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  1. That looks like a solid investment strategy for Geely. Turning ther money they invested into Lotus into stock capital is not a bad move.
  2. When I started this project I was sure my Esprit V8 would be ready before the garage. As it turns out its the other way around. Anyway, transforming our understand into a proper Lotus man cave has been a great endeavor. My very special thanks go to @Bibs who supplied the great photo of the Lotus 72s at Classic Team Lotus. Now for Komotec to complete teh Esprit.......
  3. I had a Capri (it was my first car). Only hard spot I ever found were the seats. The soft spot was in the suspension. 🙂 But then I never met the girl.
  4. Daniel wants to build something along the lines of his earlier Elise/Exige builds, but we will see. We discussed the placement opportunities for the carge coolers and that will be the initial focus. I don't want to sacrifice more boot space than necessary. We can surely discuss adding a group buy once we know how things are progessing.
  5. You're absolutely right! I was actually at Komo-tec to see the progress last week, so the timing is perfect. The repainting is completed and the final reassembly at the paint shop nearly done. Of course, we found a few more parts to order and the painter is incredibly meticulous. They keep finding more sports that could be refinished or replaced (like the wiper arms, radio antenna, etc.). I'm glad we have a fixed price on this. The new rims and tires are expected this week. Next step will be gearbox removal, which will be rebuilt and strengthened at PUK racing. The bushes still need to be replaced Daniel vetoed all my thoughts about water/methanol injection and insisted we do it right! So he will be building a charge cooler setup for the car and we can use the tune from @mike_sekinger. We've also agreed a target date around end February. Which means I can then pick up the car without needing winter tires.
  6. I understood them as saying they actually didn't have the CAD drawings. Otherwise there yould have been no reason for them to not build the kit. If starting from scratch I would look to see which parts could be made of (high temperature) plastic and then have these 3d printed (by a professional service). and look into the circular core intercoolers.
  7. Many have since tried to put this concept on the road, but none so far have actually done it. I remember Audi tried to combine it with forward looking radar on an A8 to get the smoothest ride. In reality, the idea seems to fail on the computing power required to make it work on the road. Replasing the springs with hydraulic dampers is not without complexity. If the systems fails the dampers will lock up any you'll have a bumpy ride into the next wall. What has however come from this is the active suspension where the dampers are computer controlled. The new GT3RS seems to have taken this to a new level. Unfortunately, Lotus still hasn't stepped in, otherwise you wouldn't have to choose your Emira with "track" or "road" suspension.
  8. Today is a great day! Finally the last part, the main body shell, has completed painting! I have been waiting so long for this moment. Motorsport Black was such a great choice with the gold pearl! Following reassembly we'll still have a long way to go: Gearbox rebuild Big brake kit New wheels Suspension (mostly bushings) New ICE Odds and ends and, not to forget, Tuning. IMG_20221013_110425.mp4
  9. For all whose curious as tho where we stand. The bodyis finally being primed and the paint shop should befinished by the end of October.
  10. I have had them for a few years. Only real downside is that the green dye bleeds into your sock quite heavily.
  11. I'm looking for some HiRes Lotus photos that I could use as a photo wallpaper in our new garage. Something similar to this, but in higher resolution would be great.
  12. TBD

    Formula One

    Credit should really be given to Adrian Newey! It was clear from the beginning that this would be a year for aerodynamics. And Newey proved them right. The RB is so much more efficient than the rest that they can adapt to any situation as required. Mercedes had the bbest engine over the last years, but noone to match Neweys talents. Just look at the ugly duckling they came up with. And Ferrari remains Ferrari.
  13. So I have Komotec looking at the Braid Forged 7 wheels in 18"/19". Daniel already has these for the Exige and the Evora and they are available in the right sizes. Probably going for the Bridgestone Potenza Sport in 245/35R18 and 295/30R19, which are avery decent tire. NB, if anyone is interested in a group buy on the wheels PM me.
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