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  1. Does the arm on the calliper return completely when hand brake is off ??
  2. He was killed with some sort of poison that's eather not been found or were not being told about popped into the bag in the bath exactly as slewthy said, he was a spy and that's what James Bond would have have Felix do
  3. I'm sure the majority of cyclist don't have problems it's the minority that get injured or die, more pro cycle countries don't have these problems because 1 they've been pro cycle a lot longer 2 there residents are a lot more aware 3 the road layouts are far different from ours, it all comes down to common sense, go to Bow roundabout and stand there and watch it's scary
  4. Boris has said "it doesn't matter how many traffic measures we put in force, if you don't follow the rules of the road there will be problems" common sence must rule on the road as in life itself, I have watched cyclist shuffle past a tipper lorry as the light are going green and waiting for the crunch, I'm a motorcyclist and I go past Algate and Bow where these incidents happen, and if you saw the cyclist you would shout at them as I do, there is no such thing as an acsident ever incident is preventable
  5. Watch moto GP it's so much more like proper racing
  6. That is a nice heat shield, I made one for my s3 turbo, I went to my local scrapyard and got the heat shield from a late ford around the catalytic convertor it's made to withstand very high temperatures, and it cuts to shape very easily regards Len
  7. Honda VFR 800 2000 MY yellow, my wife bought this new for me as a present, she left me within a month, I love that bike
  8. I've got a microwave given to me as a leaving present from a job I left in 1992 that i use on a regular basis, that microwave has out stayed two wives, and the third is on a final warning, and my Bosch super slim dish washer is almost as old, I love old stuff, ( except wives )
  9. Likewise, hats of to Bibs, great line up of cars, proper organisation, he was even shouting at us Lotus Cortina blokes to get ready for our track parade, thanks for that, well done to this forum and The Lotus Cortina register, and all the other people who never get a mention, well done and thanks. Regards Len
  10. No problem, do you think you may have swaped the two parts on to the opposite carbs? Just a thought , Regards Len
  11. Hi Paul What are you going to do now ? Have you got any one close that can take a look ? Or should I come over and give my ideas ? Let me know I could be free on Saturday morning Regards Len
  12. Hi again It is only a carb, does it leak with just the pump running ? Is it just one carb ? If its one carb and you've replaced both gaskets you must be doing it right ! Faulty gasket ? You seem to know what your doing, and your getting the best advice from people who have "been there" where are you located ?
  13. Taking it all off is fine but I always use a big mirror with everything in place to look look and look again, and then take the carbs of when you have at least an idea what to do, I'm a mechanic/mot tester, and the amount of times I get other "people" bring there car to me after they have striped it and put it back together and the problem is still there, diagnosis is the key Regards Len
  14. Well done, I've just put my car back together and it's always the last little bits that catch you out and take all the time, I've had those leak but you don't always see the fuel, have you got a fire extinguisher ? I only ask because with one you feel in control. Regards Len
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