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  1. Once the fame has gone and with the aspergers it would not suprise me if she ends up with a whole bunch of mental health issues and none of todays hangers on to help her through it.
  2. I bet it costs a lot more that £10k to go from usable to concourse.
  3. Somebody will have a lot of explaining to do looking at that photo.
  4. I agree. I put mapped iginition with a lotusbits stage 1 engine and a full alunox manifold and exhaust and it heads well on the way to carb turbo performance not the same but not to far off. There is a thread on here some where with my print out from it being mapped. I imagine £10k would get you all the way to efi etc.
  5. Depends what standard you want. I put well over £10k in parts only plus a £5k engine into my old n/a and didnt touch the body. These cars really really dont like being dumped in a barn and left.
  6. Why does the Senna one have the black JPS at the bottom rather than yellow?
  7. Wonder if it will last as long as the 86-88 lozenge logos which reallly were quite nasty.
  8. From memory and I may be wrong one of the pipes on the lotusbits manifold wrapped around the chassis rail rather than the alunox where they all went inside. Mine also had a port already welded in for an o2 sensor incase efi was fitted later. At the bottom of the thread below is a pic of the alunox n/a system I had.
  9. Alunox did make 2 HC N/A systems. One for a customer and one as a spare which I bought for my 89 n/a. I know it was never meant to be a stock item but they may make another although I guess its not an HC engine.
  10. Plusgas should be better than wd40...................but your still going to shear a load, its a right of passage for lotus ownership.
  11. Eldest son graduated on Wednesday and Thursday gets confirmation of job he really wanted after a long interview process. Chuffed to bits for him.
  12. Its personal opinion but for me wacking a spoiler on it looks a bit wanabe se. Its very clean and unclutterd in its original form and better for it. The only thing I did was replace the no plate surround for a later one without the ribs. Mine even had the deep dish se wheels when I bought it but swapped them back to originals.
  13. Not mental but quite classy, the back end is a cracker. I like the e shape to the side scoop and sill area on the lh side from a straight on side view.
  14. If you do a bit of engine work, fit a good exhaust system and mapped igintion you can move it close to a turbo ( without the wooosh). You do get a nice induction roar as a bonus. My old one is up for sale in Ireland . I sold it a few years back ( without the wanabe spoiler). It had about £15k worth of parts on it right the way through in depth not a tart up. The engine alone was £5k from lotusbits Its gone up from 18k pounds to 28k euros. He may have had it painted which might account for the uplift in price. Its been up for 2-3 months.
  15. If you have the right keys for the radio it should pull out of the cage ( silver bit you can see around it ) then you can bend the tabs back and remove the cage ( you may not need to do this even). From memory no need to remove the lower face plate, could be wrong it was a few years ago did it last. You can get a pack of all the common radio keys from halfords from memory.
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