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  1. Being single skin (as most are other than refrigerated) the inside can be subject to extremes if you are going to store anything valuable you could cover walls and ceiling with 12.5 mm Celotex board this will improve storage conditions inside without lossing too much space
  2. I once did an experimental project for a company called Sea Containers where we coated old containers to make them waterproof and get them back to sea. It did not end well as they tried to copy/steal my sprayed glassfibre waterproofing system from me, very very naughty. Anyway if you buy any it's the roof that normally goes and I have the worlds best system for sorting that problem out I might even give you a decent discount.
  3. Just to let all local Lotus owners that the anoraks will be meeting at the Wickham Square pub from 9 onwards on the 7th. You never know there may even be a Lotus or two turn up if not because of the weather bring your daily or wifes car.
  4. I have some special edition JBL's with the rear of the speaker shaped like a boat hull (no standing wave theory) they stand about 5 foot high and cost the equivalent of a small car. They do rock though I'm powering them with a Bow Technologies ZZ one reference amp and still play CD's through a Bow Technologies ZZ8 cd player my neighbours who live a fair distance from my house tell me it sounds very good if not a bit loud. The speakers have 8 wires (4 inputs no bi-wiring) feeding them although not a long run did cost a bob or two as well. Always been a JBL man with the L100 Centurys my first real big purchase.
  5. It was a fairly standard bike apart from the fact I used to get a guy in Reading to sort and tweak it, I bought it before Harleys were trendy so enjoyed the old bone shaker for what it was, an awkward heavy road bike that came into it's own on a drag strip when you revved it to over 4K and just dropped the clutch and hung on, very addictive. Must be nice to ride a light little racer though, I also owned a Vincent Comet or half a Vincent as it was rudely called by some. Don't have any bikes now as I was nearly killed by a lady not looking ahead and instead looking behind at her screaming brat, still I lived to tell the tale at least.
  6. Thanks, do you get the chance to use the Yamaha? I must dig out some of my photo's of me flying down the drag strip on my Harley got 13 seconds once on a good start and the wind behind me!
  7. Very nice little light racer. I found this one of my 1957 Moto Morini Tresette Sprint with my daughter[email protected]/8264687330/
  8. The grills do offer a certain amount of protection against UV breakdown. If you have any other speakers around the house it might be worth wiring one of those to just check. Just seems strange to suddenly both go. Mind you my daughter when she was young poked a titanium dome speaker with her finger took me ages to figure out the loss on one side.
  9. Have you taken the front grill off yet, many years ago my much loved JBL's suffered from cone edge material rot the good news is you can get them re-coned very cheaply
  10. Not if I can help it, sunglasses are difficult admitedly but I shy away from obvious logos although my breakdown truck towing a Lotus tee shirt is only noticeable to Lotus guys and girls.
  11. I hope the store succeeds too, but for me I've never been able to get my head around the fact that branded merchandise should be free as it advertises the marque. Perhaps I'm just an old cynical b*****d
  12. No Bibs not that one, the guy who works for me popped into the shop and said it had the old lights and the driver reminded him of Rick Parfitt
  13. Very sad news, why is there still such a news frenzy over the Royals? as far as I'm concerned they're an overprivaliged bunch of wasters and there are far more important things going on in this world than reporting what the Royals are up to.
  14. Spotted a white V8 reg something GEE in Tesco Express Lovedean Lane yesterday
  15. I think Take 5 and a couple of other tunes that escape me at the moment did a lot to prove to the general listening public that not all jazz involves the players ignoring the listening audience and disapearing up their own backsides in what seems an over-indulgent jam.
  16. Not that I would blame anyone for not taking their pride and joy out with the gritting lorries in full operation that night
  17. Yea well, I've always had the suspicion they fall into to distinct camps. 1 broke not working. 2 garage queens.
  18. Nice to meet you Neil, glad you enjoyed the company of us anoraks despite there being quite a few of us there and not one Lotus in sight last night.
  19. Yes I have a habit of dropping my phones sometimes off 10 storey buildings so a good waterproof shockproof cover is the first thing I bought. I'm a bit pissed off about the connector on the bottom being different and had to buy an adaptor for it to work in the Porsche
  20. Do you think that sort of price hike could bring it up to Porsche standards
  21. My iphone5 turned up today first impressions are good very nicely made and feels solid.
  22. It will be good to see you there Trevor, if it's fine I will be taking my new secondhand Porsche. It's a nice pub too.
  23. Just to remind anyone in the area that the Lotus anoraks will be meeting at the Kings Head pub in Wickham Square this Monday 3rd December. We are finalising the Christmas Dinner arrangements for the meal on the 10th all welcome from 9pm till we get chucked out
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