long as the remaining open area is larger than the throttle opening, which it certainly looks to be. Further the entire scoop is a forced air compression chamber, which is its entire purpose.
  4. TBD

    Lotus Exige Cup 430

    Don't expect much of that coming in the future. Every tuner extends the bounds of the cars homologation, something you can generally do on an individual basis where the cars owner takes all accountability for the legal implications. As a carmaker you can't do that, you can't tranfser your liability to the customer. For example, the EX60 kit from Komotec can be legalized in Germany, meaning it's recorded in the cars papers, but only because Komotec actually did the necessary emissions testing (so you do get an uprise on your car tax). But, to my knowledge you can't legally register the kit in France, though it will pass all inspections and MOTs. If it were Lotus doing the tuning they need to have a full COC for every market they intend to sell the car to.
  5. TBD

    Lotus Exige Cup 430

    Exactly! The market for tune VWs is logically much larger than for tuned Lotus. I have heard of supplier engineers who have sold the unencryption algortihms for their ECU'S for a few hundred thousand Euros! That just doesn't work for Lotus, which is why Komotec has spent a lot of effort reverse engineering the ECU and even today has only limited access. However, there are meanwhile a few outfits that can handle the Lotus ECU and make minor changes for example to timing. Some have even cloned the KT software. Unfortunately I've seen some of their work here in France - mostly in the form of blown engines. The encryption is more or less required by law, simply because the manufacturer is liable for changes made that could affect consumption of emissions. Its also the reason aftermarket ECUs aren't legal for road use (except maybe in the US).
  6. TBD

    Lotus Exige Cup 430

    Unfortunately ist the exact same kit in both the 410 and 430. In both cases you get the new headers and sports cat, so after kit instalation both engines are identical - ultimately producing the same power. Consequentially, if you ask Daniel which car you should buy he'll tell you to get the 410, save a lot of money that you can spend on the EX475 kit.
  7. I have been told there are great roads there, particularly on the Spannish side. I believe the D115/ C-38 between Le Boulou and Ripoll is a good start. Then Andorra etc.
  8. Hi Friend, do you have a replacement key for sale? I need 1 for my Evora 400 2016.. 

    1. TBD


      Unfortunately not. 

  9. I still have two upper shells, but no bottom sides and cores. If we get a few (3-5) together I could have these printed new. I also still have the carbon key (see photo above) available if anyone wants it.
  10. Since moving to France I've been supporting Daniel in helping several French customers with the Komotes EX460 kit. Several kit owners here have had serious engine failures following installation of the kit, failures evidently not previously experienced on other Komotec installations (one particular French dealer seemed to have had a penchant for failed installations) . However, we have meanwhile been able to trace the fault to a simple, but catastrophic installation issue regarding the O2 sensor cables It is of utter importance that the before-cat O2 sensor cables are correctly connected to the correspondign left and right engine banks! Interchanging the cables will lead to a rough engine, probable cat failure and potentially burnt pistons. A returning MIL light is a good initial indicator, monitoring the sensors would confirm wrong readings. Unfortunately it is easy to interchange the cables because the sensors are relocated with the kit and the extension cables are identical.
  11. TBD

    Lotus Exige Cup 430

    The difference is the airbox, which you can see in the photo above. Basically the stages are as follows (always accompanied by the corresponding tune). Exige S/350 (also Evora S) Stage 1 (390 HP): new headers, sportscat, airfilter, stage 1 tune Stage 2 (430 HP) stage 1 plus compressor pulley, carbon airbox, stage 2 tune Stage 3 (460 HP) stage 2 plus charge cooler, stage 3 tune Exige 410/430 (also Evora 410/430 and 3eleven) Stage 1 (475 HP): new headers, sportscat, airfilter, stage 1 tune Stage 2 (490 HP) stage 1 plus carbon airbox, stage 2 tune (already in the online shop for the 3eleven) All above 500 HP requires internal engine mods and the squential gearbox, which is why you won't find it in the online shop.
  12. Never seen this to be an issue, though we both are in the warmer part of Europe.
  13. Could we amend that, regardless of brand, all these China-bashing posts were most likely written on PC's or mobile phones built in China! Yes, that includes iPhones!
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