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  1. Stuart, I'll do my best to attend, but won't yet be in a Lotus (yet again) !! Looks like it'll be another season san Loti - 7 repairs looking more costly than I anticipated ... or to be more accurate, I've decided to get several other jobs done whilst it's still off the road. Won't be around for August meeting but will endeavour to get Turbo on the road for September (monies permitting) and then have the 101 out for winter
  2. I have now sent it again Stuart. It's quite long and I don't appear to have a sent items box so hope its got to you this time !
  3. The Oaksmere ? Loads of parking, nice setting, decent beer and food ... and I used to play rugby with the proprietor
  4. Johnny come lately here. I haven't been to an AEG / TLF meeting for quite some time now, but don't forget that along with the wide geographical distribution (with poor interconnecting roads) we are also blessed with many Lotus club options. CL meet at the BIH once a month, L7C meet at Scole once a month, EALC meet at The Ram at Tivetshall once a month (though I've only been once - they were all polishers and stuck their noses up at the noise my 7 made !!). Personal circumstances have kept me quiet on the car front for a while but hoping to bounce back into the fold this year .. and the BIH is an easy, enjoyable drive for me .. if the car will start.
  5. Oh .. what happened to that then I'll recompose and send again later this evening
  6. Stuart, You should have a PM but for general interest I'll post up the last message to me from my L7C friend:
  7. What a great piece of history to rescue. I read through this thread just a couple of days ago, having revisited TLF after a long absence (other aspects of life taking me away from my cars). Lo and behold, by sheer coincidence, last night a chap in the Lotus 7 Club posted a link to the Top Gear episode and it transpires that he was one of the Lotus engineers on the hydraulics working alongside Cranfield. He posted this snippet: Then another L7C member replied with this: If you're interested Stuart I could put you in touch with these chaps
  8. I looked at a dry sump Turbo down in Surrey about 4-5 years ago, being sold through a small dealer /chancer. It was on an X plate and was painted (loose term) in a silvery blue colour with a black hide interior. The engine smoked like a chimney and the whole condition of the car was well below the asking price. Did contemplate an offer but decided not to be so stupid, for once !!
  9. Nifty


  10. I've got a feeling I've something on that weekend (or rather, Cathy has arranged something ) but if not would be good to catch up again .. over a pint or two. Who's driving the bus ?
  11. Sorry, change of plan .. I will now be going on Sunday. So .. anyone wish to join me for a run ?
  12. I shall be attending on the Saturday and assuming all is well will be taking the Esprit (Cecilia). Will be planning a route through Rutland etc ... forget the number of the road but used to be a great drive in the 7 when I used to go there frequently some years back. Anyone wish to join me ? Could meet at Snet or further along for those further west ... will look at the map and post the route. I need to be back relatively early 5pm ish so will intend to get an early start so I can get round the displays and speak to a few people regarding parts / techical issues etc. Nifty.
  13. I'm intending to go. Clash with BTCC seems a bit odd ... that could make it a nightmare to get in and out !
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