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  1. Standard fuel pressure(haven't measured it), I remember reading something about having the fuel pump continuesly running and that made things better, I guess that would mean short circuiting the pump relay, I think I shall try that just to see if things improve.
  2. Hej, I have now tried to reset the ECU while hot and it just made things worse. The funny thing was that resetting it while cold with the new TPS setting at 0,71V and some running made things better (before hot reset), it still stumbled but a little less.. In other words a little confused. However it does seem to be a little better before going close loop so maybe it is the lambda anyway (I did change lambda before without it making any difference though)
  3. what can I say, I'm very happy for all the responses but please read my initial txt. I will clarify myself a little more. 1. I have a 2.0 (italian version), this means not possible to do a s4s update! 2. I have no problem with the 3k stumble! 3. I have an off idle stumble, of more to say off throttle hesitation. Instantly when I press the throttle the engine dies very briefly before it picks up revs. It does not matter if it idles or is running full tilt, the artifact is the same.This has nothing to do with turbos backpressure and sorts believe me. 4. I have upgrade the memcal but effect was the same 5. I have changes the O2 sensor = same effect 6. I have changed the TPS and reset it to 0,71 V = same effect, maybe a little less pronounced So please lets restart this discussion from the beginning then :-), since I still need to find out why it's behaving a little wierd. Mvh joakim
  4. haha, sure, yes I did understand that, what Im trying to say is that somewhere on the line these two systems will have to swap, basically going from tps -> map. If the mapsensor isn't matched to what the tps gives you will feel when they do move over. I guess this is what is happening. What Im trying to understand is why that is??, This was sorted by Lotus when the cars were new so obviously there is a fault or slightly malfunctioning part somewhere, the map isn't faulty here as the map will not change over time while sensors and engine condition do. This is my point! :-)
  5. Hmm, yep I do have the 0% hesitation, not the 3k stumble (using GT3 chip 10). I wonder though why it seems only to be happening on certain cars?? To me it is clear what you say and I agree that this is probaly the cause but I do wonder why? From where does the engine gets its extra air or is it that the engine does not get fuel quickly enough? To me it could be either the MAP, the TPS or fuelpressure perhaps as these are the only sources for adding more fuel? If any of these components are slow (not the TPS) I guess you could get this effect. I hardly think Lotus or GM designed a system without ironing out these faults from the factory as it can't be seen as satisfactory. I would guess that it could possibly be solved by opening up the TPS and thus fooling the system that it already has some throttle opening (I have already pushed the envelope here I think without getting more than 0% throttle 0,71 V) this would add extra fuel when idling but would also possibly cause the idle to be a little higher. Any more ideas? :-)
  6. Hi, I have a 92 2.0 SE which has slight hesitation/stumble when going from 0% throttle. I have replace the TPS and set to 0,71 volts = 0% throttle. I remember there was some discussions on this before but I can't find it I have no reported ErrCodes and the engine does enter closer loop (after a while on idle though). Have anyone experienced this?? //joakim
  7. I'm running no10 in my 2.0 SE, I would say the changes for that engine were massive, more torque and power, but the main difference for me was that the engine is more drivable off boost. But yes flatout the lotus quicker it just feels like a natural upgrade which should have been in place all along. :-) joakim
  8. Hi, would like to know more about this chip #11, just bought it from Ramspot&Brandt during the week and they claimed it was totally safe if you are using propper gasoline of course (100 octane in germany or 99 in Sweden). I'm chasing torque and power figures for it. As general feedback I must say that the basic mapping is very different from the standard 1991 920 lotus mapping. It runs smoother, pickup is ALOT better both on and off boost ( it totally transforms the car from an old heavy dinosaur ( but fast) in feel into a brisk and rapid sportscar with modern engine characteristics. Anyone had a 920 on the rolling road or dyno?? :-) joakim
  9. Hi Sean, Before you do anything make sure you have a propperly bleed brake system, if not the old delco system with behave very funny. You be able to find instructions on the or in the workshop manual on how to sort this as normal procedures won't work. If this doesn't work you maybe need a new canister, check with the german firm they have these in store for approx 100 euros. Good luck //joakim
  10. Hi I have an 920 SE with 250 bhp at 0,97 bar( 302Nm, way down on torque compared to the 2.2). Overboost shall be a 1.06 (figures from Lotus, power not specified at this boost by lotus but I guess about 8-10 more bhp). The GT3 engine have different mapping atleast compared to the Se and S4 2.0 engines. The S4S 2.0 shall have 280 BHP @ 0.8 Bar & 295 BHP @ 1.0 Bar (Overboost) and fairly similar torque to the 2.2 engine but higher up obviously. ( figures given by South West Lotus Centre). I can't verify these for the S4s but it is atleast something to go by. :-) joakim
  11. Hi, I bought 225/50-15 sp 9000s for my SE last summer and I do not like them. They are to big( bad looks) and the steering have gotten to heavy. Do anyone know where I can buy a pair?? //joakim
  12. Hi Roger, Were you really able to get the 323mm setup under the original OZ 15" front wheels?? //joakim
  13. The most interesting to see is that the 355 was down almost 70hp, that engine must be pretty tired.. I havn't had my car on the rolling road yet but it would be nice to see what it gives in stock trim before I do anything with it. I heard from a lot of resources that lotus figures are a bit modest, but one must bear in mind that turbo engines like cool air which will improves power quite alot. I think lotus themselfs state power curves in quite warm climate to be sure to deliver the acctual power in warmer climate as in califonia. Anyway, it's good to see that these small changes seem to make a big difference to the end result.
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