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    2002 Esprit V8, 2010 Audi S4
  1. my guess would be it will be here: - last year Weissach hosted an Aventador test drive day at this location. Would be nice to have a more local option for service than sending the car to Mark in Med Hat
  2. Thanks for this Patrick. With your advice it took me seconds to pull it out (once I freed it from its mounting points... Pain in the a$$,) Now off to the shop to have it rebuilt...
  3. guys im looking to buy Pagid RS14 pads for my 2002 Esprit. Just like the the OP! Can anyone confirm 100% that the part numbers quoted (e1361 and e1682) are the correct ones. UNfoprtunately there is no local Pagid dealer here in Calgary and i do not want to deal with returning/exchanging and whatever restocking fees are involved.. Thanks in advance for the help!
  4. Haha that's too funny! A lot of coincidences for sure! I guess "Matts" have good taste in cars! the S4 is white with a few bolt ons: AWE exhaust, Stratmosphere intake also just bought a Vag-com and once I figure out the software I will do some tweaks to the car as well. Esprit delivery got delayed as they are doing some work on the car and the parts have not come in yet. Should have it in a week or so.
  5. Lol. Sorry Gerry when I saw someone else interested I knew I needed to move fast If we stop getting snow I will definitely take it out for some weekend fun! Matt
  6. Hey guys, Well I've been looking at getting an Esprit for some time now. Went to see the car today and liked what I saw. The deal was good so.... It's been sold to me! The forum was definitly useful when doing my final research. Thanks Mark for the advice you gave me on the phone, really helped when I was looking at it and will definitely call you when I need so work done. Car is getting serviced and will be shipped to Calgary next week. Will post pics etc when I get it.
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