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  1. On the topic of belts again. whilst under my car I used a fabric tape measure to measure my belt 59.3mm. I also measured the belt I could buy and lo and behold it’s too small. So I counted the number of teeth on bought belt and divided into the length. The number I then divided into my belt length. Near as dam it 61 teeth. Got on internet and found a 61 tooth timing belt with correct pitch for the teeth. Arrived today and measured 59.5mm! It’s 20mm wide so will need to be cut professionally to 16mm which won’t be a problem. Has anyone else done this? J
  2. Think I have messaged you did you get it? J
  3. Looks promising if you care to part with it. Analogue would be less of a battery drain. I understand these draw from the car when ignition off. Jay
  4. Thanks Pete. J
  5. I’d imagine it is. Think this is the one. I’d be interested in getting if it is. Stay safe. Jay
  6. dr_jayhart

    Digital clock

    Hi has anyone got a digital clock for a g esprit working or broken? Many thanks. J
  7. Cut through the bar with hacksaw accepted I would never budge them will buy replacements.
  8. Interesting info. I have now taken them out of the wheels and made a template to mask the wheels leaving the bolt heads showing and have sprayed them with satin black hammerite.
  9. 68 +2. Looking at threads I have to cut through the hinge bar. No way to undo a seized screw I believe.
  10. Hi any advice on removing this screw I cannot budge it and worried about too much force. Many thanks. J
  11. Draft scratched bumper car rolled into something. How best to repair? Many thanks.
  12. Hi Steve I’ll see what he comes back with. Gutted I didn’t find him earlier he has just sold 4 dry sump engines to a chap in America 4K each.
  13. Hope I will know more later.
  14. Evening all. I have found a chap who says he has some new old stock dry sump oil belts which he has agreed to sell me. I do not know the sizes as yet and hope one will fit mine. He also has some pulleys. If he comes good would anyone be interested in the belts which are no use to me? J
  15. Oh yeah. Car is 1968. I’ve had it 23 years. Most of which is has been off the road due to one gremlin or another. It’s my second car and was my first lotus. Good job it didn’t put me off the day after driving it 200 miles home I took a girl out on a date in it and hit a pot hole and the driver side suspension turret snapped and came through the engine bay. Now have a son 5 months old and need a “family lotus” Esprit and Elise don’t work unless I have to self isolate. many thanks. J
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