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  1. Interesting exchange. I also have a problem with my Cobra system......only I wish it made no sounds. As soon as I start the car the alarm system emits a loud "chirp"......about every 5 seconds. IT WILL NOT STOP. Even when I park the car and shut it down the chirp continues until I arm the system. MOST ANNOYING. I guess the only thing I can do is replace the unit....if I can find one on this side of the "pond". Uncle Bill
  2. I'm a newbie who recently acquired a beautiful low mileage 1998 Esprit V-8. I have been driving pickup trucks and ho-hum sedans for years and obviously forgot (or never really knew) what an experience it is to drive a sophisticated, purpose-built car like a Lotus. Love at first sight / drive. I want to thank Dave and Richard for responding to my original March 2011 post (in the Esprit V-8 Technical Room) concering what I perceived as an alarm system problem. The car would start, only to stall about 10 seconds later. After four months and much consternation, I was able to get the car going and drive it the 300+ miles from its home in Pennsylvania to mine on Cape Cod (Massachusetts). The problem turned out to be simple......a clogged fuel filter. DUH! This experience convinced me that, while I have fairly good electrical / mechanical skills, this car will require the skills of a trained mechanic to keep it in tip-top shape. This brings up my next question....does anybody know of a reliable, trained mechanic in southeast Massachusetts who is familiar with the Esprit ? Cape Cod is a wonderful place to live, but it is certainly a backwater when it comes to out of the ordinary cars.
  3. Thank you for the feedback. It was probably wishful thinking to blame the Cobra system. I suspect the original owner added a supplemental security system because his wife is certain there was a sequence. Just in case I'll try to reset the IAC valve (found symptoms and procedure on another post). Thanks again. Regards, Bill
  4. I'm in the process of acquiring a beautiful, low-mileage 1998 Esprit.......if I could only get it to run for more than 10 seconds. Circumstances: The car had been stored for several months. I installed a new fully-charged battery and attempted to start it. After several attempts the engine started and smoothed out, only to stall about ten seconds later. To make a long and frustrating story short, the engine starts and runs briefly, only to stall after about 10 to 15 seconds. Since it will restart easily (only to subsequently stall out), I'm guessing that the security system is immobilizing the ignition system. The original owner died in a tragic accident and his wife seems to recall that there was a starting sequence that involved turning on accessories in a certain order. There is no owner's manual, but I was able to download a nearly 2,000 page service manual off of the web. In it I found a 4-page description of a Cobra 6422 security system. The description makes no reference to a starting sequence or to a time-delay feature that would immobilize the ignition system. My problem is aggravated by geography.....I live on Cape Cod, MA and the car is in Bucks County, PA (~20 miles from Philadelphia). The local Lotus dealer hasn't been very helpful. Does anybody on this forum have a clue what's going on? Am I barking up the wrong tree thinking that the security system is the culprit? I'm getting desperate because the former owner's wife wants the car moved and I would like to avoid flat-bedding it. HELP!
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