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  1. We are both booked in for tomorrow😀
  2. Bit like life in general. Im sure similar sentiments ( entitled, selfish, muppets) go through Regs mind every time a motorbike or sports car with loud exhausts goes past us on a walk. And you would both be right. Thats life in general, too many rights not enough responsibilities. He was a rescue from a less salubrious part of town.
  3. Err not so sure about that. my son's girlfriend is a junior doctor at the hospital in Norwich and is far from having a fun time with covid. Her comment to him yesterday was that was she was getting sick and tired of signing death certs!! First time round was all oaps , she now has people 20s and up with it to care for.
  4. This is a Hormann insulated sectional door ( will message you details as for sale soon) and if i were putting another up would use again.
  5. Should be fun, no rust just spannering to do. Plus as long as its all there you dont have the misery of taking the rusty bits apart.
  6. mdw

    The Donald.

    Bit strong but each to their own etc. I think the bigger problem is Trump must have some sort of mental health issues to behave in the way he does yet a lot of people voted for him and seem to think the way he performs is acceptable. Thats really scary.
  7. I live other side of the garden and its no better here so I have to agree with you Ian.
  8. That might concern me. What are the numbers you can sell in a year before you are a trader? Or is it buy and sell with view to make a profit. I think its buyers remorse. He fell in love with an idea, got it , drove it down the road and realised it was not like a new car in a pretty dress and pounced on the clutch issue. Probably shit himself at how vulnerable you feel next to a lorry. As has been said most of us would have looked at this with glee as an early chance to get the boiler suit on and get oily hands. I always use the AA letter for any cars I have sold.
  9. mdw


    😟 I'm sure we will all try not to take that too personally
  10. mdw


    Fear not Im sure they will find something😄
  11. Thats a close 2nd to and esprit for me.
  12. Thats going to take some getting used to. How many times do you grab a hand full of air. Guess the airbag wont perform as required either.
  13. A new car to add to my list of dodgy purchases. I have just bought this ugly little f****r. 9 years old, 22k on it 12mth mot for £3k. Just need to transport me and a couple of tool cases about at low cost and after 24k miles in a Peugeot 107 since Feb this feels like rocket ship luxury😄. Handles quite nicely apart from the bus size steering wheel. Has a querky folding roof for the summer which should be and easy repair if it goes wrong rather than writing the car off. Rear visibility is pretty much the same as my old Stevens n/a so a set of parking sensors will be first addition followed by a remap and a trip to Lepsons for the rims to be done in gunmetal or silver. It would have been a grim purchase new but having dropped by 12k in price it will do the job for now ( I think I have convinced myself!!!). Have a feeling that parts will be a lot cheaper than the esprit but just as hard to get hold of although it shares engine and some kit with the Twingo.
  14. I agree, the only positive is it kept a lot of people in work building them.
  15. 2 weeks ago someone my wife knew who was dying of cancer caught it in the hospice in the week before she died so I guess will also be on the list.
  16. I think for the biit I had replaced behind the pupil its done for ever.
  17. mdw

    The Donald.

    Ooooooooh yes and it had to be made of wool by your mum with no stretch and 1" less than the circumferance of your own head.
  18. Yesterday I had the lens in my right eye replaced due to a cateract, l/h eye to be done in 2 weeks. For the first time in 45 years I have spent the day so far without glasses on full time. I will need reading glasses once they are both done. Slightly wierd process espcially the removal of the old lens but no discomfort today and amazed how much brighter and more vivid everything is.
  19. Cant quite compete with the pic above but from todays local paper web site. "A woman driving an Audi tried to park in the space next to it. But she misjudged the width, and the car began running up the side of the low-slung McLaren."
  20. mdw


    Over the last 7 years we have fostered 4 refugees. 3 told the imigration officers at their substantive interview the same story almost word for word ( I had to sit in and listen as the adult). 2 were under 16 just 2 were very much over 16 and confirmed it to us once their time in foster care was over. One I have "supported" through ( since he left us) 2x no insurance on scooters, one assault on a friend, one criminal damage, one assault of an out of uniform police officer, with the latest 3rd no insurance and assault I cut him free to deal with by himself. They all have very different views on life over here and seem to think like home our rules should be flexable or " they dont matter". One I attended a hospital appointment with as he had hep c where he was told if he infects a partner it could be considered assault. His view was" its not a problem every one at home has it". Im very grateful I dont have daughters!!! After being told "give me my money it my right" or words to that effect by 3 of the 4 we no longer foster refugees, I simply couldnt put up with it any more. English kids are much much more damaged but the feeling of acheivement looking after them is worth every bit of stress. Most of the "refugees" have had happy normal childhoods , their problems started on the journey over and yes it is a horrible journey. Im sure there are some genuine ones but from the 8-9 I have met I think most are economic refugees or dont want to do national service at home. They all have a false view of life in the uk provided by the trafficers who advertise there services like a package holiday in their home countrys. We have a 2nd rate asylum system which needs a total overhaul. Its creating the problem not solving it.
  21. It's the only downside of having them in your life. We lasted 3 weeks after Jasper died before we went to the rescue centre and found Reg. Had to wait a week as the dog warden had just picked him up and to wait for his old owners to say they didn't want him. Always had rescues, never had a problem.
  22. I use forte in my Mr2 Mk3 as it had been used at all previous services since 20k miles by PO. The 1zz engine in the mk3 is well known for blocked oil holes in the pistons leading to damage. At 90k it shows no sign of using oil. However the other Mk3 we had also didnt use oil at 70k and had probabaly never had forte used in it. So it could just be a load of tosh or not. Not a lot of help am I !!!! Oh and it DIDNT start pissing oil out of every gasket like some people say it will. I supose if you have a stuffed engine and nothing to lose its worth a punt.
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