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  1. As I've said I can live with the clutch, it's just both mods make it a much nicer car
  2. I'm sure it's o.k. as it was replaced by Bell and Colvill no more than about 20,000 miles ago
  3. I don't actually own an Elise or Exige but have driven both quite a lot. It's the 'jiggling' that makes me feel sick and after doing a couple of laps of Castle Coombe as a passenger in an Elise I seriously had to lie flat on one of the tables because I thought I was going to die. Don't get me wrong both are superb comunicative cars that feel like they are in touch in every way with the road. The Esprit is a much more compliant ride and the only thing I get from driving that is sweaty palms and aching cheeks from grinning.
  4. Nothing wrong with Boxsters I've been giving serious consideration to a 3.4 S with PASM its a bit like a bigger more comfortable Elise as far as my driving impressions go and a big bonus a spirited ride doesn't make me want to throw up as it does in the Elise.
  5. I've just been re-doing all my car insurances, so far through go compare I have saved £280 on my van insurance with full EU cover and loads more extra's. Saved £150 on my A610's insurance again with EU cover and loads of extra's I've just insured the Esprit through Footman James and wish now I'd checked it out through go compare. It does pay to shop around I found go compare far less intrusive than some of the others advertised.
  6. I am quite interested in this too because I am in the process of 'earmarking' cars for future purchase which probably by the time I get round to buying them which is anything from 5-10 years after launch all the niggles are generally sorted and they are quite good cars.
  7. Looks like the price of this could be considerably higher now he is suing! Every little helps as Tesco would say
  8. Myself I think the clutch assistance is very good thing. The first thing people said to me when I had my Esprit for sale on Pistonheads was 'wow thats clutch is heavy isn't it' That was not just one potential buyer but every one. I'm used to fairly heavy clutches so it doesn't bother me but if you do by any chance use your car in trafic on your daily commute or just don't particularly like the heavy clutch it's a no brainer.
  9. Well I can assure you that one I drove to Brands Hatch in my V8, when I started Paul's V8 to try the clutch conversion it was so light it did not feel like the same clutch system. Two when I blipped the throttle it revved quickly but rather than 'hang' at about 1200-1500 rpm it dropped as quick as it revved. Nothing more to add to that, both seemed to be working exactly as they don't on mine or probably yours.
  10. I think you had better contact V8 FOU yourselves, Paul is a member of the forum and his forum name is V8 FOU.
  11. When attending the recent Lotus Festival I had a chance to meet V8 FOU and many others from different forums I have been in conversation with over time. Paul has a very clever conversion where he has put a small servo on the clutch, I tried it and I am really impressed with it, it is so light even my wife could use it not that i would ever let her as fast cars and booze are wasted on her. I also experienced Paul's tickover conversion and again have to say it works very well. I did start the car up and try these modifications and they are without doubt well worth looking into.
  12. So how much are they asking for it?
  13. I too live in a very chalky area with really hard water I bought a 'Liff Wrappa electronic water conditioner' you wrap the wires around the mains in pipe seems to work o.k. for us.
  14. B1 RMA

    Exige V6

    I really like the look of the car I've just realised I must be a sucker for rear wings.
  15. I could have perhaps used a better verb to describe the ride, like I say when I have driven either one its really alive but it is perhaps harsh and that's what makes me feel sick. I thought that with the longer wheelbase it may still have that alive feeling but with less 'jiggling'
  16. B1 RMA

    Exige V6

    How did you find the ride? the reason I ask is that I've been out in both an Elise and an Exige both are wonderful cars but found after a while the ride made me feel sick although amazing road holding just a bit too jiggly so to speak. Have you driven an Elise or Exige and would you consider the Exige S a bit smoother because of the long wheelbase. Just noticed you drive a V8 is the ride as nice as the V8?
  17. Managed to see a few of the new Exige S at the show and I'm begining to really like it. Does anyone know if it is as 'choppy' as I have found every Elise/Exige I have driven or is it a lot smoother with the longer wheelbase
  18. Great event, good TLF stand and great to catch up and chat to a lot of people face to face as I normally only chat to them on this forum, Pistonheads or the RAOC. Its good how Lotus events seem to be the place where this so often happens.
  19. These cars have been for sale at that price for as long as I can remember.
  20. I'm in complete agreement with you there, but not on rear wings.
  21. I also see myself in a more supervisory role rather than really getting down and dirty I may also prove useful in making a decent cup of tea
  22. Most of the stuff has been done i.e. newish clutch etc the car was well looked after by Bell and Colville before the pedal car knob owned it, lucky for me he didn't have it long enough to completely ruin it. You are right though although I did think that the 'specialist' who did the major work when I first took over ownership would have addressed all of this but never mind. I never give people a second chance as far as I'm concerned move onward and upward and the guy who buys this from me will have a nice car.
  23. I've decide to have the engine out to do this and while the engine is out we can examine the studs on the right hand side of the engine properly so as to satisfy myself that it's tip top. May even strip the engine and see if at 62K everything is o.k.
  24. As far as we can tell the larger ARP stud may have breached the oilway because there is evidence of the oil on the thread but nothing obvious to the eye but it does 'feel' when fully tightened that it could just go and the thread be ruined. So far the repair done previously is standing up, but this probably wasn't helped by being overfilled with oil initially.
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