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  1. can someone tell me where to locate it? what is the easiest way to access it as it most likely came off the cat warmer....causing rough idle. anyone have apic of it....i am sure this is what has happened as it was off when i got the car with the same exact problem. i dont feel like bringing it to the shop for something so simple...?
  2. does the crack in the manifold make the car run like crap and sound like it also? How excactly did it manifest itself? Or did you just notice the damage when it was in the air
  3. want to buy an exhaust (used or new) for my 1989 non se turbo left (driver side exit) anyone who has one that will fit...let me know will need to ship to U S i can be reached at [email protected]
  4. taking the car to rs motors next week. I took a friend for a spirited ride today with the moon roof open. I noticed that the gas smell was pretty strong after cornering hard. I hope it is not the gas tanks....perhaps the roof open enhanced it....
  5. WHAT IS WORSER THAN USING THE WORD WORSER Though i do agre with your points...
  6. smells like it is comming from the engine compartment...and not the fuel hoses....does enter through the bulkhead
  7. thanks for the door latch adjustment....workes like a charm....
  8. Can you adjust the door latches? Neither of my doors line up or close flush to the car.... It seems that the latch got out of whack. I see only some ikea looking screw that dont look like adjustments???? Can they be adjusted? 1989 turbo
  9. what is (in US dollars) an 1989 black on grey esprit turbo non se fully documented with all record worth? Excellent condition and operating as it should...also has 16 inch se wheels? A real price... thanks the books are all over the ballpark and ebay seems only the place to find out cruddy and questionable ones values
  10. I have an 89 esprit. I am looking to clean and condition the interior. I have heard that Leatherique is a good product. Does anyone know what works well. I am afraid to dry out and ruin the state of the interior by using the wrong cleaner. Perhaps i could check what rolls royce or jaguar reccommends and go with that? Any suggestions ?
  11. ok...i followed the espritworld sunroof fix. holy cow! It worked. I would say that 80% of the rattles are gone! There is still a small one in the driver door and a small one in the binnacle on hard bumps. I cannot believe the dirrference changing a few washers, and tightening some screws did. I just went for a long drive and was much happier. Now i must tackle the wind noise intrusion from the door mouldings. Something that did not bother me until mentioned in this thread... i am on my way! Thanks to all.... I am going to still tighten the c hassis bolts and go around t
  12. ] yeah...i did notice the wind noise from the doors also. i assume that new seals will help doesnt bother me much though. I am not in the UK. New York. We have a lotus only specialist (rs motors) very near me. I have an appointment for march 27th...jeez. Just polished it up nicely to make me feel a little better in the mean time.
  13. the car does have the cat/warmer still on. I took a long drive and there is a tremendous rattle/creak from the sunroof...prob accounts for about half or the problem. The driver door is another area...though once the window is slightly cracked, it does away...or if i put pressure on the door panel. I will go after those bolts with a vengence and hope it solves much of the problem. I can live with some ratlles and creaks...but this is ridiculous. I would be embarrased to put anyone in the car....thank you so much for all the help and advice thus far.
  14. i just picked up a well documented 37k 89 non se turbo esprit. the car just had its c service 50 miles ago major mechanical renewal in past 500 miles. It was the right car. Cosmetically excellent. Mechanically, the car seems perfect and a trip to my specialist soon will confirm it. I have only driven it about 30 miles so far, however, i am a bit put back. The car drives wonderfully and i get the so called banter everyone is talking about. The car drives like no other. I love the feel. However, there are many rattles (never in accident) comming from numerous places...on the bumps.
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