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  1. U fortunately don't expect Komotec to be much cheaper (they never are). You can easily imagine the development cost justby considering how long it has taken.
  2. Finally someone has done it!
  3. For proper downforce you'll need to install a rubber skirt as the cup and 430. BTW the Autobahn is a great place to verify the effectiveness, the Exige becomes invcredibly planted at speed (but, top speed is reduced slightly).
  4. Why are neewly built Ford GTs always called replica, but newly built Lotus Seven still called Caterham??
  5. Yes, the rears. Unfortunately I wasn't able to see it either. In fact, I had the car up 3 or 4 times before we found it. It was only upon removal, when we couldn't pull the shock that we realised the bolt was blocking it.
  6. Check the rear upper mounts for the shock absorbers. I had the bolt loosen and finally throw the nut and slip out of place. Its all in a cage, which means that if it did move you can't remove it.
  7. I put the complete list on FB quate a time ago.
  8. The limit without doing internal changes is about 500HP. The Komotec EX460-kits have proven to be very reliable (if correctly installed).
  9. Absolutely amazing project Suds!!! Not to mention the garage. I've been contemplating an Esprit project for my ever nearing retirement and recently took a look at an S3 that was on sale. However, after seeing that one I know I'll never be satisfied with a halfway restoration and, in fact the restomod idea is growing on me. You may seriously have blown all my budget considerations. The Esprit exemplified leading edge technology when it was new and it seems that it wuld warrant the same treatment today. It still has the space age looks it had 40 years ago. But, in my dreams I could i
  10. That is about the only decent hotel in Mendig.. On the other hand, the better place to eat (and drink house beer) is Vulkan Brauerei:
  11. I would say my good friend and neighbour Marc probalby has the best collection of Lotus Miniatures:
  12. Per law speed indicator has to come from the car and not GPS. This would come from the OBD (CANbus) signal. Which actually leads to an interesting question. The OBD speed is stored as an 8 bit number, i.e. goes from 0 to 255 Kph (its always metric, cnversion is in the display). So what happens if the car is goind faster than that? The GARW just goes restarts at 0 (so 260Kphh is shown as 4 Kph). What does the AIM display show? Has anyone tested this already?
  14. I finally picked up the car after 4(!) months, three of them waiting for Lotus to deliver the replacement bell housing. Turned out the real culprit was a disintigrating differential, where the axle hat pulled. It was then probably the unballance that caused the housing to fail. Komotec spent a few hours cleaning the geabox from metal bits and pieces. It was such a rare fault that Lotus specifically asked that Komotec return the broken differential for analysis. On the upside, I did get the Quaffe installed instead of the stock diff - heavily subsidised by Lotus.
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