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  1. I have a far simpler/ignorant question. Are the rear calipers on the Sport 350 AP racing or Brembo? Cheers.
  2. Thanks Gunter. Ran the battery test and yes, meter showing some spikes at 16V and 19V. Can it be anything else than a faulty alternator? The problem manifested itself once I changed then battery. Before that all was good. Also, I have the service notes manual (has sections like BL, ML, etc) but no workshop manual. From where can I download one? And thanks for your tips on the rear main seal leak, I've updated that topic with what I did to prevent the leak, which is along the lines of what you suggested. I owe you a few cold ones.
  3. Thought I'd give an update on the rear seal leak in case anyone has a similar problem. (Keep in mind that I'm no car expert but am slowly learning). As a reminder, my GT had an engine rebuild. Water loss issue solved! But it had a nasty leak from what we suspected was the rear main seal. It would leak just sitting there. Suspected the seal was placed in poorly or torn on insertion. Box out and new seal in and problem 95% solved. But still leaked a few drops after every run. It leaked from the sump side of the flywheel. If you looked up into two "holes" on the bell housing you could see oil on the nuts. So back in, box out, and this time we thought we'd removed the crank rear seal oil cover to get a good look at the condition of the crank. There were some wear groves and it certainly didn't feel smooth but I was rather surprised that what I felt could have been responsible for damaging the seal because it seemed so minor. But I guess spinning around it doesn't take much of a deviation from perfectly smooth to affect the rear seal and cause a small oil leak. We polished up the seal and it felt much smoother. The plan was to then to take 1mm off of the spring in the seal so it would fit a bit tighter as per Gunter's suggestion. But there was still an incredibly small trace of a wear grove. So in the end we decided to put a sleeve onto the crank. All back together and dry as a bone. Thanks for all your suggestions.
  4. I've got a CEL as well as an ABS light on my 2000 esprit. I've read through some of teh posts on the ABS but the CEL is a mystery. The only code coming up on my scanner is P1420 which is a "manufacturer specific powertrain code." Can anyone help with what this means. Thanks.
  5. Thanks for all your comments. Will have another go at it and report back. Cheers. Mike.
  6. Nope. Is the solution to that problem to just get a whole new crank oil seal cover? Appreciate your help.
  7. Engine on my 2000GT just underwent a rebuild. No water loss anymore which is great but now I'm getting oil leaking from in front of the flywheel. Was pretty significant seepage so I replaced the aftermarket seal with (I think) an OEM seal. 95% solved the problem. At least now it doesn't leak when just sitting there but still after a run I'll get some oil drops, again from in front of the flywheel. Any ideas what might be going on? Thanks for the help.
  8. Three in New Zealand, one in the North Island, one in the South Island, and one in the West Island (some call the west island Australia).
  9. If it's a DIY job it looks pretty good. At some point they put in a 2.2l engine and stromberg carbs. Thanks for your comments.
  10. Hi, I'm new to this forum. I own an Esprit but have always liked the looks of the 74-81 Elite. I'm considering buying one, a 1975 JPS. Does anyone know if the factory released a JPS Elite in 1975, and whether this was a limited edition car? Also, other than the basics, water loss, chassis, etc etc any Elite-specific item that I should look out for? Thanks for your help. Mike
  11. Should have guessed Wikipedia! Cheers for that.
  12. Hi. Can anyone direct me to a webpage that describes the various Exige models, from its inception to the most current model, with changes made at each stage. Many thanks.
  13. Just about to purchase an AutoXray EZ Scan 4000. I'm a bit confused because the plug in the Lotus is 16 pin, and the scanner comes with a standard OBDII yellow plug but they say it's 8 pin??? Does anyone have one of these scanners and if so is it ready to go out of the box, or are there any additional adapter plugs/cables that need to be purchased to make it compatible with the 16-pin lotus plug? Thanks.
  14. Original front tyres on 350 were Pzero 235/40/ZR17 but I can't find that size anymore. Those of you with the PS2s, what size are your fronts tyres. Thanks.
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