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  1. I am having a hard time choosing to get the OZ NOVAS and sell my AWI monobloc rims... Tell me which you guys would keep, the AWI monoblocs or get the OZ novas I have upgraded the 99 to have the new rear lights as well as the center exit exhaust.. my questions is do I keep the AWI Monobloc rims (which peoples seem to think are the best) or completely the 2002-2004 look and get the OZ Novas? Opinions?
  2. Yes I would like to know the final bill also..
  3. I am selling mine, mine are the AWI 6-spoke monobloc racing wheels. They are in good shape with just a little curbrash and I will sell them pretty cheap.. let me know what you want to pay and I'll mail them to you.. I am getting the OZ nova's to completely my 04 look transformation on my car.. this is another pic of the type of rims I have..
  4. MAGNAFLOWS work wonders and sound FANTASTIC
  5. Just clear this is for me guys, what are the operating temps of the V8? I always thought that between 80-110 was ok.. usually in stop and go traffic I spend time at 90 with 80 when moving steady.. temp goes up over 100 then fans kick in, drop temp down again etc. this accurate right?
  6. This doesn't seem too bad does it? my car is usually at 80 on the highway on a hot day 90ish in traffic.. it goes up past 100-110 then the radiator kicks in and it drops to 90-80 in traffic right? isn't this normal for the esprit in 85+ degree weather and in traffic?
  7. well doing a search I found this quote about this car from the previous owner "Just before my #5 injector (US driver's side front) went bad the right bank was running rich to compensate. This was, in my case, due to a short in the wiring that took the #5 injector out, along with a failing idle air control valve and a failing coil pack. " After I got the ECU to respond I found that it was indeed a the same #5 injector, so I checked the wiring and there was the short again.. so thankfully it was the same wire that just came loose and I was able to repair it and a few other wires as well..
  8. UPDATE: FIXED, it was the short in the wiring that took out injector #5 for me as well last week.. I redid all the wiring and injector is back to normal!! god bless!
  9. Problem was solved and was simple: The wires going into the engine were frayed.. and the #5 injector wasn't behaving properly.. all resolved in 10 minutes of fixing the wires.. car is running better than ever!!! whew.. finally an inexpensive fix!
  10. The cats are less than one year old, mangaflows.. the rpm's went high.. they didn't stop.. gasoline smell and white smoke abound though.. I have the Johan ECU and BTW I did do a ECU reboot two days ago.. plus he was unable to read the ECU w/ the computer last night.. no data.. odd.. For someone that (hand in the bible) barely does anything close to abuse with this car.. it's incredible how fragile it has proven to be. I did about 3 runs..each one lasting no longer than 10 minutes.. that is 30 minutes.. and I would say I was pushing the car 6/10ths.. except in the straights when I floored it in no lower than 3rd gear.. <-- this is really not abusive.. It's too bad too because if I did drive that car at 10/10th on the track it would have been one of the fastest cars there..
  11. Hey I absolutely LOVE this car.. Just upsetting when it spends more time at the mechanics than it does in my garage
  12. I didnt take the video, but I asked for a copy.. trust me friends when I get it I will post it.. very cool indeed seeing a v8 esprit black w/ a black gallardo going balls out on the poconoo raceway.. What is even cooler is that the cars are completely evenly matched.. one is not pulling on the other.. dead even it seems.. The check engine light came on.. I pulled over and looked at the car, it sounded off as it was a misfire and gasoline was coming out of the right exhaust port with smoke.. many people think it's a coil/sparkplug/injector that is not working properly.. Either way I might just sell this car.. i have already done so much and spent so much on it to make it right and it just keeps having problems and I really am very gentle with the bloody thing.. I mean if it can't take driving at WOT down the straights in 4th gear then what is the point of it? I can just buy a 996 TT or Gen 3 Viper or Exige S (if I want to stick w/ lotus) and be able to enjoy the car without the stress.. Just a real pain in the ass when I put so much time/effort/money into a car for it to continue having issues.. oh well.. at least it shows the gallardo's who's BOSS!!
  13. the day went not so well.. I took it very easy on the car so I didn't really do awesome on the track.. on the straights I gunned it a few times and I have some nice video footage of me and a Lamborghini Gallardo literally neck and neck at about 140 in the straights (yes my car is just as fast)!!! Unfortunately I had to be towed home as there is white smoke coming from the right bank and the car is misfiring.. I am hoping this is something minor and the car is being looked at now..
  14. Hello guys, #1 - Yesterday check engine light came on and the right bank was throwing smoke and it smelled like gasoline very strong.. I did a search on here and found this post by previous owner: "Just before my #5 injector (US driver's side front) went bad the right bank was running rich to compensate. This was, in my case, due to a short in the wiring that took the #5 injector out, along with a failing idle air control valve and a failing coil pack. " So I am thinking the short has reappeared and/or I just need to order a new injector, is there a smart or cheaper process to troubleshoot it? if it's the short I definitely do not want to get a new injector, and since this problem appeared a year ago as well what are the chances the injector would go bad twice? likely the short has reappeared right? #2 - Found a small amount of dripping oil coming from the seal from the engine to gearbox.. its very slight and only a few drips now and then.. this something I should be concerned with?
  15. blue tape? Is it THAT bad a pocono? where do I buy blue tape?
  16. I shall bring a camera indeed! I honestly dont plan on driving the car that hard.. I just spent a ton making the car perfect and I am in no mood to do any damage to this beautiful machine.. I'll have fun but I wont try anything serious with the car.
  17. I am going on the 24th.. next week if anyone wants to join let me know it's like 250 bucks a car (we rented out the track for the day, about 18k total) We have a large amount of awesome exotics coming and racing.. should be a cool day.. I think I am just going to drive slow and take it easy.. I am prepared to buy new pads/rear tires (I need new front rotors anyway) I just purchased the front pads, but they are carbotech panther plus pads and they SQUEAK FARRR too much for normal driving.. so I will use this track day to kill them off then buy normal standard pads..
  18. Well, I suppose my other concern is the reputation of the Esprit on the track, for my own safety.. The car already has a fire suppression system with 4 hoses shooting into the engine, however I have been searching online for a racing suit/helmet/gloves that would make me feel comfortable driving the Lotus on the track.. After a few hours of searching I came up with this: If I drive the car carefully, as well as wear this suit and keep one hand on the fire pulley AT ALL TIMES while tracking I think the chances of survival are at about 90% maybe 85% with a wet track.. Input?
  19. car is tracked out already w/ a limited slip.. I am not talking about the tracking issue I am talking about the way I should drive it on the track.. I just want to enjoy the car but I do not want to do any damage right now.. just had this thing sorted...
  20. Just had oil/brake etc. done a month ago.. I plan to just take it easy and have fun.. not push the car to the limits or anything.
  21. I am taking my Esprit to Poconoo raceway for the first time.. I just want to have fun, I do not want to damage the car.. I know to take it VERY easy in 1st and shifting to 2nd, besides that what kind of behavior can I exhibit on the track? this is important because I have just put so much time and love (oh and money) into this car since I have purchased it and I want to use it as it's intended but I dont want to do any damage. Thanks Pano
  22. the Esprit V8 is easily one of the hottest sounding exotics.. I am used to the sound of it now so when I hear a car I can tell it's the bloody ESPRIT V8.. great sounds!
  23. I don't agree that they are more expensive.. you need to get the 100k base price of the esprit out of your head as far as the "cost" of the car. I have a friend with a 01 996 turbo with 100k miles that cost 1/10th of the esprit in maintenance.. so that 100k esprit will likely catch the 120k 991 turbo as far as costs go in 5 years.. and I have raced a 996 turbo, its about as quick as a johan chipped esprit if not a touch slower..
  24. It's that bloody turbo lag.. that is why my friends in NSX's and VIPERs and cars that don't have a HUGE turbo that can toss 300HP at you in a MOMENT ask me why I dont push the car in turns.. THIS my friends is the answer.. when that turbo spools up in the middle of a turn you better be prepared for the rear end to snap out!
  25. Firstly, your esprit was beautiful.. it's so sad to see such a gorgeous and well taken care of car all smashed like that.. I mean.. it's like moving art slashed.. Ok this isn't helping.. My friend totalled my viper 2 months after ownership, while I know the viper is nowhere near as special and unique as the esprit, it still was SO painful looking at the car so damaged like that. However a few months later I purchased a black esprit that I put a lot of time (and money) into making it look fantastic, (mechanically sound, entire front repainted to remove paintchips, circular rear lights, interior dyed to look like new) now every time I see it I spend a good 5-10 minutes admiring a fantastically beautiful car. I guess my point is that you will find another esprit that you may grow to like just as much or maybe even more (though personally your car was fantastic looking, same color combo as mine) and the bottom line is that no car is worth a human life (even an esprit) just never forget that and you'll be fine.. So sorry to hear about your loss though..
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