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  1. mdw

    Dismantling the purge pump

    6 months ago I would have said maplin but that's not a lot of use to you now so ebay or amazon I guess.
  2. I have had skoda cars for the last 10 years with out problems. I bought a 100k mile superb and put another 100k on it. replaced it with a similar age and model passat but the estate version. That had 60k and now 185 k on it. It still runs fine but things like locks parking sensors etc are packing up. it will be replaced with a yeti or superb estate. Won't set the sky alight but it's white goods just needs to do its job reliably ffs lowest cost which they do.
  3. As long as its been repaired properly I wouldn't be too put off. Wasn't exactly high speed.
  4. mdw

    Air box query

    It goes to a purge pump ontop of the r/h fuel tank. If its original it will have burnt out long ago and wont work. Go for a drive till warmed up, turn off ignition and you should hear it run ( if working ) to clear the fuel rich air in the air box thereby making hot start easier. Do a search on here for how to fit a new motor in the housing and then fit a purge pump timer relay which will only run the pump for a set time rather than till the engine cools down. Search here and as they use the same engine in the se models.
  5. Is that the Sport 300 that got a full rebuild and went to Canada?
  6. mdw

    The birth of LotusRescue

    Does it come with the bit to glue back on?
  7. West malling high St just now. Visiting bibs? although wrong side of the a20 for that.
  8. mdw

    The birth of LotusRescue

    That red excel .
  9. mdw

    What made you UNHAPPY today!

    That's why we have chucked most of my money into properties . Plus once we are gone my kids will get what ever the government doesn't grab. Needs a bit more effort but in the long run it wins. Being fair to the pension it depends how long your paying at that price and how long you plan on living.
  10. Looking good.
  11. Oh dear. That's a shame. Looking at it could it be a photo shop. Cant imagine the fronts turn in the arch at that size.
  12. mdw

    Wife’s twigged.

    Its an earner but there is also a shed load of hoops we have to jump through over and above normal rentals. Higher risk of damage and repairs, we have to pay the council tax for the vacant period each summer, HMO rules it goes on and on. We do high end all inclusive bills etc. Some of the low end stuff should be condemned as its truly grotty.
  13. mdw

    anyone know about a V8 S60TUS?

    You don't keep that in the glove box by accident. That's a reminder!!!!! I bet thats had a total engine rebuild since new. I used to have a triumph stag piston with the head of a valve embedded on edge in the top as a reminder like that.
  14. mdw

    restoration options?

    I ran it to the rolling road on the dizzy then switched it to the nodiz for mapping. is the link to the original thread. Its just refreshed my memory that the original airbox was restricting it a little.
  15. mdw

    restoration options?

    The basic kit from lotusbits is £2400 plus vat I think. When I did it the mapped ignition was about £800 for all the kit. I bought it all separately using a nodiz to control it and the sensor bracket / toothed pully wheel from Lotus bits. It wasn't too bad to install but needed time to do carefully and install air and coolant sensors in suitable positions. I left the dizzy insitu for 3-4 months so in 2 mins you could switch back to old ignition. However never had any problems with it and you can buy a blank plug and remove the dizzy altogether. I suppose it depends how much you have done already and how attached you are to it. If your going through it properly don't underestimate all the little bits costs. Im pretty sure there was £500-£600 in stainless, clips ,bolts, brakets nuts etc by the time I had finished it just goes on and on.