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    MG ZT-T 260 V8, MG TF 135. Used to own an Evora 2+0
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  1. Good points. Something to remember when I order my next Evora I miss it terribly but it doesn't make much sense in Moscow (where I currently am)
  2. I never regretted choosing the 2+0, countless times I fitted bulky, unclean stuff behind the net, which would have damaged or dirtied the Oyster leather seats had there been any. But ideally I'd want easily removeable seats, because if you ever need to transport children under 10 years of age, the rear seats are adequate and turn the Evora into a family car. Yes, a lean collapsable pram will fit in the boot
  3. All the prices you are quoting are extremely reasonable for a big service on a budget supercar. A Boxster/Cayman would be twice as much, a 911 much more. And don't even think about Audi R8s (drop the engine to change the spark plugs...) or anything with a Ferrari or Lamborghini badge. That Toyota engine and 'box combination in a Lotus really pays off when it comes to servicing.
  4. I'll second that. The SR in orange looks really good, the black touches emphasize the car's curves so well. And with the Oyster interior it's perfect, I think. That'll be my next one, I say.
  5. When will they make this one?
  6. Completely agree with Jonny. And with Jorge about British journalists, who just seem to take pleasure in pointing out the irrelevant weaknesses of the car (like a key fob) and skirt over its intrinsic qualities. The fact that it steers, handles, and rides better than the latest Porsche 991, which probably had a development budget 100 times bigger, says it all. At least the comments on Pistonheads are encouraging.
  7. Impressive. It does take some b*lls to be passing lorries at that speed on a two-lane motorway. How frustrating to be 'stuck' behind a Merc 'crawling' in the fast lane at 200 km/h I notice most cars tend to move over quite obediently.
  8. So Lotus 'anticipated' someone would tune the car and that it could do more than 300 km/h. What engine speed are you running? From the graphs it looks like 6,600 rpm, so there is room for more speed. 310 ?
  9. Very interesting, Thomas. I also read the (many) comments on Lotustalk. This makes an Evora S more tempting. The stock S is faster than the N/A, yes, but not Nissan-GTR quick. And the higher fuel consumption is a downside, so I've never been tempted. Whereas 400 + bhp and 300kph makes for a really fast car, and that would be worth the money. Interesting also about the speed limiter. Is it built in the engine software (I suppose it must be) ? In that case I wonder why the tuning by Komo-Tec doesn't elminate it.
  10. It's simple really. If you're fussed about MPG, get a normally aspirated Evora. If not, go for the S. Despite some very spirited driving mine never consumed more than 15L/100km on a tank. I would usually consume 12L/100 km or less. Considering the performance, I think it's really good. I would always use the sports button and I suspect that without I could have dropped the consumption. I just like the crisp throttle response at all times.
  11. It occurs to me that we don't enjoy our cars as much as we could by just driving them. Seeing one on the move is just as pleasurable. I once asked my wife to drive it and followed her with one of my other cars. It was almost as fun as driving it myself !
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