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  1. I think a couple of the Lotus Drivers Club cars are doing the demo runs..(Although there was some concern regarding insurance).
  2. Delhard


  3. Anyone up for this? http://forums.the Was good last year (despite the monsoon)
  4. Venue was good, although I would choose a slightly more exciting route next time than the M25.. Either date is good for us although we can't do 1st Sunday in June..
  5. On behalf of "SLUGS" (Sussex Lotus Users Group) Enjoyed this morning, thanks for organising..Excellent venue? Not as dangerous as anticipated and considering its in Kent I'm happy to be home with my wheels and walet? Looking forward to the next one?
  6. Mrs H and I will be there ?
  7. Hi Brooke, yes a few from on here, me, SuzyH, Elise Mark, Pastafarian maybe Kalli depending where he ends up the night before? and anyone else that fancys it. Would be great to see you there. We'll get there for 08.30 for a bit of brekkie.. No bickering allowed bibs, TLF hats on for the weekend?
  8. I have posted in "The other forum" A few of us are meeting up at Cobham Services around 08.30. Anyone welcome Would be great if you lot could detour in and pick us up on route? We'll hang about drinking coffee looking out, sure we'll hear Alan (Temple) coming.. Come to think of it we'll probably hear him leaving Clacketts
  9. Delhard

    TLF Christmas Dinner

    Great night! Cheers bibs for organising? Good to chat and meet some new faces (Steve that was my Wife Sue doing her usual Lotus sales pitch)..
  10. Delhard

    TLF Christmas Dinner

    Sue and I have not been added to the list..Should we be worried?? Promise we'll behave.. Well I will, once Sue's had a sherry & a brandy filled mince pie there's no telling?
  11. See you there Peter, looks a fab trip and yes well done Jenny! Are you going to the TLF xmas dinner?
  12. Delhard

    TLF Christmas Dinner

    Would love to come..Duck/Lamb/ Plum tart
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