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  1. I need a strap and someone to repair as the stop watch doesn’t go back to zero.
  2. Going to look at an elite Sunday. Not been mot since 2009. What do I need to check for? What goes wrong on them? Thanks. J Sorry excel. Going for a friend.
  3. Just did that. The dials did something then went back again but still on 1. So I guess take to a good jewellers?
  4. Hi there does anyone have a copy of the instructions for the watch. I’ve bought one recently but without box instructions and strap. Can’t get the stop watch to go back to zero it always goes back to 1. Thanks. J
  5. Morning JayTwo welcome to the right side of the boarder. Happy to meet up when things relax. I know a few owners around here and there is a good WhatsApp group of lotus types who have run outs. Lotus I think if you look for that you can find them? Have you joined LDC? What you driving? Ken in the WhatsApp group has a red s4 too. Stay safe. Jay
  6. Evening. So I bought the belt that you can still buy hoping it was correct for my car. Whilst under my car I threw a dress makers tape measure around the fitted belt and measured it at 59.4mm. This proved to be longer than the belt I had bought Which had 60 teeth. So I divided the length of the bought belt by the number of teeth. This figure I divided into my belt length and gave me a figure of 61 teeth. I then spoke to classic world racing who sourced me a belt. The pitch of the teeth etc is correct but the belt too wide. They were able to cut it to the correct length. They also made me a
  7. Looks like this thread has been quiet for a while. Didn’t know it was here. Based me monmouth 68 +2 elan under restoration. My 2nd car bought 23 years ago. 82 dry sump esprit. 2004 Elise 111r sc. jay
  8. Morning clutch return spring missing from my peddle box early +2 any for sale? J
  9. On the topic of belts again. whilst under my car I used a fabric tape measure to measure my belt 59.3mm. I also measured the belt I could buy and lo and behold it’s too small. So I counted the number of teeth on bought belt and divided into the length. The number I then divided into my belt length. Near as dam it 61 teeth. Got on internet and found a 61 tooth timing belt with correct pitch for the teeth. Arrived today and measured 59.5mm! It’s 20mm wide so will need to be cut professionally to 16mm which won’t be a problem. Has anyone else done this? J
  10. Think I have messaged you did you get it? J
  11. Looks promising if you care to part with it. Analogue would be less of a battery drain. I understand these draw from the car when ignition off. Jay
  12. I’d imagine it is. Think this is the one. I’d be interested in getting if it is. Stay safe. Jay
  13. Hi has anyone got a digital clock for a g esprit working or broken? Many thanks. J
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