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  1. I see you've now put it on the shop:
  2. If you were still in Europe you could order it in Germany. Never seen any Porsche dealerships try this as they are owned and operated by Porsche themselves. Also never seen them turn down an order for a non-limited model. And yes, I'm afraid the 718 GT4 RS will run circles around any Emira.
  3. Are you sure you will pass MOT with that wing? It seems to extend behind the car, which at least in Germany would not be allowed.
  4. If you consider the flimsy eye on the cable I wouldn't waste any thoughts on breaking the lever itself.
  5. Love it! Keep me informed and put my on the order list. BTW: That was my post on Lotustalk. Meanwhile into the third Lotus and would eagerly do the mod again.
  6. EX460JPS has hadf a busy year of upgrades this year. But here the latest - installed the new Komo-Tec Front Wheel Arch Vents! What a way to boost your blood pressure cutting into the front clam knowing that you don't want to repaint it afterwards. Fortunately the templates were included and there is a good video from Daniel on the installation. And yes, I did install a mesh grill over the cutouts to avoid building a stone thrower. And then I also exchanged the Alias23 polycarbonate side slirts agains the carbon side skirts from Eltech Itialia.
  7. A new variation on this ever popular theme. I've modified the design to provide a ball joint that mounts most universal mobile phone holders. Lotus Handy Mount.stl
  8. SO I finally bit the bullet and bought the MX2E. Very happy and certainly a step up from the GARW that I had previously. Just one issue: How the hell can you see the turn signal indicators? I'm finding the whole upper section more (the corners) or less (the center) blocked from view behind the steering wheel. Anyone found a solution. I'm not really very tall (1.8 meters), so it mus be the same issue for many.
  9. TBD

    Lotus Emira

    What are everyone's expectations on the Emira? I'm guessing to see a better looking Cayman/Boxster. Lotus seems to be copying the same 4/6 cylinder game as Porshe. It would be a shame if it wasn't considerably lighter than the Porsche. I expect to see a much more livable interior than the Exige/Elise, finally a decent radio/nav solution, easier entry/exit so that the car akes for a better daily. Real assets for me would be 4-wheel steering and active suspension, which would allow a much wider span between (not just) Norfolk B-roads and track circuits. Hey, Lotus was once the leader in inventing this! I would hate to lose any steering fell over the Elise/Exige. Unfortunately I can't see Lotus getting the build quality, gaps and such quite up to Porsche level in one generation. BIt of a shame they're directly targeting Porsches least selling model.
  10. As a 4-cylinder the AMG A45 drivetrain in a Lotus would not be a bad option. Still more power (and less weight) than the Evora/Exige V6.
  11. This has been he only thing I've been able to find, but it seems to have disappeared from the web. But maybe someone would at least help with the following key dimensions: Width of the space for the engine betwen the two chassis rails Length of the space between the front of the engine bay and the rear crossbeam Length of the space between the front of the engine bay and the rear axles.
  12. Doesn anyone here have or know of a 3D model of the Esprit backbone chassis? Not necessarily looking for a complete Esprit model, but specificaly the rear engine bay and suspension. Maybe someone made something while planning an engine swap?
  13. Do you have a Ko-Bra brake kit? This turned out to be my issue, I had to add shims to move the brake calipers out about 2 mm. Once the pads got thinner the saddles were bumping into the bolts holding the disc.
  14. see here: Expect around 2K for the install
  15. Komo-tec did that many years ago. The engine went up to 400 HP. Daniel said the car was basically undrivable in the wet, because there was no way to include the ESP and the DCT gearshifts would brea traction in any gear. Daniel has been promissing the kit for many years, but has run into some issues. JUBU uses the custom ECU Black together with the DCT, gving them full control over the engine (but rendering the car illegal for street use). Daniel wan'ts to stay with the Lotus ECU in order to stay street legal.
  16. First off, today all performance cars, be they sports cars or performance sallons like the RS-series, M-series, etc. are all so fast that if you try to harvest even a small part of that performance you'll quickly find yourself within a very confined space with metal bars in the window. That said, sports cars have always covered a wide span of types the "affordable" sports car as the Spitfires, MG and Lotus 7, Lotus Europa, cars that in their time were considerably faster on the road than their saloon counterparts. Today the many hot hatches have achieved performance levels above the likes of an Elise, an MX3 or a Supra. So, for people buying cars on a budget the hot hatch is the logical answer, serving both as family car and a fun car the "supercar", Ferrari, Lambo, etc. These have always been prestige objects of which only a minute percentage has ever been driven as a real sports car. These cars remain, its just that the collectors now live in the UAE. the "premium" sports car, such as the Esprit (in its time), the Aston or the 911. These cars remain successful, but have become more and more embedded as luxury and prestige elements, moe likely used for cruising than sporting. However, yoi can't say the sorts car is dead as long as Porsche sells the GT3 and GT3-RS in ridiculous numbers on a subscription basis. I for one am glad both worlds exist. On the Autobahn I would prefer an RS4 oder RS6 anytime over the Exige. So much more comfortable in covering long distances at ridiculous speeds. On the other hand, I would never trade the Exige on Alpine roads whre it runs circles around any saloon or on a race track, where every kilo counts.
  17. Positioning a car at that point doesn't really make sense. The Exige is currently the cash cow, a hard-core beast keeping the Lotus fans tied to the brand. On the other habnd, the Evora has never found its real market niche and ha seen slumping sales. Any new model must initiate the brand upshift and clearly set the targets for the future. It must also be profitable and Lotus doesn't have the base to achieve this belw the Evora price range. I would expect something slightly uprange from the Evora, trying to get as far into the 911-market as possible with the existing base. Uness they transform the Evora into a GT3 monster at the same time.
  18. U fortunately don't expect Komotec to be much cheaper (they never are). You can easily imagine the development cost justby considering how long it has taken.
  19. For proper downforce you'll need to install a rubber skirt as the cup and 430. BTW the Autobahn is a great place to verify the effectiveness, the Exige becomes invcredibly planted at speed (but, top speed is reduced slightly).
  20. Why are neewly built Ford GTs always called replica, but newly built Lotus Seven still called Caterham??🙂
  21. Yes, the rears. Unfortunately I wasn't able to see it either. In fact, I had the car up 3 or 4 times before we found it. It was only upon removal, when we couldn't pull the shock that we realised the bolt was blocking it.
  22. Check the rear upper mounts for the shock absorbers. I had the bolt loosen and finally throw the nut and slip out of place. Its all in a cage, which means that if it did move you can't remove it.
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