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  1. That is the risk of self employment isnt it. I have only ever been SE and have had week when I earnt 0 and some when I did more than alright. Doesnt suit everybody.
  2. No probs, I think I still have a few sets left. Can you pm me your address please.
  3. Very pretty, very similar to the Bitter CD. I think I prefer it by a tiny bit to the CD. Great colour as well.
  4. Sorry only just seen this, can you pm me your address please.
  5. Bump!!!! Only 3 set sent out sofar. Will give it another week then bin the rest unless sparky wants them.
  6. Deleted my thoughts on reflection!!
  7. No probs have sent you a pm for your address. 7 sets left!!
  8. mdw


    Having just had the first dose at Maidstone Hospital it was very well organised and a credit to all those running and taking part in it. Something we should be proud of. We bitch and moan alot in this country but we are able when we need to to get our s**t together. The person who got on the ball with ordering the jabs early deserves credit as well.
  9. mdw


    Our first dog was a whippet so sort of a bit greyhoundy😀. Its walk consisted of one sprint across the park ( faster than the speed of light ) then us being pulled home so he could have a rest.
  10. Having a clear out and I have a bag of 10 of the washers ( ally ) and 10 of the rubber washers that seal the wiper spindle to the body shell. They are M20 and I used a set on my old 88 esprit. Not sure what other esprits or maybe excels they fit but probabaly most. I am happy to send out a pair free to anyone in the Uk who wants them or the whole lot to maybe somone like @Sparky who can use them. In the parts list for 88-92 cars its Page 17.21a and parts no 19 and 20.
  11. Just had ours done at Maidstone. A very efficient process. They really seem to have it well planned and organised even booking in the 2nd jab as part of the process.
  12. We are both booked in for tomorrow😀
  13. Bit like life in general. Im sure similar sentiments ( entitled, selfish, muppets) go through Regs mind every time a motorbike or sports car with loud exhausts goes past us on a walk. And you would both be right. Thats life in general, too many rights not enough responsibilities. He was a rescue from a less salubrious part of town.
  14. Err not so sure about that. my son's girlfriend is a junior doctor at the hospital in Norwich and is far from having a fun time with covid. Her comment to him yesterday was that was she was getting sick and tired of signing death certs!! First time round was all oaps , she now has people 20s and up with it to care for.
  15. This is a Hormann insulated sectional door ( will message you details as for sale soon) and if i were putting another up would use again.
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