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  1. Glen let me know how you get on with finding the wheels. I have a set of 4 stud comps may be persuaded to part with. Pm me if interested.
  2. wow that's a project do you have the engine and original wheels?
  3. Yes considering going halves with a friend.
  4. So I went and saw the Black dry sump for sale today as a restoration project. Black with cream interior and on BBS. I believe the number was 11259. Needs paint and interior.
  5. I’d better bite his hand off the.
  6. I’m going to pop see the car if I can next week. Might be like when you go see a puppy and convince yourself that your not coming home with it.
  7. Will do he's going to dig out the certificate of provenance for me if he gets around to it. Runs nice but It is part way through a restore but owner has now decided to sell. Any ideas on value? J
  8. Anyone know this car coming up for sale by a friend of mine.
  9. Nick pope has a black dry sump that is owned by bell and covill stripped awaiting restoration I’ll try and see if I can get the number next time I’m there. It’s on bbs so a later car. J
  10. Hi Lex. That’s a good thought. I’ll try to see which they are and see if they get back to me. J
  11. Let’s hope I can get Andy to accept it. J
  12. Hi Lex. correct car factory ac, half leather, requested 4 speakers and board in passenger footwell for amplifier. Black carpets. Mirror is mounted on panel which supports the sun visors. Roof stereo fitted but I don’t know when. I guess by dealership? Hence the request for amp board. How many dry dumps come after mine so I can tell Andy Graham? Any with certification? Thanks was worried I have a ringer! J
  13. Hi Lex, yes the roof stereo is rm610. Ive just been looking closer at the Dry sump register and my car (Ex MalcomeS) is down as 11179. The car however is 11279. On the register it says 11279 is in Australia? Any thoughts? Thanks Jay
  14. Hi lex it’s not Andy that says ac ment dry sump in early cars because the wet didn’t have it figured yet I thought I read it somewhere. Just was looking for confirmation. J
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