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  1. Long story, the car went in to have the manifold studs done on the left bank and it would appear that for some reason a stud on the right hand side had been overtightened or not checked while the engine was out, coupled with the oil being a good litre over what should have been put in to the engine a problem reared its head. We sorted the oil and the stud has been fixed now, needless to say I will not be using that particular 'specialist' again. The guys who used to prepare my road/track RX7 in Portsmouth are now going to do everything on the car as I know they are good at what they do and there are always a vast aray of high performance cars they sort although specialists in rotary engines it would appear they are more capable than most at looking after an Esprit V8
  2. Thats a real pain as we sorted out the dripping manifold bolt/stud so I thought no need to remove engine bugger!
  3. We found out today that one of the turbos has a slight oil weep so its a case of taking them off and off to Turbo Technics for a refurb. Anyone know if the turbos come out with the engine in place?
  4. I tried a DB9 V12 a month or two ago along with a 360 Modena and a Porsche 911 Turbo S. Although this is my personal opiion of the cars. Aston Martin nice interior reminded me of an old gentlemans club and I was of the opinion that the V12 was very very expensive to maintain properly and it's an old mans car. Ferrari nice but again very expensive but being older did not depreciate like the Aston. Finally the 911 Turbo S it blows both out of the water although the 996 interior is a bit spartan the car is without doubt the best overall performer its amazing and the carbon ceramic brakes are superb I thought the AP brakes on my 2001 Esprit were good but the Porsche is in another league. The 911 S is cheap to run compared to the others but again like the Aston depreciation is the killer. My budget was £45K and I can live with the running costs but it's whether you think its worth the extra money. I'm keeping the Esprit for now and will buy a 911 Turbo S a few years down the line.
  5. You're right there I can't say I have ever noticed turbo lag in the V8 and the additional cost probably wouldn't justify the ceramics.
  6. Looks to be a worthwhile thing to have done if you are going to recondition your turbos
  7. Right so they upgrade the standard bearing to a ball bearing, is there any difference in its performance.
  8. A little over £1000 for the two sounds good, I'm not aware of the bearing upgrade could you enlighten me. Was there any improvement in the cars performance that you noticed
  9. Exactly what I/we plan to do. The exhaust studs were replaced on one side a while ago and the left hand bank a year ago. I can only assume that the overtightening occurred when the last lot of work was done. The fact it only drips is strange
  10. Any idea on the cost per turbo for this?
  11. Yes the exhaust manifold stud drips ocasionally, it seems to collect in a place on the exhaust and every now and then when the car gets hot or up to temperature it just burns off as smoke on the right hand side of the car. For some reason since I removed the 1 litre plus of oil that the car was overfilled by (not overfilled by me) it seems to be smoking a lot less frequently. You can see the manifold bolt/stud that is dripping occasionally when the car is on the ramps. Like I've said we are going to try a very high temperature sealing compound spread on the removed stud then carefully screw it back into position and wait, if this does not work I'm going to pull the engine out and go about increasing its performance very much like the guy at Donington with his 350 so that should be fun.
  12. Gunter, it would appear that the stud is dripping oil on to the manifold I am not sure its in an oil passageway as it does not drip all of the time. We tried removing the stud which was probably overtightened when the engine was put back in by the 'specialist' as it never had a problem on the side where it appears to be before. We did wrap it with a tape but this has not worked so we are trying something else this week (I have returned to using the guys who used to prepare my RX7 although they are not Lotus specialist they are good at what they do) if this fix does not work it's an engine out job (again) to get sorted properly this time.
  13. I don't suppose they kept the pattern did they? Either way I will probably get a spare made as it could be a frig to source when you need one. If anyone is interested in buying themselves a spare let me know and I'll order some additional ones.
  14. So would you not be able to salvage the old fittings from the old pipe if they proved to be unobtainable? I haven't had the chance to check out the end fittings yet as to whether they are male or female as the picture on the parts listing does look like a female collar.
  15. I was speaking to the guy at South West Lotus Centre as at the time I thought my seals had gone and he told mee they just send them away for re-conditioning as you can't get the seals any more. Best double check as I've had a very large number of figures going through my head over the last few days and the brain cell is cooked.
  16. On the diagram it looks like there are just two female collars are they a different type of thread or could the ends be taken off and re-used for the new pipe before the flange is formed? Steve I'll wait to see but its the high pressure pipe from resevoir to rack. There will have to be a union in the one I will have made up because someone did a crap patch job on the existing one on mine.
  17. I've been in touch with the local Pirtek outlet who say they can make them up in an hour or two I will now give them a call to see if this may present a problem thanks for the advice.
  18. Does anyone know of a source for buying a replacement, from my initial investigations it would appear this is no longer available. If not I am thinking of getting a patern sorted to make one up for my car and perhaps have the pattern kept so further replacements can be obtained or even get a few made. It is part number A082H4056F
  19. I was told just last week that they can be sent away and reconditioned for about £550 each at least that was what one of the specialists who advertise on here reckons.
  20. The smoke problem turns out to be a badly inserted stud which is occasionaly dripping oil and is collecting on the manifold and burns off every now and then. Unfortunately the 'specialist' who did the work for me did not notice that one of the studs was not correctly fitted despite it going in to have the studs done, this was not helped by there being just over a litre too much oil put back in the car as well. So I have got the guys who used to prepare my RX7 to take over looking after it and we are trying a 'snake oil' fix this week as it appears to only drip occasionally if this does not solve the problem its an engine out job yet again. I think performance wise the car has lost nothing as my friends with V8 Esprits have commented on how fast it seems to go compared to theirs
  21. Bibs would there be a problem turning up later for the TLF parking/display on Sunday?
  22. Maybe business is a bit quiet and he was looking for a boost in turnover, either way I thought it was a bit over the top.
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