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  1. mdw

    Nest thermostat

    Where we have just moved to we have a 20 yo oil boiler, megaflow and programmer no thermostat. Thinking some sort of controls would be better. Any views from users of nest, hive or tado ( or others) now?
  2. This was Reg a Tibetan Spaniel terrier cross who we lost 2 months ago, he was a rescue and sadly only had him for 4 years but he was a cracking dog. We said we would have 6 months just with a Chihuahua called Jason (another rescue) before making a decision on another dog. However 6 weeks ago we moved to Norfolk from Kent and although we were not looking for another dog one of the young ladies we previously fostered asked us to take on Luna who is a 16 week old Spaniel. She is going to love the countryside around here. Full of beans as she should be, everything is a new discovery.
  3. Spotted a nice white S1 esprit a couple of eclats an m100 an elan plus 2 and a couple of lotus Cortina's along with quite a spread of other classics.
  4. Both of mine last year at 54.
  5. Finally completed and moved to a little village near Swaffham Norfolk. The whole process took 5 months and was a total mess considering it was just us buying a house. However can't wait to finish unpacking and getting on with the next stage of our lives. Will be a bit of a change getting used to a 10 minute drive to the nearest shop rather than walk over the road.
  6. I had 2 cataracts done a year ago at 54 yo. The difference was amazing. You wont regret it.
  7. When you cant find a rawl nut a rawl plug will do.............or not.
  8. Tough call but probably right.
  9. I bet that is unlimited for the drivers ownership. They will want to fleece the next few owners.
  10. Nice pic, but take it again without the wheely bins😁
  11. Years ago my 88 n/a esprit had also dropped a thrust washer. Lotus bits repaired it as part of the £4k rebuild. Engine was alright for the 5k miles I owned it but had to sort out a couple of tiny oil leaks myself.
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