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  1. You should never wash your car again JH
  2. I think it's this one. Sorry the link doesn't seem to work But it's the Jupiters Red 1985 one on
  3. Yeah, I saw that one. I might have a look at the gold ($26k) and the white ($30k) ones in NSW first. I don't believe any of the listed mileages of the cars. They might be correct but chances are they are at least double what they say.
  4. Hi Guys It was nice to meet you all. Thanks for letting me come along it was very interesting to see the cars and go for a ride. I am even more enthusiastic about getting one now. Jon
  5. Hi I won't be able to make the meeting tomorrow i'll try to go to the next one. Jon
  6. Hi All I have loved the Lotus Esprit since I was a kid and now that I can afford one I have decided to start looking around to see what is available. I was surprised to see that the are a lot more for sale than I thought there would be and at a price ($30000ish) that I could afford. The thing is that I have never sat in one and before I start to go to see ones that I potentially might buy it would be a good idea to have a talk to people who own them and are not trying to sell it to me. I am just a bit over 6 foot tall and have heard that it could be a bit of a tight fit but there are things you can do to give more room. What I would like most is to have a close look at one or two of the cars that you guys own. I live on the northern beaches of Sydney and could come to your place or where ever or maybe come on one of the runs you organize. I am fairly mechanically minded and have removed and replaced a few motor of the cars I have owned and quite like working on cars which will probably happen a lot with an Esprit. Thanks for any info you can provide. Jon
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