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  1. Simply said, the gearbox remains the limiting factor in an otherwise overwhelming car. Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be a solution as long as Toyota doesn't come up with something new (or we get a new non-Toyota engined Exige).
  2. Check to see that the lambda sensor cables front/rear cylinder bank are not interchanged. Some think it doesn't matter, but If this happens the ECU gets confused and finally, the cats overheat. Hot exhaust sounds like this may be the case. This fault has killed a few engines Marcassus tuned.
  3. Recommended and executed by Kom-tec. Sounds like you're in good shape.
  4. Had my Geo checked and adjusted by Kom-Tec last week. I did ask for a bit more camber, do this is what they provided:
  5. It is easy to remove, but, yes, you will break the four supporting clips. Best to order these first: JUst insert a plastic piece between the lower side and the metal tray to pry the cover off.
  6. I installed the lip without removal. I did lift the front up in order to get sufficient access. However, I very sceptical if tape will suffice to hold the rubber lip. It certainly won't hold if you ever scrape the lip on a bump or such. Actual clearance is about 7 cm on a level surface.
  7. The Evora remains the last fully new model designed by Lotus. The Exige V6 and 3-11 are basically still derivatives of the Elise with a new rear subframe (and engine).
  8. The Hypercar is a bit out of my fanancial possibilites, great if its successful but not a Lotus I'm craving for. I find a new race car for China a bit underwhelming. BTW ist the Union Jack on the front supposed to reflect the Brexit status? It looks a bit torn apart.
  9. Only the F-series (2014 onwards)
  10. There's been quite a tradition for this. Ulrich Bez, who did the BMW Z1 left there for Porsche (never built 989) , then went on to Korea (Daewoo) before coming to Aston Martin in 2000.
  11. Looks like an Evora with a Mohawk scoop. New GTE?
  12. Apparently this differs by country. However, I found the app Bimmercode that allowed me to change the settings together with an OBD dongle.
  13. So, meanwhile managed to clear up the edges on the splitter and side skirts. Second picture is a bit misleading, I was standing on a slope.
  14. Lotus currently has no potential to build volume, so there is little sense in building an "entry leel" model with low margins. That only makes sense once volume production in China is up and running. Expect the new model to be significantly more upscale, targetting the 911-crowd with significantly improved creature comforts and a state of the art Volvo-derived entertainment system.
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