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    The Uk is the "only option" for none of them. We had to do training on refugees and were told the UN rules are the place you stop is the first point of safety and back then if you were an Afghan in the taliban held country side then Kabul was regarded as safe ( bit different now). I would sugest its our inability to police our boarders thats at fault not their desire to leave the dumps they come from. How crap are we as an island that we chose not to deal with this. Set a number, deal with it in France and anyone alse straight back no questions.
  2. He has been working there a long time, ask any esprit owner who has had to remove the front bumper, under tray etc.
  3. Happy birthday and many congrats to you both.
  4. If you have a branch of serk marsdon near they did mine years ago. I thnk they mainly do truck rads from memory but did a 3 row core on my old esprit and excel. Think they are also known as Serk Intertruck
  5. They did this in King street Maidstone a year ago, ripped it out a couple of months back , total cost £70k down the toilet. Nobody ever used it. Wasting public money like that on an ego trip should be a sackable offence. Nobody thought repeated speed humps on a cycle lane might mean cyclists use the road like normal.
  6. I love the way with planners it's we are not going to tell you the rules, you have to pay then we will tell you you got it wrong. Then you can pay for another guess. Then you see the mess they have made of my town for years. I actually hope it is corruption and brown envelopes as otherwise it's shocking incompetence.
  7. Wouldn't it just canibalize sales of the new car. I agree however it would be a great idea.
  8. Building control guy came out this morning and was happy to give a footing size. Even he was confused as to why the office said no. One step forward!!
  9. Architect and local council BCO said get the engineer in nobody wants to be responsible!!!. I wouldnt mind but its one row of blocks high to keep the studwork off the floor and only about 6 -7 foot of studding / window above over a 2 meter span. The slab is 200mm concrete with 2 layers of mesh in it and has been fine with estate cars and suvs cars driving back and forth over it.
  10. We are converting our 7 x 7 meter garage to an annexe. This involves replacing the double door with a footing, one row of blocks then a meter of studding and windows above that. The existing lintel above the window stays with the 4 rows of brick above. I have just been told I have to pay £295 plus vat for a structual engineer to come out to design the footing 2 meters wide to hold one row of blocks. The world has gone mad. The engineer is going to cost more than the footing and blocks.
  11. Not a good likeness doesnt look sullen enough.
  12. I have said it before. There are inconsiderate assholes in all walks of life. Dog owners are no different to anyone else.
  13. That is the risk of self employment isnt it. I have only ever been SE and have had week when I earnt 0 and some when I did more than alright. Doesnt suit everybody.
  14. No probs, I think I still have a few sets left. Can you pm me your address please.
  15. Very pretty, very similar to the Bitter CD. I think I prefer it by a tiny bit to the CD. Great colour as well.
  16. Sorry only just seen this, can you pm me your address please.
  17. Bump!!!! Only 3 set sent out sofar. Will give it another week then bin the rest unless sparky wants them.
  18. Deleted my thoughts on reflection!!
  19. No probs have sent you a pm for your address. 7 sets left!!
  20. mdw


    Having just had the first dose at Maidstone Hospital it was very well organised and a credit to all those running and taking part in it. Something we should be proud of. We bitch and moan alot in this country but we are able when we need to to get our s**t together. The person who got on the ball with ordering the jabs early deserves credit as well.
  21. Having a clear out and I have a bag of 10 of the washers ( ally ) and 10 of the rubber washers that seal the wiper spindle to the body shell. They are M20 and I used a set on my old 88 esprit. Not sure what other esprits or maybe excels they fit but probabaly most. I am happy to send out a pair free to anyone in the Uk who wants them or the whole lot to maybe somone like @Sparky who can use them. In the parts list for 88-92 cars its Page 17.21a and parts no 19 and 20.
  22. Just had ours done at Maidstone. A very efficient process. They really seem to have it well planned and organised even booking in the 2nd jab as part of the process.
  23. We are both booked in for tomorrow😀
  24. Bit like life in general. Im sure similar sentiments ( entitled, selfish, muppets) go through Regs mind every time a motorbike or sports car with loud exhausts goes past us on a walk. And you would both be right. Thats life in general, too many rights not enough responsibilities. He was a rescue from a less salubrious part of town.
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