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  1. Oh dear. That's a shame. Looking at it could it be a photo shop. Cant imagine the fronts turn in the arch at that size.
  2. mdw

    Wife’s twigged.

    Its an earner but there is also a shed load of hoops we have to jump through over and above normal rentals. Higher risk of damage and repairs, we have to pay the council tax for the vacant period each summer, HMO rules it goes on and on. We do high end all inclusive bills etc. Some of the low end stuff should be condemned as its truly grotty.
  3. mdw

    anyone know about a V8 S60TUS?

    You don't keep that in the glove box by accident. That's a reminder!!!!! I bet thats had a total engine rebuild since new. I used to have a triumph stag piston with the head of a valve embedded on edge in the top as a reminder like that.
  4. mdw

    restoration options?

    I ran it to the rolling road on the dizzy then switched it to the nodiz for mapping. is the link to the original thread. Its just refreshed my memory that the original airbox was restricting it a little.
  5. mdw

    restoration options?

    The basic kit from lotusbits is £2400 plus vat I think. When I did it the mapped ignition was about £800 for all the kit. I bought it all separately using a nodiz to control it and the sensor bracket / toothed pully wheel from Lotus bits. It wasn't too bad to install but needed time to do carefully and install air and coolant sensors in suitable positions. I left the dizzy insitu for 3-4 months so in 2 mins you could switch back to old ignition. However never had any problems with it and you can buy a blank plug and remove the dizzy altogether. I suppose it depends how much you have done already and how attached you are to it. If your going through it properly don't underestimate all the little bits costs. Im pretty sure there was £500-£600 in stainless, clips ,bolts, brakets nuts etc by the time I had finished it just goes on and on.
  6. mdw

    restoration options?

    Hi Chris When I had mine im sure I was told mapped ignition plus better exhaust gave you 80% of the upgrade, the final efi bit was more mpg than anything else. I posted my n/a mapping results on here somewhere and it moved it up from n/a to near carb turbo figures. It was a much easier hot or cold start, still drank fuel and had quite a bit more oomph. I was happy with the mapped and couldn't justify the extra agro and cost of fitting efi. Quite honestly if you have not started yet I would work out the total costs for doing it or selling and buying one already done or GT3, S4 etc. I sold my n/a 18 months ago for £17k ( I think) and inc buying it (£4k) I had spent £21k over all. I did every thing bar the engine build (£5k). If you like doing the work its a long slog but fun, if someone else is being paid to do it I imagine it could stop being enjoyable quite quickly. Im pretty sure I remember it from one of cambelt fest days 4-5 years ago.
  7. The other way of looking at is A = low crime risk , cars nobody wants to nick. E = Lots of car crime , desirable cars they want to nick. Sadly nobody wants to nick my scabby old Passat with 180k on it. I'm trying to kill it so I can justify another car but it wont die and until it drops a clutch or turbo size bill on me it can stay on the road.
  8. mdw

    Fun replicas

    The Fisher Fury was made originally in Marden Kent but then merged and morphed into other names and makes. Seem to remember years ago (15-20 ish) I tuned the owners Mark Fishers piano at his home.
  9. mdw

    Esprit Active Suspension Car

    I would have thought that Gaydon is probably the best and only place for this. A bit of history but of limited appeal to most I would have thought.
  10. mdw

    Sailing...anyone into it?

    What is the reason for the notch in the front of the pointy end? Sorry don't know the technical term.
  11. mdw

    Random Pictures & Videos

    My son said they put one on top of a tall building at his uni uea and kept getting reports of a student looking like they were going to throw themselves off.
  12. mdw

    The Royal Wedding

    Sure wont do our tourist industry any harm with visitors from across the pond. From the coverage they seem too lap it up and whilst we may be a bit crap at other stuff but we seem to be world leaders at that sort of pageantry.
  13. mdw

    Looking for a post 1993 esprit

    I would check all the mots on the gov website back as far as you can to verify mileage. Not sure what the extra switches are on the yellow S4 that have been cut through the dash leather, one looks like an immobilizer. That's an expensive job to correct if it bothers you. Agree with binning the extra decals on the blue V8, sheer class without, bit pants with. The silver one is nice but almost too much silver IMO.
  14. A pic of the back side of the lock where the wires go in would help. If its just a couple of screws holding it to the steering lock unit. I would remove the wiring section and see what you have got. If it looks like that spitfire one put a flat blade screwdriver the right size in it and turn it like you would the key. If that's a crimp mark I have circled in red knock it back and any others and withdraw the bit the cables are attached to. Screwdriver in and you should be ready to go.