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  1. Guys, I would keep the Esprit (and I actually still might) when I get the Gallardo.. the problem is I live in the city and I don't want to just stockpile cars in a garage here.. I have 1 dd (which is the bmw) and the Lotus for the weekends in the warmer times.. I usually keep the lotus in a garage I have in the suburbs which is almost an hour away.. the Gallardo would simply take it's place.. I have to be totally honest.. the Gallardo is NOT as fast in a straight line as my esprit.. and it's not really more exciting or more's just something different and after 2 years I just feel like something new.. oh and it will be nice to deal with less days of the car in the shop too .. love the lotus but something always seems to go wrong.. all my pals that have gallardo's only take them in for clutches and oil changes.. 30k miles on them.. no issues at all.. that must be nice
  2. Guys, I might sell my esprit, I have a Gallardo on order and I live in the city.. I currently have 2 spaces for the m3/esprit and it's just silly for me living in the city to start collecting cars.. I can always store it at a garage I have in the suburbs but again.. I really haven't decided yet.. however of course parting with a car I have put so much time/money/effort into making awesome is no fun.. which is why I might change my mind.. In any case I tossed it up on ebay let me know if anyone wants any more info on this car.. again I am not sure if I will even sell her.. but I am just putting it out there... Thanks! Pano
  3. my esprit is an absolute beast and it sounds insane also.. there are many cars that will approach me on the highway to see the car.. and sometimes to dare try to race me.. at 450hp/430tq and 2800lbs.. you can imagine very very few of them last more than a few seconds before I dissapear into the distance.. it's very cool to drive around in this car.. when I floor my m3 it feels like a fast car.. then I get into the esprit and try the same thing and realzie the difference between fast.. and FAST..
  5. mamovaka

    code p0108

    I plan to gmendoza.. however yet again the problem as not come back with more than a few full throttle accelerations.. ugh.. oh well I will still install a new sensor etc. however I will do a ECU reboot tonight see if it drives better
  6. mamovaka

    code p0108

    update.. just came back at about 7k rpm in 4th gear.. going to order a new one..
  7. mamovaka

    code p0108

    the car was definitely warm.. I Was driving for at least 30 min before this happened.. I turned it off today.. floored it in 3rd and 4th.. no code.. I'll keep driving it and flooring it tonight and this week to see if it comes back..
  8. mamovaka

    code p0108

    well I suppose I will just turn it off again.. if it happens a 3rd time I will change out the sensor to the one recommended from summit racing.. then see what happens..
  9. mamovaka

    code p0108

    interesting information gmendoza.. Do you really think I am making as muych as 18-19psi of boost with my setup though? I was under the assumption that at 12psi with spikes of 14-15 would be the max here.. BTW the check engine light came on again.. 4th gear under hard acceleration(same exact circumstances).. at 51 degrees outside temperature.. is this something I just have to keep disabling? or should I look into fixing the sensor.. perhaps it's weather related.. however gmendoza.. this is intermittent.. and there are 100 other times I am WOT in 4th gear and this never happens.. also this error is said to be a "connectivity error" in the manual.. so it isnt' reporting any overboosting.. just that connectivity from the sensor to the ECU is off..
  10. typical lotus.. drove the car all day today.. and it started every time.. I'll keep you updated if it refuses to start again.. thanks..
  11. could it be the crank case sensor?(crankshaft sensor) ? the starter cranks but the engine doesnt choose to start.. sometimes it does though.. remember he did open that area of the car up to replace the oil pump.. is it possible he messed up the crankshaft sensor during that process?
  12. I got the car back from the mechanic.. the bloody thing is driving better than ever.. solid as all hell.. but randomly and for no good reason it just wont restart sometimes.. sometimes in 5 minutes sometimes in 2 hours later.. no clue why, no clue how.. anyone?!
  13. Guys, got the lotus back after everything.. I had to return it to the mechanic to find out why it is doing this first off.. the entire engine/exhaust was taken apart and gone through.. cleaned up.. the car is running very well right now.. however when it's been running for awhile and then I turn off the engine it refuses to start again.. the engine clicks but it never starts.. after some time it will start.. also even when I Remove the key there seems to be something going on with the car.. it still seem to be on sometimes these are the only two issue it seems to have.. besides that its running better than ever... anyone have a clue what it could be? ECU? fuel pump? I am guessing electrical..
  14. LOTUS, like ferrari always charge TOP dollar.. a call to lotus in springfield last week basically they told me the esprit maintenance is now equal to ferrari maintenance per hour.. so it's a butt rape without question.. find a good local mechanic you trust and you will save enough money to buy another 100k car.. no joke.
  15. Guys, the engine is all out, everything is redone cleaned.. all pipes and tubes redone.. the whole deal... new brakes all new lubes.. the car will likely run bettter than ever.. I think I have to drive her 500 miles fairly slow though due to all that happened w new oil pump etc.. is that what I should do?
  16. haha not sure to be honest.. my mechanic felt that the front part of the engine was grinding against something inthe oil pump location.. tearing up some of the aluminum.. who knows.. i have put a ton of cash into repairing the car.. but that is why there are so few v8's onthe roads and driven.. it's one thing to buy the car.. another to drive it often and ANOTHER to keep it running and looking perfect.. I do what needs to be done so the car is perfect all the time.. I have a great love for the v8 esprit and it is LOT easier throwing 20k at the esprit than my DD 2005 m3
  17. my mechanic does know his stuff.. I spoke to harry after the conversation w the mechanic and harry feels confident the mechanic knows what he is doing.. basically the engine is going to be completely cleaned.. and I saw the debris that damaged the oil pump.. it was aluminum shards.. a few k to resolve this issue well.. no biggie
  18. update.. looks like by next week this will all be resolved.. harry from viking got me a used oilpump setup at 1k which is half price.. and he is on the phone w my mechanic to answer any questions very nice guy harry.. next week the engine will be sorted, cleaned and put back in the lotus.. which is nice.. as the car has been driving for well over a year without any problems whatsoever.. still not sure what happned.. it appears that the pump was grinding against the cover for some reason.. unknown as to why.. in any case it should be all sorted soon enough In the meantime I just bought an m3 today as well.. so I will have both cars for track days..
  19. previous owner shifted from 5th gear to 2nd gear = 11k rpm.. that is what starr motorcars in houston told me was reason for the rebuild.. yes it was hand cranked.. I know the oil pump is 1800.. so I am going to have the engine out.. take a look because it MIGHT be the spring not working right in the release valve.. or so I hope
  20. ok here is an update.. after fixing the mangled suction pipe etc. removing the engine and hand cranking the engine is showing that the oil pump is not operating to spec.. so I am ordering a new oil pump assembly..
  21. 11k rpm was reason for rebuild...overrev a lotus dealership in houston? starr motorworks or something.. I spoke to them a few times on the phone about the rebuild..
  22. not so sure about that.. I was hearing a "knocking" sound at idle.. something that sounded like metal bonking around behind the engine.. a low pitched rattling.. when he showed me the bent sump.. there is no way he could have bent that sump device (the device with the filter of sorts attached to it) it was mangled looking.. the other things that were damaged appeared to be the connectors from the oil pick up pipe.. they seemed to be snapped off.. also the low oil pressure light while I was at idle.. this obviously is connected to this problem, no? can you be more specific?
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