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  1. Hello there, Had my Elise for a few years, soon after I bought it I found out the was an issue with the fuel gauge/sender. I ran out of fuel with 16 litres showing on the stack display. I worked out I could about 200 miles on a full tank before running out. So I basically ignore the gauge and fill up before doing 200. Question is does 200 miles seem low for a tank? Got a road trip planned so don't want to be worrying about fuel. Also EP do a OEM pump and Elise shop sell their own version, should I think about fitting one of these? Any advice would be helpful. Guy.
  2. Update on this, car has been off road after summer, got time now to look into the issue. Had a dial gauge rigged up to see what was moving, then went a bit basic. Clamped some wood to the upright,, can still feel the same movement when I grab the end of the wood. Looking closely at the outward toe links I can see the slight play. Had dismissed these as the problem as they're only 2 years old. Ah well, cheaper fix than bearings. Though the fronts do feel a bit notchy when spinning the wheels, so guess they need doing.
  3. Hello there, Been a member for a while but this is my first post. Got a problem with my S1 Elise, have noticed recently that when driving over bumps or potholes the back of the car feels unsettled and shimmies from side to side, not massively but enough to feel. Jacked up the car to investigate, holding the wheel at the 3 and 9 o'clock position there is movement, holding it at 12 and 6 there is no movement. Wheel nuts are tight, had all new ball joints and toe links about 4K miles ago and can't see any play in them. It's the same on both rear wheels. I'm guessing wheel bearings,
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