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  1. I rebuilt my box 9 months ago but other than that it's stock.. I just don't speed shift the car..
  2. yeah I will hook up a pc to it and do some runs in the near future and let you know I spoke to a few other esprit people with this dyno chart/mods and they are telling me it looks all a-ok.. However I do plan to check the boost via PC anyway.. many guages are innacurate.. Gmendoza I am ok with it going above 12psi for a split second.. that is ok in my book..
  3. I just spoke to Johan about this and you are correct the car has no boost controller, therefore Johan contends that there are no unhealthy spikes... and boost will always be ejected once the car hits 12psi.. he claims for a moment there may be above 12psi boost if you lay on the throttle hard and fast but that is normal with any car as the ecu/wastegates struggle to catch up to sudden power.. With that said.. what is the consensus here with the 12psi wastegates? still considered 100% safe with stock internals?! so is my wheel torque closer to 430 would you say?
  4. I do not think I have the map.. the ecu wasn't connected to the dyno..
  5. looking at the dyno runs do you see boost spikes?
  6. Stock Turbo's when I said Marcus I meant Peter earlier sorry.
  7. Here is the dyno, take a look.. 4 runs 3 in 3rd 1 in 4th on some of them I let off at about 6700 and didn't get on it at the right moments hence the changing numbers.. also dependant on engine temp etc. Peter do you have a boost controller on your car? can you confirm with this setup that you are getting boost spikes via the controller like gmendoza mentioned?
  8. the mods on my esprit are (try not to forget anything) power mods: Johan chip magnaflow cats muffler delete yellow wastegate capsules k&n air filter other mods: steel braided brake lines 4 core radiator 5 point seat harness fire extinguishing system for engine probably forgot something but these are main things
  9. ops.. well I don't know that is why I posted.. however my wastegates are opening at 12psi btw completely but paula and marcus, the wastegate I ordered from claudius is the EXACT one that does just that.. it still will fully open at 12psi regardless when that pressure is applied to it but it holds shut FAR better than the stock wastegates which are pathetically weak Spoke to Johan today and brough up these issues and he doesn't agree that spikes exist with this particular set up.. he claims that regardless the boost will be exited at the 12psi time.. I had the car DYNOED today the numbers were WHEEL HP 386 WHEEL TQ 363 I am happy with these numbers and my mods.. Also though at the DYNO the graphs do not show any violent HP/TQ spikes that would be indicative of overboost.. I made 4 runs (2 in 3rd and 2 in 4th) and all of them were within 5-10hp of eachother (engine heat plus the way I was accelerating made more of a different than anything else) This would lead me to believe that in at least these 4 runs the car's power is consistent (aka no spikes)
  10. basically the only difference I see here is that the 12psi wastegate still affects the engine the same way as the weaker STOCK wastegate.. however the weaker one simply opens earlier and barely hits 12psi..(1 bar) where as the stronger wastegate will not fully open until (1bar).. basically you are just getting more boost for a longer time.. but the same boost level is achieved with even the stock wastegate.. just for a moment though as opposed for as long as the ECU wants it to due to the new wastegate. ? I think this makes sense
  11. Just got off the phone with Johan about this.. and he doesn't seem to agree.. I wish he would chime in here.. Basically he says that the stock wastegate valve's are very weak and in conjunction with his chip the open at around 9psi (completely open, they start to open at 4-5) now with his chip the chip is trying to get to 12psi but only hits it for a brief moment (if that) due to the weak wastegates opening at 9psi every time and letting boost out.. with the stronger wastegates they start to open at 9psi and completely open at 12psi.. which is in conjunction of his chip as well as the maximum recommended "SAFE" level in the car.. I wish there weren't so many strong views on this since Johan Michael and Claudius all seem to be in agreeance and some people here are not.. in any case the car is a beast and I get it dynoed tomorrow I will post results..
  12. Now I am confused.. are you guys saying that with a stronger capsule that will start to open at 9psi and fully open at 12psi there is still more boost going through the engine? with Johan's chip? than the capsule is seeing? if this is the case then it stands to reason that regardless of a wastegate capsule upgrade the engine will be seeing more boost anyway via johan's chip no?
  13. even with johan's chip? are you sure about this? my understanding is that regardless of what the ecu is doing.. the wastegates immediately open directly responding to the pressure on them.. is this wrong?
  14. gmendoza.. however if you can test the capsules so that they are sure to be fully open at 12psi, you should be ok w/ a chip like the JOHAN ecu.. I tested the new ones before installing.. and it appears to start to open around 9psi then fully open at 12psi.. before I hooked them up to the car.. do you believe this is sufficient or should I do more testing?
  15. guys, can you help me out on what is the best motor oil for the v8 under 450hp conditions? Pano
  16. the last mrsp in the us was 94-97k for the esprit..
  17. use a tool that forces air pressure into the capsule before you install it.. mine were already set.. I just had them tested.. at around 9psi you see it start to open and at 12 it's open all the way.. as long as it is completely open at 12 then you are set to go..
  18. HOLY CHRIST YES!!! I just installed them in my v8 w/ johan chip and exhaust and more moda yadayada anyway.. FAST AS ALL LIVING HELL.. it is NOTICEABLY faster.. incredible.. they are set to start to open at 9psi and fully open at 12psi.. so about 3-4psi increase.. this as I understood is the maximum safe pressure.. F A S T A S H E L L I LOVE IT!!!
  19. I purchased the esprit when I was 29.. had a viper and elise at 27 and 28.. to the chap who wants a lambo by 40.. you'll find out quickly how the lambo won't feel like a step up.. at least not from a v8 esprit.. If I get another exotic it would be just for a different experience.. not a better one.. having driven many lambo's and ferrari's.. I have to say it doesn't feel more exotic or exciting than the esprit.. mostly because.. well it isn't
  20. how old is the person that labeled these options? because 30 is hardly APPROACHING MIDDLE AGE.. come on people.. middle age is considered 45+ right?
  21. So I am driving from the mall w my GF last week.. and you get used to stares when you drive these cars.. and I notice them sometimes.. well this 18 year old kid drove past me while I was stopped at about 30 mph.. and was staring.. about 3 seconds later I hear a massive boom and look to see 3 cars completely messed up.. it was quite bad the poor bugger in the center car was driving a new lexus flagship series too.. completely demolished.. I laughed later but it was indeed a little upsetting need to show some to lotus but try not to destroy 3 cars in the process..
  22. what kind of work? I plan on taking it to a bodyshop, the part comes painted by the facotory.. but trying to get to repaint doesnt work.. pwdercoating do the trick? what is eloxated? the part is called door waist seal
  23. you know I will take some pics with my camera today I think and post them for you.
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