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  1. Whilst the number of blinks in the life of this fascinating element of deterence against vehicular perousing is quite enlightening (at least from blink to blink) I would be much more fired up over an analysis on the number of sparks each sparkplug must have fired in its life. Unfortunately I am lacking the Esprit for factual verifications
  2. Well worth comparing with the Audi TT RS: Again shows what could havve been if the Evora had a double clutch automatic. I would have taken the TT RS instead of the Evora if it just wasn't so f** ugly.
  3. Expect something like this to break into the market soon:, though their first model is'nt very convincing. An Android or iOS-powered ICE gives you access to the already overwhelming number of in-car Apps and the speed of innovation is incredible. Just take a look at this one, for example: https://market.andro...rg.prowl.torque Right now I'm building one around a Samsung Android player with a 5" screen. I'll be mounting it on my boat though, not my Evora.
  4. How did you get your ski equipment in your Evora?
  5. The manual gearbox is quicker, but slower due to the gear ratios.
  6. TBD

    MY12 Evora

    Just realized it. Great Work Moxie!!! Imagine that front behind you in the rear mirror. Probably increases passing prestige by 80%
  7. You really see where the guy's priorities were when you look at the brakes. What's next? An Esprit pickup?
  8. I was always convinced the CR-Box was what was limiting top speed on the Evora S, since power drops quite substantialy above 6200 RPM. The different gear ratio on the IPS obviously reduces engine RPM, so that the car is slower getting to top speed, but therefore its faster once it gets there. Kind of convinces me that my Evora S needs some engine tuning at the upper end.
  9. Even here in Germany, where we have no general speed limit the test(TUEV) is only every 2 years, but very thorough. And it has never been a safety issue.
  10. this gets me thinking about a potential Lotus buyer from the worlds second largest economy. The exact same interest in buying Lotus would suit to the chinese carmakers. They have the money, but so-far are gravely lacking the engineering and technology skills for entering the intenational market. They've shown their commitment by buying Volvo and looking at Saab. Clearly Saab would have been a bumm deal, no own engineering left and they didn't even own their own brand anymore. Lotus Engineering would be a good investment, experience in designing engines, hybrid technology and unsurpassed experience in building light cars. Surely F1 would be a prestige thing for a chinese investor and the Lotus cars would be a fancy to the chinese market. Anyone know if DB is already having chinese lessons? In the end, we're all guessing. But I'm actually less worried now than before under Proton control.
  11. Don't forget that Lotus Engineering is the real backbone to the Lotus Group. They do substantial work for many of the big carmakers and have cetainly helpes Proton in the past. Now it looks like DRB-Hicom will probably look for production contracts with VW or Mercedes. I'm sure VW would be interested, they want to become the biggest carmaker. I would guess for a financial investor looking to create Lotus market value by following DB's plan and then selling the company to one of the big groups.
  12. Sounds like its really a job for my dealer. Now I just have to wait until he gets his service contract back.
  13. I've already expressed my dissatisfaction with the Evora gearchanges in a couple of threads. Aside from the fact that changing gears when the engine is cold is horrible I recently made the experience that its almost impossible to change gears at all at high revs above 6000 rpm. The gearbox seems to lock up and it takes seconds to finally change from 2nd to 3rd or from 3rd to 4th. I've had many cars in the past but none have ever been like this. I had hoped Lotus would retrofit the older models with he MY12 cables, which are supposed to be so much better, but to date there has been no more news on that. I'd like to get your feedback, is there any Evora owner who can say his gearchanges are smooth and fast? If I find a few I'll get the shop to scratch their head until its fixed or they get bald doing it. My model: Evora S MY 11.
  14. I found out yesterday that my dealer here in Hamburg, Germany lost his contract with Lotus and is no longer alloed to do guarantee work. He sold the workshop last year, but the new owner had taken up all the Lotus service activities. It now seems that Lotus didn't agree with this arrangement and have terminated the contract. I can understand Lotus interest in having a committed full-service dealership, but right now its the dedicated Lotus owners who lose. The nearest dealer is now in Duesseldorf, which is about a 400 Km drive! Bad news if you have any troubles. Certainly won't do Lotus any good in growing their market presence in Germany!
  15. 98% of the threads on thsi forum are a worthwile contribution to mankind - at least that part of mankind with a favour for fast cars. This thread is, in the meantime definitively part of the other 2%. Where can I get the Ronin Filter™,
  16. TBD

    MY12 Evora

    Excellent description Al. Mine has the same behaviour, even though its a MY 11 Evora S. I've mostly had Audis prior to the Evora all have had an excellent gearbox and allowed fast gear changes at any temperature. The Evora box is also a mass production unit from Toyota, which would never have hit the market with the kind of performance it has in the Evora. I'm convinced the poor shifting quality is specific to the Lotus and I guess they recognized this for the MY12. Imagine the 0-100 km/h performance if it didn't take 2 seconds to shift from 1st to 2nd. The Porsche dual-clutch unit changes gears in 59 milliseconds!
  17. TBD

    MY12 Evora

    Didn't Lotus say the improved MY12 gearbox cables and exhaust would become available for the aftermarket as refit when the 2012 model was launched? I've been trying to get an update on this, but my dealer hsen't got any information so far. I would really like to get those cables (assuming the improvement is as substantial as claimed), the gearchanging is the only thing that really pisses me off on my Evora - especcially in the winter when the car is cold. And a more powerfull (less subtle) sound wouldn't hurt the car either.
  18. Are you saying size does matter?
  19. They're putting more and more fixed speed traps up over here, many well tarned so you'll never see them. Got shot a few weeks ago in Karlsruhe for doing 6Km/h too fast. Worst of all, I was driving a rental VW Golf. There you are normally driving your Evora too fast anyway and then they catch you in a VW for doing 4mph more than allowed. Kind of embarrrasing. We have the same regulations as Roger stated, so I always demand they send the photo. Often these are so bad you couldn't even tell the sex of the person behind the steering wheel. I've managed to clear a few cases that way.
  20. He was always very supportive of stealth fighters while in office. Seems he hasen't changed his mind.
  21. Actually they looked more like Opel and Vauxhaul, which they in fact were. It went downhill with Saab after GM took over, which sounds a bit familiar to the Lotus experience with GM.
  22. I've had mine for 10 months now and only had 3 service calls over 16.000 m. The aircon-hose broke once, but summer was cancelled until my dealer had the spare parts, so that wasen't an issue. Once the ECU went into emergency mode, but that was gone once I restarted the engine and never reappeared. Most expensive were 2 flat tires, but that wasen't the cars fault. So overall my Evora has been very reliable so far (knock on wood). Im lucky thatthe dealer is only 15km from home, but unfortunately those 15 km take almost an hour under typical city traffic.
  23. Just saw this in the press: http://www.donkervoo...kervoort-d8-gto Cetrainly impressive and shows what could have become of the Lotus heritage. I always thought Lotus would have done well to use Audi engines instead of Toyota. Glad to see someone did it.
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