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  1. Alonso to Lotus??? German and swiss site link.
  2. if there will a link between LotusF1 and Lotus road cars?
  3. It has some Evora parts and the development cost less? Personally like this car more than new Elan but i am the one This was from spanish autoblog (years ago)
  4. Who likes if DRB makes this previous Esprit concept?
  5. A new Esprit with Evora chassis bmw or toyota engine and at 911 price and performance is not bad to me.
  6. What about previous management Esprit concept with Evora headlights ? I liked it.
  7. I like Elise 2015 and Esprit supercar. Elise has very fururistic look.hope to see an exige version with rear wing.
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