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  1. Ignition amplifier ( AB14) failure or break in the wiring inside the distributor. Had the same on my Excel se and my esprrit n/a ( same engine) before I fitted mapped ignition.
  2. I remember your light blue GT3.
  3. I remember turning up at the the gates of Hethel ( on our honeymoon 25 years ago) to ask if they had a museum and was told no. Bit late to the party but good they are doing something now.
  4. The ones I feel really sorry for are the people we invited over here with the windrush who lived here for a life time now told to go back. Whilst those who broke in uninvited get a right to stay. The way we have treated those people is shameful.
  5. I no longer care, I am sick and tired of them rattling on about it every 5 minutes.
  6. Its a messed up system nobody wants to deal with. Being in Kent we see it a bit more in the local news than the rest of the Uk and this has been going on with the boats for 2 years. The cost is huge for the tax payer ( although nothing compared to covid). If they stand any chance of looking under 16 they all go for it as its regarded as the premium deal, they get foster care ( costs the state £1k a week with an independent fosteriing agency) and school. If over 16 its shared house in comunity and collage. Ive seen the over 16 route and im not suprised they want the foster car
  7. My son spotted a red esprit thought it might be an S3 on the M2 heading coast bound.
  8. Spot on and thats why most of the time I do it myself. I have the time and inclination to do the job right. The infomation is out there as are most of the tools. I quite enjoy getting stuck into a new type of job and learnng a new skill. Most of it is like doing a rebuild on an old car, break it into smaller jobs and work your way through.
  9. Bit of a theme going here. Did mine back in 05. Once you have the scaffolding up and hire a a bumpa to lift the tiles up top it pretty basic, not too complicated. Loads of info on the net aboout how to do it. With a good scaffold around you it almost feels like you are on the ground.
  10. On my old excel I thought they looked crap so replaced them with the proper ones, rare or not.
  11. I guess the govenment was scared they would lay off staff if they didnt let them.
  12. You wouldnt want to turn it upside down would you. Looks like enough metal to hold the screen and not much else.
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