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  1. Sorry no pictures, it looked normal when stopped. Manthey fitted some improved spacers and bolting arrangement.
  2. Did you see any issues with the car at high speed? When at the Nurburgring we were seeing over 270kph on Döttinger Höhe, my friends 3-11 had a problem with the front splitter coming loose and dropping down (maybe as he was not running a front number plate) and cracks to the fairings around the roll bar. Splitter attachment was fixed at a local motorsport garage. My car was OK but as prevention taped over all the gaps in the roll bar fairing. My Oakley sunglasses only stable up to 240kph...
  3. I've driven mine a fair bit on the road and it's much more civilised and rides better than my old 2-11. Think more Exige like... It's pretty friendly to drive on the PSS in all conditions and generally more than fast enough for any road use. Loads of torque so quite nice to short shift and cruise if required. The PSS are obviously a bit slower on a dry track than Cup 2 but mine have performed and lasted well. A worthwhile compromise if driving to/from the track. On road it's woolly hat and glasses unless it rains. Gloves a must in the cold, waterproof for rain. Heated 12V jacket really helps the comfort. Decent molded ear phones (ACS) with and without helmet paired with a Bluetooth dongle. I have the hard passenger tonneau cover which seems to reduce swirl into the cabin and keeps any luggage drier. Shower cape a must when parked. Note I've done a few trips to Knockhill, back and forth over Glenshee plus 3 Euro trips this year. Double header at Spa, trip to Zandvoort & Zolder with LoT then DN22 two days at Nurburgring.
  4. Also confused by that that track map Al (maybe from another event?), can't be anything other than the normal full lap and pit entrance/exit surely? I'll also be there in afternoon slot with the 3-Eleven. There should be about a dozen Lotus from SE in the afternoon plus a few in the evening. mail.jfif
  5. Anyone know if it's possible to upgrade the C127 dash to the logging option with GPS?
  6. As mentioned I was about to advertise properly this week at around £45k but open to offers. More details here:
  7. Open that can of 'man up' and go for it Gav! You'd forever be wondering what if otherwise... I personally guarantee it will look awesome!
  8. Booked on this (not my first Frolic!). Should be ace, I love Dijon and look forward to first time at Magny Cours...
  9. I like your thinking, keep the history. Full cage and aero but a bit more sensible ride height and spring stiffness. Relatively comfortable and fun and on the road but still epic on track - a really usable 'drive to trackday' car. GTE matching red would be nice...
  10. That's what it needs Gav, I'm sure it'll be fantastic when done. What are the thoughts on rebuild? original spec or something racier with the full cage?
  11. Rats! I don't have a glovebox in the 2-11... Definitely the easier to adjust the more you'll 'play' and optimise.
  12. Nice Gav, that in the Evora? Active adjustment? Hopefully get a nosey at Zandvoort...
  13. Item 32 here? I'd imagine they are into captive/spire nuts but not listed in the diagram.
  14. Reminds me of a printout from a dealer servicing my daily driver Elise S2 111S in 2005. They questioned the unusual tyre wear and assumed the ECU printout must be an error. It listed a fastest 0-60mph of 4.7 (beating the lotus claimed 5.1) and had recorded 48 standing starts since the last service... ...I was also competing in sprints at the time. My Evora spends a sad amount of time on cruise control at 52mph these days.
  15. Yep, that's what I meant, a linear temperature gradient. Looks like you now have a reasonable camber setting that will generate the right temperature difference between the inside and the outside of the tyre. From here, a simple optimisation is to adjust the individual tyre pressures so that the temperature at the mid section is half way between the inside and the outside (giving you the linear gradient). If the middle is relatively too hot then reduce the pressure, if too cold then increase pressure.
  16. I noticed increased tramlining with tyre wear. I've just replaced the very worn 20" rear PZero Corsa (with the same) and the tramlining is almost completely gone. The tyres were worn much more on the inside so I can see how that combined with negative camber would cause tramlining.
  17. I'm not sure I fully understand your temperature profile table but you're aiming for an even temperature gradient across the profile. If the mid section is close to the outer that would suggest that individual tyre pressure was a little high?
  18. I've taken Eau Rouge flat in my 211, it's standard 260 bhp, road aero and on Avon ZZR. Takes some building up to though, needs lots of kerb and the car is very mobile through the left at the top. I found Blanchimont slightly easier in comparison but last time (understandably) they didn't like you putting wheels over the white line on the right at entry so I couldn't quite get it flat. I couldn't do either with a passenger so repect for your driver! I found the best way to build up to it was to short shift from La Source and get used to the feeling of driving through completely flat (albeit at a slightly slower entry speed). Then gradually increase the 'rev limit'... In an Exige V6? With the extra entry speed? No thanks!
  19. http://wiki.the Above link should help. 6mm
  20. alicrozier


  21. Does this give you 3rd party liability cover for a Public Day (the big problem for UK insured cars and a legal requirement)? Take advice from the European guys on here with caution, their insurance situation may be different. You will find your UK insurer excludes use on Nurburgring public days and then you have zero 3rd party liabilty cover (worst case imagine someone crashes and is badly hurt, Police deem it your fault and you end up with £20M bill). There are also cases where cars spotted on track have had their UK insurance cancelled. You may decide to take the risk but as long as you know the implications. If it was me I'd drive there in the Evora then rent from a reputable company. e.g. ...or do a closed track day. That said, enjoy the trip, it's an awesome place!
  22. Everyone needs a 2-11 and an Evora...

  23. I'm also going. Zandvoort before and the Alps after...
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