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  1. .... I'd like to respectfully ask if anyone on this thread actually thinks I took my car to Hethel and had people at the lotus factory rebuild the transmission.. when I say lotus, it's quite obvious that I am 99.9% likely to mean the local lotus dealer..
  2. Why don't you take it easy.. since I live in the US.. NO I obviously didn't ship my car to hethel to have it worked on.. I took it to certified LOTUS dealership in the U.S... the POINT I am trying to make is that a good mechanic can do the job just as well as a "certified" dealer.. he didn't have experience w/ this engine.. however once he learns about the engine he is nothing short of incredible working on any car.. I do trust the man.. why did you get so bent out of shape when I said that? so you admit that nothing short of living near hethel, england you basically take a risk.. wether the dealer is LOTUS or a standard mechanic.. that's the way it is amigo..
  3. guys, this is a mechanic that has been in business for over 20 years.. he has completely rebuilt this gearbox and many other parts of this car AFTER lotus fouled up the jobs themselves.. he has rebuild lamborghini diablo engines, ferrari engines and nsx engines..I honestly do trust the man.. however I will call him to discuss this after this input ok, just spoke to him he did not remove the oilpump.. he removed the suction area for the oilpump.. he didn't touch the oilpump.. I think I am doing a bad job of explainging what happened.. he removed the bottom portion of the block where the oilpan is located.. not the oilpump located on the top front of the engine.. So there you have it.. I explained to him where the cambelts are and now he understands..hope this clears things up.. the car is in good hands.. I am taking it to lotus to check the timing belts btw.. but he does a great job of everything else.. I also want to THANK you all for the quick reply.. this is his first 918 but he really has done a fantastic job with the car so far.. I trust him but he simply didn't know the engine.. he's learning more about it now..(documentation) that being said.. if it ever needed a complete rebuild I would go to him.. but to make things easier I will get the tension/change done from lotus still.. everything else.. he handles.. thanks again guys you are of great help
  4. I saw it all yesterday.. the crank and bolts and bearings look perfectly fine there is no damage that I can see. yes this is directly below the block and I saw the situation. my mechanic was wrong.. he made an assumption and upon closer inspecting found the damage.. he said everything looks fantastic other than that broken must have been getting banged around after the strainer brackets broke off the bottom of the block.. it looks like the brackets holding it in place snapped and it was mangled by the crank or whatever.. again I am not sure what caused it but it looks like the only damage is the suction pipe /brackets..
  5. I noticed an odd noise at idle.. as well as the car was showing a low oil pressure light when under 2k rpm.. my mechanic noticed the suction pipe and screen for the oil pump had fallen off and the brackets mangled.. he is rewelding and rebending back to normal the damaged devices and plans to put them back in the car.. has this happened to anyone else? seems awfully odd
  6. My local mechanic is in the midst of repairing a bent and mangled oil pump assembly.. while doing that he claimed that the esprit didn't have cam belts.. just serpentine belts and a timing chain.. He showed me the chain when he had the oil pan out.. and the serpentine belts.. is he mistaken? where are the cam(timing) belts, and does the esprit use a timing chain? I say this because I was about to take it in to lotus for a tensioning..and he claims they are robbing me at 400 bucks to check tension.. can someone in the know specifically give me a run down of the v8 engine design... What is the chain if it is not a timing chain? and is there a timing belt? as well as the serpentine belts? When the dealer changes the timing belt what are they changing then? thanks.
  7. well I thought I have been using the good oil.. however I just ordered some redline 15 50 based on some opinions on here.. so lets hope it doesnt happen again.. thanks so much guys
  8. my mechanic said something in the oil pan was clogged up.. he has a thick accent and I don't really undestand him sometimes on the phone... any idea what that was guys ? hehe
  9. Guys, I am doing a yearly freshen up on the Esprit, and I am looking through the forum for postings that cover all the BEST fluids for the esprit.. and it's not all listed in one post.. So help me out eh? Here is what I know for fact Transmission Fluid - Redline MT90 GL4 Engine Oil - Brake Fluid - Power Steering Fliud - Engine Coolant - Battery - can some of you guys reply to this with the best fluids please? so that I know for future refrence.. and for the rest of us that use the SEARCH option Thanks
  10. it was very very high, I mean it covered the entire oil dipstick... we did add some oil and it may very well have been too much but that was a few months ago.. I however have not driven the car that much either lately.
  11. Yes the engine was warm as I was pulling it into the garage.. the car temps are normal still. The oil seems to be at the MAX level yes.. this could be caused by too much oil?
  12. when this problem affected you guys did you nice the engine behaving or sounding different?
  13. guys yesterday when I was pulling the car into the garage I noticed the oil pressure light was going on when the car was at idle.. I checked oil.. it was full.. then I turned the car on again.. the oil pressure light was on, for about 1 minute.. then it would disappear when I started driving the car... my mechanic suggested that as long as the light turns off over 2k rpm that it is safe for me to drive to his shop.. I cannot tell if I am hearing anything weird from the engine.. I think it sounded different but again.. I can't be sure since the car is pretty bloody loud.. anyone else have this problem? the car is in for a major service having everything sorted right now.. and he is going to look over this issue right now. so.. the light comes on at idle, dissapears after 2k rpm.. no oil loss in the engine.. ideas? solutions?
  14. Don't mean to sound rude or brash.. but how in the name of christ can you go from an esprit to that american mess? at least get an M5 or S4.. something with some european character.. that is a big ol' american mess of a car you bought there.. sorry.. don't understand the purchase is all.. then again.. I don't understand why anyone other than a nascar loving southern freak would buy that car. don't b mad at my statement, just confused is all
  15. you can get the stock engine up to 450 and still be ok.. isn't that what most of you guys have done w/ out touching engine internals?
  16. I believe the prices are inflating, and it is NOT because of unreasonable asking prices.. it's because of supply and demand. Countach's were 50k in 2001, they are 2x that now.
  17. mamovaka

    code p0108

    so it seems like this is something I should ignore? I haven't had it up to 150 since then but I've driven it.. is this something that just will happen that I shall ignore?
  18. mamovaka

    code p0108

    99.. mine isn't that problem.. I've taken it above 120 PLENTY of time this is the first time it happened.. has not happened since but I also haven't done 120+ since either.. I'll try it this weekend
  19. mamovaka

    code p0108

    ok, well that doesnt seem too serious? should I let it go and not bother w/ it unless it becomes more common? any danger to the car? It has only happened once thus far.
  20. mamovaka

    code p0108

    just purchased them.. tested them and they start to open at 9psi and fully open at 12psi... that sound right to you? I've had them installed for 1-2 thousand miles... could they be faulty or installed wrong?
  21. mamovaka

    code p0108

    4th gear, flat out at about 125mph the check engine light came on.. the car seemed to drive the same but the light was on.. I had the the computer print out the report and this error p0108 map/boro circuit high input came on, I cleared the code and drive it abotu 20 min it didn't come back.. Anyone know what this might have been? the car has Johan chip, yellow wastegates kn airfilter, 2x radiator.. etc. etc. again everything else seemed fine.. just that light.. could it have to do w/ the higher hp (450hp) due to power mods?
  22. Noticing now that it is cold out the Esprit is slow to turn over, maybe 2-3 seconds with the keys turned.. I know even in best conditions it takes 1-2 seconds as the turbos fill with oil before turnover.. I also have the headlight pop up issues, which I was told was battery related.. the battery has died a few times already so it's likely on it's way out? Would this be the culprit with a slow turn over.. I notced even when hooked up to a battery tender and listing the battery as "fully charged" it still turns over slow.. however I know that fully charged on a bad battery doesn't make much difference. opinions? what else could this be?
  23. haha! come on man someone must have replaced them? I am assuming I have to open the top of the dashboard to get to the bolts??
  24. Hey, I was having some inconsistent water coming out of the winshield washer jets (dirty nozzles) So I removed the nozzles, and the water jet system and worked on cleaning them up. now I went to rescrew them and it seems there must have been a lugnut or something because now they will not tighten! If anyone has installed them or removed/reinstalled them can I have a quick rundown on the best method to do this? Thanks!
  25. WHY are you selling her? and WHY are you selling her for under 60k?
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