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  1. Guy If you buy this guitar, I can nearly guarantee that you will be able to play like Josh.
  2. Hi Guy, for this particular model, it will be about £1099. The options are endless so do call and discuss. Colours are of course optional, but it seems a shame not to stick with this glorious scheme. This particular model is already sold, but we can reproduce it. I hear that you are the man to speak to about my new Evora, and deals can alway be done with the inclusion of a free spec upgrade.
  3. It has only taken a few months. Finally, the Fleetcroft/Lotus(ish) guitar is here. As I mentioned in an earlier post, the link is a bit tenuous, but green with gold stripes is near enough. Have a look at Josh, one of our staff, making some noise with it.
  4. In my privileged position as a sponsor of this forum, I thought it only appropriate to honour this with a new guitar. The link may be slightly tenous, but stay with me on this. Here at Fleetcroft Guitars, we have assembled a new instrument soley so that I can have an avatar which fits my business and this site. Here is what it is; Basswood Strat style body Maple neck Sperzel tuners Wilkinson bridge Dimarzio pickups I have just finished fitting the frets (Dunlop 6105) and the neck is being sprayed. The real clincher being the colour scheme - green body with two gold (well, yellow) pickups in
  5. Graham Jeremy's advice to spend as much as is comfortable is perfect. I have seen the packages for less than £100, and although some are fine, it won't take long to find their limitations. To get something that will last forever is not too much more. £250 all in, will make a huge range of guitars and amps available. Do stick to the big brands if possible (Fender, Yamaha, Ibanez, Roland etc). Yes, you have to pay for the name, but as you know, it is for good reason. With regards to the tuition, see if you can find a good local teacher. If you are local to us here ( Surrey) give me a shout a
  6. Sounds fantastic. But just imagine how great they would be if they were playing Fenders.
  7. Rhyming 'company' with 'Serengeti', Toto, Africa; pure genius.
  8. It does seem on the whole that Fenders do the lighter end of things (Eric Clapton, Hank Marvin etc) better, while the Gibsons do the heavier end more efficiently (Jimmy Paige, Slash etc). This is often down to the lower output of Fenders (traditionally), and the more powerful hum-cancelling pickups of the Gibson. The shorter scale length (vibrating string length) of the Gibson, glued on neck, fixed bridge and mostly mahogany construction should all add up to a fuller, darker sound. The Fenders, with single coil pickups, longer scale length, bolt on maple necks and alder bodies should produce a
  9. There is of course no real answer to the question of 'which is better?' They are just different. How they are built, obviously how they look and most importantly, how they sound puts them poles apart in the musical world. To use a fairly crude analogy, the differences between the two are much like this; When repainting your cherished automobile, you would want to use a skilled technician, in a clean environment using the best tools for the job (the Fender) rather than a can of Dulux and a stick (the Gibson). Hope that is of some use to you Guy.
  10. Now, 'lost cause' would not have been the words that I would have used precisely. On the plus side, the guitar is reasonably rare given the limited numbers that were produced (mainly due to a short production run). It may well be the case however, that this was not Fender's finest hour. But, having said that, any guitar can be resurrected in to something that plays well and sounds good. The only question being as to whether or not the money would be better spent going towards another guitar. Guy, this may well be the case with the dear Prodigy. Do bring it in next time you are passing and we
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