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  1. mdw

    Going to See Family Wargrave in France

    Its a couple of hours west but could be added to the journey. Thiepval is the memorial to the soldiers who were never even found to be buried. Its humbling and brings home the sheer numbers just, over 72k of them. Sadly you not short of places to visit in that area. Watch your car. When we went there had been a lot of visitors cars broken into at some memorials as some of the sites are very often some way from the road and in isolated areas. That may have changed now as it was 8-9 years ago.
  2. mdw

    Utility Bills

    I switched to avro 18 months ago. Have to do a monthly meter read on the app ( takes a whole 30 seconds) . So far no problems. They sent a meter reader round 2 months ago just to make sure were were not telling porkies. Go for it.
  3. mdw

    Oil Pressure Oddness

    Yes the sump can come off with the engine in place. I had a £5k lotusbits rebuilt engine and from first start up that also was slow to build pressure so I guess they all do it. Its a bit worrying but in the end I just used to keep an eye on the pressure when hot at idle and 3.5k rpm and forget the rest otherwise I would have never started it. I also found it odd just how long it took for the oil to warm up ( from the cooler hose at the front). But without a thermostat it was running through the coolers from start up so cooling from the moment it started.
  4. mdw

    team lotus lorry

    Yes just the tractor unit
  5. mdw

    team lotus lorry

    Just the front bit on the m20 at Leeds. Heading London bound.
  6. mdw

    Stunning S2.2 for sale by auction

    Nice pictures but I dont think I would show pics of the respray and then the state underside. How hard is it to put the air box pipe onto the airbox then sand and paint the metal switch panels on the dash!!
  7. mdw

    Dismantling the purge pump

    Do the timer relay add on if you can otherwise the pump will run and run and run until the coolant cools down enough. And eventually burn itself out like your original one has.
  8. mdw

    yellow m100

    Outside Brands Hatch Morgan this afternoon
  9. mdw

    New Driver Insurance

    My sons was £1200 but that was 10k miles a year driving to work. After 3 years he is down to 700. still not great but could be worse. I think he is with direct line now.
  10. mdw

    New Driver Insurance

    We used ingenie for our son. I recently removed it and it was just wired to live and earth. after 2 years he went to direct line to get off the black box. It was a ball ache when he was learning and I had to drive his car home after he drove to work each morning. You got a green yellow red black score each week on speed cornering breaking and acceleration. it was hard to stay in green . Got a few yellows the odd red and no black (thankfully). Passed his test with one minor and only had 4 instructor lessons but 6 months of me back and forth to work each day.
  11. mdw

    Dismantling the purge pump

    6 months ago I would have said maplin but that's not a lot of use to you now so ebay or amazon I guess.
  12. I have had skoda cars for the last 10 years with out problems. I bought a 100k mile superb and put another 100k on it. replaced it with a similar age and model passat but the estate version. That had 60k and now 185 k on it. It still runs fine but things like locks parking sensors etc are packing up. it will be replaced with a yeti or superb estate. Won't set the sky alight but it's white goods just needs to do its job reliably ffs lowest cost which they do.
  13. As long as its been repaired properly I wouldn't be too put off. Wasn't exactly high speed.
  14. mdw

    Air box query

    It goes to a purge pump ontop of the r/h fuel tank. If its original it will have burnt out long ago and wont work. Go for a drive till warmed up, turn off ignition and you should hear it run ( if working ) to clear the fuel rich air in the air box thereby making hot start easier. Do a search on here for how to fit a new motor in the housing and then fit a purge pump timer relay which will only run the pump for a set time rather than till the engine cools down. Search here and as they use the same engine in the se models.
  15. Is that the Sport 300 that got a full rebuild and went to Canada?