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    Lotus Exige RGB
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  1. Wow!!😳 That is some crazy prices!
  2. I’m not overkeen on the body coloured aero myself, rear spoiler looks ok but not sure on the rest..
  3. Will do, all being well we're picking it up Friday morning..
  4. All long gone, the Emira will be fab! we’re at Silverstone tomorrow (no Cup yet though unfortunately)
  5. The soft top is included but might arrive later due to supply issues. They were on back order but are starting to come through now I believe
  6. Think it’s only about three weeks or so
  7. Just heard from Jamie, Sue’s cup is finished and out for delivery!🥳
  8. I can't see them continuing building the Elise into next year. The delays are quite small and mainly involve parts supplies I think so seem quite minor. They have a lot of Emira's to build and that's their future
  9. We’ll put, my thoughts are pretty much the same
  10. Hi, love the racing green!😍 It’s going to be a long wait, hopefully get ours early next month
  11. The Exige is on Nitrons and set very low, fair point about expensive cf on track. I'm sure there'll be some anxious moments with speed humps and potholes. Fingers crossed it goes in the garage..
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