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  1. TBD

    Exiger35 Komo-Tec EX390

    You can always ask Daniel at Komotec before.
  2. TBD

    Exiger35 Komo-Tec EX390

    Two montgs ago.
  3. TBD

    Exiger35 Komo-Tec EX390

    I recently helped Daniel with a customers EX460 kit here in Southern France. Marcassus had installed the kit but the engine never did run right. The lambda sensors had been interchanged between the banks, leading to a rough engine finally overheating the cats and lambda sensord. Evidently the Exige 380 Cup does not have the same ECU file as the other Exige variants and in fact, even Lotus Cars seems to have issues in getting the correct fil3e for these models. Daniel was finally able to create a correct file from scratch, but it was an effort.
  4. You've diagnosed it quite well, change the brake switch.
  5. TBD

    JLR on shutdown

    Has JLR got all their models (and variants) through WLTP yet? That is what is hurting most manufacturers right now, they can't sell anything because the cars haven't been certified yet. For example, you can't order any new Porsche model right now.
  6. TBD

    Lotus SUV...

    Likely not, but the next Volvo SUV very likely. Maybe they start with something similar to the Lotus Carlton, basically a Lotus enhanced and optimized Volvo.
  7. TBD

    Future of Lotus

    Mini is 15th best selling car in Germany, very popular in the cities. 32.666 cars Jan to August.
  8. From the last year we've seen that they do seem to get along quite well. OK, they've had hassles, but none of the common mutual disrespect we've seen from so many F1 drivers.
  9. TBD

    Charge cooling options?

    BOE have a rather shaky record. For one thing they have long promised Evora upgrades they never delivered (unless that is what you meant with "very promising"). Secondly what they have built seems to have been of unsure quality.
  10. No crashes! The only casualty was an Audi, which lost gearbox oil.
  11. Komotec Exhaust on the EX460 at full blow.
  12. We had an organized hillclimb on Mont Ventoux (better known from the Tour de France ) yesterday.
  13. I've seen the car a few times and it obvious it was set directly against the Audi TT. I find the looks a bit confusing, they very well copied the lines og the original but somehow when you see both it looks like an original A110 on steroids.
  14. TBD


    As said above, the white guage is just there to show that it is a fuel display. The flickering means either the illumination behind is dying, or may have just beeen a reflection from sunlight. The rear lights are not connected to the CANBUS, no worries there. They can however show a fault or even confuse teh DSP if their resistance is wrong (known issue with the Tranforged ones - see GF Williams discussion on this). Finally, the 120 is for the Gulf States markets where an alarm light is seemingly required by law if you're driving above 120 (i believe its Km/h)