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  1. We had it 2 years out in the open before the gazebo went up and even in the winter with ice about you could walk on it with confidence as its got a fairly textured surface. Apart from wash the odd bird droppings off it ive done no maintenance to it at all.
  2. I put this deck in 3 years ago. The gazebo went over it last year and makes it really usable late into the evening from about May until late September time. Infact last year we slept out in it a couple of nights. The main advantage of the composite I wanted was zero maintenance and perfectly safe and nonslip any time of the year. I think it was the B & Q composite. The gazebo curtains can be all mesh or all solid all round.
  3. Did these have a purge pump to vent fuel laden air from the filter box like on later cars. A dead pump ( an original one would be by now) would make a hot start problematic however once running it wouldnt have then just died?
  4. Oooooooooh look what popped up on a search. My old N/A. I knew it went to Ireland about 3 years ago. Shame hes stuck a spoiler on the back as I always liked the uncluttered lines. One for @Bibs as well as it was his 1st Esprit as well. Not bad, its put on £8k in 3 years.
  5. My old Excel se turned up in Holland with a dead engine 3-4 years after I sold it. I did offer to buy it back but the breaker over there wanted too much once you add up the cost of getting it back here and a new engine. Shame because prior to the dead engine it was a nice car. Always wonder about my old Spitfire from early 90s, still insured and I guess in use but not seen it anywhere.
  6. Spot on and if you sort it properly and promptly ( without just bending over) the customer can very often become one off your best advocates. I would happily reuse some one who I know will resolve problems if they occur. Not so sure I would be up for a gamble like this as its not just the OP with his experience but a number of others as well.
  7. mdw


    The magnetic ones if left in place will mark the paint with crap that gets under the edge etc. You could get a printed wrap to various panels. When we used to have the cars done with normal graphics they always showed a mark once removed where the rest of the paint had faded ( even on modern cars). Probably only need the back end done anyway for sitting in traffic. Good VFM advertising however does mean you have to drive "nicely".
  8. I fitted an ebay set and in the 4 years I had it on the road didnt have any problems.
  9. mdw


    We have had 3 dogs over 18 years from the same rescue home and each time they have been very questioning of us and others. I even watched them put someone off the didnt think suitable. Im please to say they have increased the charge each time and it now stands at £150 per dog which is the minimum I think it should be. So if it does end up at a proper rescue centre I would like to think it would be ok and prospective owners vetted.
  10. A 2nd vote would be the thing that would get me on to the streets. There is a large silent mass of people who regularly hand over our decisions to government via the democratic process. We accept they will F&^% it up some times ( quite a lot of times) but thats life and democracy and we get another vote every 5 years. When you ask us for a direct vote I expect its results to be carried out. There are a lot of middle aged middle class people who I know who have told me this ignoring of the democratic process is the one thing in their whole lives that will make them march. Its not actually the eu question its the disregard of the popular vote. They should have worded it differently ( asked for a 60/40 minimum split) if they wanted a different answer. Decision is made. What ever happens we make it work, we dont just collapse on the floor and say the end of the world has come.
  11. Correct viscosity oil in the damper? That is a pure guess as its 30 years since I had a spitfire and they were su carbs.
  12. mdw

    Items for sale

    Top of the page in the header section, classifieds page, parts section.
  13. Its a couple of hours west but could be added to the journey. Thiepval is the memorial to the soldiers who were never even found to be buried. Its humbling and brings home the sheer numbers just, over 72k of them. Sadly you not short of places to visit in that area. Watch your car. When we went there had been a lot of visitors cars broken into at some memorials as some of the sites are very often some way from the road and in isolated areas. That may have changed now as it was 8-9 years ago.
  14. mdw

    Utility Bills

    I switched to avro 18 months ago. Have to do a monthly meter read on the app ( takes a whole 30 seconds) . So far no problems. They sent a meter reader round 2 months ago just to make sure were were not telling porkies. Go for it.
  15. Yes the sump can come off with the engine in place. I had a £5k lotusbits rebuilt engine and from first start up that also was slow to build pressure so I guess they all do it. Its a bit worrying but in the end I just used to keep an eye on the pressure when hot at idle and 3.5k rpm and forget the rest otherwise I would have never started it. I also found it odd just how long it took for the oil to warm up ( from the cooler hose at the front). But without a thermostat it was running through the coolers from start up so cooling from the moment it started.
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