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  1. Any thoughts on using greenhouse heater tubes under esprit in my damp garage? I have ordered 2 x 6ft.
  2. Hi Bauke Tocus, how did you resolve the problem of no oil pump belts being available new? Jay
  3. Anyone got a solution for the unobtainable oil pump belts yet nervous about driving my car not sure how old the belt is.
  4. Paul Coleman. Are they both s1’s. as the thread says I’m looking to buy one. Selling my sc Elise to fund. Would you consider selling to me? Need a stable mate for my dry sump turbo.
  5. I bid until the end but having talked to the vendor knew his reserve was 27K. He has a local buyer who will give him close to his reserve. Had it been cheaper I may have gotten it. However car was in germany and i didn't get to see it so was nervous about committing, getting it home etc. Will have to keep ear to ground again.
  6. Does anyone know car 343G ? rhd originally black? Thinking of buying? J
  7. Yeah that’s where I’m told they go but wanted to see how they are mounted. Ta where is your compressor?
  8. I have got a set of esprit oem air horns and want to fit to my 82 dry sump as I don’t think the peep peep of the existing horns befit the car. Don’t know where to mount can anyone help. Ta J
  9. My roof stereo car doesn’t have mirror stuck on window but stereo was fitted aftermarket.
  10. When I was at beaulie supercar weekend last year showing WPC229X a guy showed me a photo of a turbo in a french barn under tarpaulin. He said was from a bond movie with an OPW plate visible. Car had been sat there for a long time. Wish I’d gotten the chaps details.
  11. Ok, thanks for that I will need to source some then. J
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