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  1. Cant quite compete with the pic above but from todays local paper web site. "A woman driving an Audi tried to park in the space next to it. But she misjudged the width, and the car began running up the side of the low-slung McLaren."
  2. Over the last 7 years we have fostered 4 refugees. 3 told the imigration officers at their substantive interview the same story almost word for word ( I had to sit in and listen as the adult). 2 were under 16 just 2 were very much over 16 and confirmed it to us once their time in foster care was over. One I have "supported" through ( since he left us) 2x no insurance on scooters, one assault on a friend, one criminal damage, one assault of an out of uniform police officer, with the latest 3rd no insurance and assault I cut him free to deal with by himself. They all have very dif
  3. It's the only downside of having them in your life. We lasted 3 weeks after Jasper died before we went to the rescue centre and found Reg. Had to wait a week as the dog warden had just picked him up and to wait for his old owners to say they didn't want him. Always had rescues, never had a problem.
  4. I use forte in my Mr2 Mk3 as it had been used at all previous services since 20k miles by PO. The 1zz engine in the mk3 is well known for blocked oil holes in the pistons leading to damage. At 90k it shows no sign of using oil. However the other Mk3 we had also didnt use oil at 70k and had probabaly never had forte used in it. So it could just be a load of tosh or not. Not a lot of help am I !!!! Oh and it DIDNT start pissing oil out of every gasket like some people say it will. I supose if you have a stuffed engine and nothing to lose its worth a punt.
  5. The track is still there in Mote park Maidstone. I used to have a control line airplane as a kid, similar type of thing ( but in the air of course) noisy but fun.
  6. Christ thats even worse than our students let one of ours in.
  7. Ignition amplifier ( AB14) failure or break in the wiring inside the distributor. Had the same on my Excel se and my esprrit n/a ( same engine) before I fitted mapped ignition.
  8. I remember your light blue GT3.
  9. I remember turning up at the the gates of Hethel ( on our honeymoon 25 years ago) to ask if they had a museum and was told no. Bit late to the party but good they are doing something now.
  10. The ones I feel really sorry for are the people we invited over here with the windrush who lived here for a life time now told to go back. Whilst those who broke in uninvited get a right to stay. The way we have treated those people is shameful.
  11. I no longer care, I am sick and tired of them rattling on about it every 5 minutes.
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