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  1. hey guys, I have had this part of the car painted 2x, and the pain won't stick. it's a door panel on the esprit (I have a v8) that is at the top of the door that connects to the rubber that the glass comes out of.. both sides are chipping and I really want to find a way to get the paint to stick on it without me replacing both sides of the door panels... anyone know what I can do there? thanks, Pano
  2. just FYI, an esprit v8 w/ light mods like a johan chip will walk an R8.. ask me how I know
  3. Again I haven't driven the car in a week or so might drive it today.. but I did add some water to the header tank, however I remembered that I have not checked the collant level since they (at lotus) did the last big service w/ the complete coolant flush.. they told me the car was tip top. What is possible is that they simply didn't fill the coolant to the top like I did. and when I checked it I saw the level 2-3 inches below the CAP (which I am told now is too high) It's possible they set it at that height. now that I filled the 2-3 inches with water I will check it again periodically.. the overflow should bring it back down 2-3 inches. so unless I see it continue to degrade below that 2-3 inch mark again I won't worry.. Again I think I am just too overly concerned with this car.. it's been driving fantastic lately
  4. thanks guy, as usual this is probably nothing because I just had the car get a full B service done and they flushed and refilled the tanks and reported no problems.. it's likely just hte level they filled the tank to was too low
  5. guys, how do I measure this? and yes I am filling it to the top. I mean I drove it at least 3-4k miles since I last checked it and the coolast is anout 2 inches or so from the top.. but still visisble down there.. is there a way to measure this? when you say half way up the header tank what do you mean exactly? how should it appear when I take the cap off and look down the top? should it look about 1-3 inches from the top of the tank? should I measure it with a ruler and watch it?
  6. I'm SURE this is a dumb question, but I know the radiator fluid evaporates.. my question is what is the rate of evaporation? For instance after about 5k of driving miles to me it seems the readiator fluid level drops at least 1-2 inches from the very top.. just today I just put in some water in there.. Is this normal? I'm told it is.. but not certain..
  7. Guys, THANKS SO MUCH once again the advice here resulted in a fix that took all of 5 minutes with a shish-ka-bob spike!!! Now I can wash my car and not worry about water flying everywhere! hehe God I love the esprit!
  8. Marcus, those are the ones I bought.. these were expensive about 280 a piece.. they are simply set to comply with johan's chip.. meaning the standard boost (.4) bar will still be there but when Johan's chip is trying to achieve and keep the 12psi setting the capsules will allow that to happen isntead of whimp out like the stock capsules. I am not going to force overboost with different capsules, again I spoke to everyone (including gmendoza who is nice guy and very informed about this) and they all said the same thing.. I'm not trying to do anything but allow Johan's chip to function as it should.. namely to hold 12psi when it wants to.. After that I am probably done modding the car.. since at this point it's bloody fast enough [quote name='G
  9. When I get the 12psi wastegate capsules then I will have all of the above..
  10. 340 RWHP is about 415Crank HP friend.. It's safe to say lotus underrated their engines in many cases.. Also my V8 is not stock is has high flow exhaust and no muffler as well as johan chip.. I am assuming with the 12 psi wastegate I should see consistent 450hp power (370 to wheels)
  11. I hope you mean to the wheels? right now my car is about 350HP to the wheels (410-420HP at crank) without the 12psi wastegates.. once I get the wastegates I am hoping for 370-390 to the wheels (450 consistent to the crank) I will dyno it after it's done..I have no interest in more than 370hp to the wheels in this car.. at 2900lbs it's already blisteringly fast.. 450hp and 2900lbs will get to 6 uncer 4 seconds.. I'm quite happy..
  12. gmendoza.. I'm sorry I am a little confused.. so you are saying that in fact these guys are giving me wrong information? and that the 12psi wastegate is dangerous without an electronic boost controller? Very frustrating for me since I have basically spent a good amount of time on the phone with all three of these guys before spending 600 bucks on these wastegate capsules.. if they will damage my engine then I will refund them.. please let me know or send me a PM with your number so I can call you to talk about it. thanks!
  13. I have the Johan chip in this car, I spoke to Johan (from extreme esprit, dude who made my chip)as well as claudius(espritbyclaudis) and Michael(michaels motorsports) <-- all esprit specialists about the 12psi wastegate capsule and they all agree with Johan's chip it is a "safe" mod.. are there other opinions on this that I do not know about? I just spoke to these guys last week they all seemed to agree.. Please let me know if you guys have contradicting info.
  14. 100% on the mark.. I would prefer to drive this car into 150k miles before switching to another v8 esprit.. If you make your car straight/clean with these cars you are on top. It's the risk factor in getting a used one that is helping to ruin the resale values of these cars.. they need to be well kept and taken care of accordingly.. Fantastic cars when taken care of and straight up gorgeous machines as well.. a true pity they stopped making them, and I have a real strong feeling that the new esprit wont be as classic/timeless as this one.
  15. money was not the issue at all when I purchased this car.. last year when I was looking for an esprit I wanted three things (02-04 V8), Black Exterior, Tan interior.. I don't know if you noticed or not but it's awfully hard to find a used esprit v8 exactly as you want one, not exactly a plethora of V8's out there. This 99 I purchased was basically for the color combo (plus it had some choice mods that I wanted).. so I took the car and had it updated as I wanted it.. now it looks like an 02 V8 with all the mods I wanted.. (BTW trust me I put more money into this car than any 02 v8 would have cost me) since there is basically no other difference between a 99v8 and a 02v8 besides rims/lights(it even had an engine rebuild in 02).. I am content with this setup.. There is my personal explanation of why I updated it.. as far as I am concerned it's an 02 now
  16. happens when I wash the car also.. and of course the car is almost always garaged and kept out of the rain.. so that isn't the problem..
  17. guys.. can I access this drain hole myself? any pictures or locations for me? I think I should just do this myself as dropping the car off time and time again to resolve this silly issue is getting tiresome..
  18. Guys. after bodywork that was done (bumper) a few months ago the car seems to be accumulating a ton of water in the drivers side lightwell, it squirts out (QUITE A BIT) after I get the car washed or after rain.. I have sent it back to the bodyshop TWICE and they seem to be clueless as to how to resolve it.. Is this a common error? it definitely seems to be spurting from in front of the light and I don't know what else to do here.. ideas? anyone else have this problem?
  19. thanks for all the appreciation.. I knew you guys would appreciate it, I have gone over most of the car (reshaped bumpers, new bumper covers, repainted entire front end to remove rock chips, buffed/painted most other imperfections in the car, used leatherique to make the interior like new, detailed..) I can truly say that this car is as new.. also it's in top shape mechanically with 12psi wastegates capsules on order.. soon to be 450-500hp.. a truly great exotic car and sad to see they stopped making them.. gets a ton of adoration whenever it is on the road..
  20. Well, I have done more work in the year I have owned this car than I care to admit.. (and spent more money) but forget mechanicals... lets talk about externals.. I redid the entire outside, have everything that wasn't perfect pretty much perfected, 02 rear lights and 02 rims on it now.. The car looks FANTASTIC (and yes I have made love to it) LOOK
  21. Just saw the video of this esprit.. looks awesome they did a great job.. love it in red!
  22. IF my OZ novas come in I can sell you my AWI's.. waiting to hear what the hell is happening with those.. they should have arrived today but they havent even charged my card yet.. I will keep you updated.
  23. I did consider that but I don't really have use for 2 rims...
  24. thanks for the input friends.. I guess the reason I posted this question was: if I get the OZ nova's and sell the AWI's I might not be able to go back if my mind changes.. I think I am leaning for the nova's.. I just like the fact that it completes the 2004 esprit look.. still considering.. ahh the choices the choices!.. life is so hard you know?! I think it's funny that I put thought into purchasing clothes or something, but I pay no mind to the 15-20k I've put into the esprit.. in the year I purchased it.. if there is even so much as a scratch on the car I get it resolved... it's sick I tell ya!! but I love it!!!
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