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  2. 1. bingoking +1 2. Mark +1 3. Gee21 4. Al + 1 (not from the start - but a little later) 5. Derek + 1 (having just collected a new V8V from them yesterday, it'd be rude not to) 6. David + Jennifer (should get there by 11-ish) 7. Sandy +1
  3. I would be up for a run afterwards as well weather permitting, we went to St Andrews after the torrential rain the other week and the Elise did not enjoy the deep water. Kelly's Eye No1: (AndrewC +1) Breakfast and Bingo for two One little duck No2: (George & Sandra) Breakfast and Bingo for two One lone tree No3: (Kay & Mark) Breakfast and Bingo for two Knock at the door No4: (Dave & Sharron) Breakfast and Bingo for two Man alive No5: (Derek & Karen) Breakfast and Bingo for two Tom Mix No6: (Jim & Wendy) Breakfast and Bingo for two Lucky No7: (David & Richard) Breakfast and Bingo for two Humorous Bingo analogy ~ That would be Garden Gate No8: (Mark [never played] and Jane) Breakfast and Bingo for two Doctor's orders No9. (Sandy and Babs) Breakfast and Bingo for 2
  4. I should be home for this one. Good call changing to the second weekend, you can feel less selfish now. bingoking + 1, Plaza Parking, boat trip x 2 Sandy + 1, Plaza Parking. boat trip x 2
  5. GLOAGBURN FARM COFFEE SHOP ~ Breakfast 10am until Noon. 1: bingoking +0 2: Mikie 711 +1 (added on SE also) 3: Hedgerley +1 4: Sandy +1 LAIRHILLOCK INN, Nr STONEHAVEN Lunch Noon until 2:00pm Bar Snacks 2:00pm until 4:30pm 1: bingoking +0 and 1 for Bar Snack 2: Mikie711 +1 both bar snack
  6. For the third time in a row, I am a no show. We got as far as Bridge of Earn and the alternator belt broke. Anyone want to buy an Exige S1? Sandy
  7. Another last minute confirmation from me. See you tomorrow Sandy.
  8. I have to pull out of this (again) I have to go to work. I hope you all have a great day, I certainly know where I would rather be!
  9. Hi Brian, I have added myself to the list, I will stick around a bit longer this time! from LEGS 1: bingoking + 1 2: delands 3: Andrew C 4: Archie + 1 5: Al + 1 (not 100% on either of us tho') 6: Paul G 7: Justin 8. Marc B 9. Sandy +1 from Scottish Elises 1: hendeg 2: Scotty C 3: Ali C 4: Robin [if I'm back from Tiree in time and if my car is fixed, so probably not then ...] 5: Mikie711 & Ruth 6: Alan and Jen 7: Jim and Wendy 8: Stu 9: Gareth 10: Neil & Elaine (provided I am in the country) 11: tut 12: Mr Momo 13. Hogman (not definate) 14. Brian
  10. Count me in, it would be rude not to as it's only a couple of miles away
  11. The blue Exige belongs to me, sorry I had to leave early on my first event. It was great to meet all of you and hopefully I will manage the whole day next time.
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