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  1. Good move. I'm not seriously intending to sell unless someone would make me a ludicrous offer.
  2. I've always had the fear of a potential gearbox or clutch failure at the back of my mind, which is why, for example I've never used the launch control or done hard starts. And, in fact, I've never had any actual gearbox issues with the car, it's always been near perfect. Nonetheless, after a long drive beginning of August I woke to see a puddle of gearbox oil under the car - gearbox oil. Went off to my local garage where we opened the undertray to find this. Obviously the case has cracked and is leaking gearbox oil. Strange thing is, the case seems to have fatigued in an area without mechanical stress, the fins showing nothing, but the surfaces showing multiple fatigue cracks. We concluded (together with Komotec) that the car was not fit to drive, so it has taken a bit to organize transport. The car finally got to Komotec yesterday and the issue is obviously a guarantee case, but it looks like EX460 be off the (french) roads a bit longer. S
  3. Make me an offer I can't refuse But you'll have to wait a bit, the car is currently at Komotec for service.
  4. Upps! He who is without sin throw the first stone. Neither Lotus nor the sourcing Toyota get it right every time.
  5. Every Lotus has Lunch Control, its part of the "Light is Right" philosophy. No in a Lotus
  6. If it just wasn't so historically wrong! Almost like putting Lamborghini badges on a Ferrari.
  7. This is from the Service Notes on the Launch Control. Max 20 launches before you'*re off to the dealer.
  8. It's cetrainly something I haver never tried. Remember, both gearbox and clutch are known weak spots on the Exige drive train. Though the Exige does have a Launch Control the ECU records every usage and will only allow three attemps before blocking further use.
  9. Actually George is only missing the large EX460 letters on the doors. These are known to add considerable HP.
  10. I had the same creak and traced it to the two rear supports for the roof. I put some double sided tape on the underside of the mounts and reinstalled them no more creaking so far.
  11. GIven his name he must be an expert in electrical systems.
  12. A friend has one, very impressive car. He's been setting great lap times on many circuits including Spa, Barcelone, Nürburgring, etc.
  13. FIrst epo Well it looks like they went downhill fast. Episode 2 was just a waste of time. Seems like the're just refilming the outtakes form the Clarkson/Hammond/May era.
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