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  1. The Elan used by Tara Browne on the night he crashed was not his. He worked with Len Street, the Chelsea Lotus dealer, and the Elan was one they had in the garage at the time. I am unaware of any of the Beatles having owned an Elan. The Hon Tara Browne, whose father sat in the House of Lords (hence the refence in the song), had is girlfriend Suki Potier next to him in the crash. She survived and went on to become Brian Jones' long-term girlfriend. Its rather like everyone thinking that Jimi Hendricks had an Elan. He didn't, but Noel Redding did and it's his that Jimi is pictured sitting
  2. Looks to be a +2 judging by the steering wheel and length of drive shafts. A fair bit looks salvageable but that’s only going on the photos, which as we know can deceive! Tim
  3. Great stuff. Cars like to be used. We should not forget that back in the 70s we used our Elans as daily drivers all the time. And they were up to it. My daily driver is an XK. No problems. But those on Jag forums who use them only in the summer for drive outs always seem to have issues, mostly electrical. Tim
  4. Known as Metallic Blue in the contemporary brochure. Also known as Scandinavian Blue - a Volvo colour; also Rolls Royce and Royal Enfield colours. The Nexa Code is 4339 and the PPG Code is LOT0225. Tim
  5. Thank you for the response, Bibs. I was wrong about 'this site'; I should have said that the 'perception' is that the live sale of tickets on the Lotus 70th site appeared to others to have been notified here first. You have clarified that that perception was wrong, for which many thanks. I know of one chap who is selling his Lotus, he says, as a result of the difficulty in obtaining a ticket. Perhaps in future Lotus could recognise that not every marque enthusiast is multi-media savvy and therefore, should they wish to be all-inclusive, it might be a good idea to use traditional comm
  6. I enjoyed the day. It was well run, there was a good deal to see and do. Well done Geely for backing the day and appearing so enthusiastic. Well done Lotus at Hethel and Bibs for getting it all organised in such a short time. Quite a change from the 60th. However, there were some key points that I feel need to be addressed for the next meeting, whenever it is: 1. Adequate notice of the event - For a 70th celebration, planning should have been taking place at least 12 months out and publicity at least nine months out. 2. Ticketing - If the idea was to keep numbers down to a manageable
  7. I did this years 10th Big Battlefield Bike Ride for Help for Heroes from France to Belgium, following the front. (I also did the first BBBR in 2008 with a fellow veteran; we had hoped to do it ten years on but sadly he suddenly died last year. His brilliant widow took his place.) There were three stand out places: The Canadian Memorial at Vimy Ridge - so hugely impressive, such an achievement to have taken the ridge The Ring of Remembrance at Notre Dame de Lorette (below) - this is a new memorial and staggeringly expressive. Please do go and see it, it is quite remarkable S
  8. Andrew, I am unable to find any evidence, after a quick look. He had three races in a Lotus 72, crashed twice and finished 13th in the other! He seemed to have more luck racing a Chevron or March. He didn't start racing F1 until 1975, though may have been on the club circuit before then. Elans in unmodified form were not really competitive by then, though they did well in Modsports, of course. If you can track down a copy of "Jim Crawford: The Life of a Modest Racing Hero" by Kevin Guthrie you may get more info. It was privately published a year or two ago. Guthrie himself may be a good s
  9. Thanks Woody. What a great shot that is! Good luck. Tim
  10. Thanks Woody. Those numbers match the factory records for that Unit no. Furthermore it was invoiced by the factory on 13 Dec 64 and would have arrived in North America around Mar 65. Good luck with the restoration. Tim
  11. The A11 was almost as much fun as Hethel! We passed lots of machinery as the dawn came up and played with one or two. We were in a blue Elan +2 that was capable of keeping up with the moderns, due mostly to the Zetec engine under the bonnet! The sat nag, as owner Alan calls it, was indicating over 120 (kph your honour), whilst the original speedo needle bounced around between 120 and 130 + or - 5! We dully arrived at 0729hrs, only to be told to go up the road and turn around, as they couldn't let us in until 0730hrs. Doh! Tim
  12. Woody, well done on your acquisition. Susan Miller at Mick Miller Lotus (link as above) is a delight to deal with and she is very knowledgeable. If she doesn't have a part, she'll either obtain it for you or point you in the direction most likely to yield results. It is best to telephone her, as that is the quickest way to communicate. She works entirely on her own so is not always available. On your side of the water try Dave Bean, they too are a knowledgeable group and enthusiastic: There is a fellow on the Continent who has begun making seat frames. Seats
  13. Period factory photos for you! The Sprint wheels are not well defined, but the matt black sets off the shiny wheel spinners and rimbellishers well. Tim
  14. John, the last recorded sighting I have of your car was at the 1986 Ketteringham Hall Lotus event. I have the VIN and engine number and shall happily share those with you by private message/email. You could then contact the DVLA and ask them to forward your contact details to the current owner. Bit of a long shot and I've no idea if they will be helpful, but worth a go. Tim
  15. Its actually semi-matt black. Lots of folk use gloss black and I don't blame them, since it looks better than matt black. The photos below of an original spec Sprint wheel show the correct shade black. Tim
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