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  1. You are correct its still just a Skoda but as some one who runs a Superb and a Fabia ( as well as a Lotus) the problem is apart from the badges, everything I look at on the car is covered in VW and Audi stamps!! If you can cope with the SHAME of running a Skoda and are looking at a 2nd hand A6 you really could do a lot worse than look at a Superb ( just dont buy it new ).
  2. mdw

    House Moving

    I agree with you re the amount of stuff we hoard. Seems to me the more space we have the more we store. If youve got stuff which you dont want to ebay but feel bad about skipping try freecycling . You will need a Yahoo account but other than that its free.
  3. I do wonder if this had anything to do with the amount of greif ( rightly so) that Sudan is getting re Darfur and they over egged the pudding on the teddy front for a bit of payback. Religion seems to be used to absolve people from the reponsibility for their own actions and behavior towards others. Take the god figure head out of the equation and a lot of the things done in its name seem quite strange.
  4. Whilst we are living dangerously. Heres a little story that happened to my brother. He works for a UK defence company and one lunch time he and a number of guys at work were discussing Iraq and the numbers of civilian victims of the war. At which point someone suggested to reduce casualties they should drop pork scratchings rather than bombs. A Muslim co worker was sitting on a nearby table listening in and she ran screaming to the HR dept at which point all the guys got hauled in and were given a bollocking!!! For those of a sensitive nature im not belittling the civilian casualties of war which are terrible ( as in fact are the non civilian).
  5. mdw


    Tipping seems to be a way for employers to get away with paying poor wages. If I pay for a meal I expect it to be served properly as part of the price. I dont see why tips are required just to get people do their jobs properly. In fact its insulting to the member of staff as you are saying that they have to be bribbed to perform their jobs well. I charge the correct rate for my work and provide a good quality service. Self employment helps to concentrate the mind!
  6. They know if you have a tv as when you buy one they ask for your name and address. Never had to supply name and address for a washing machine or other white goods so I guess thats the reason.
  7. mdw

    Excel Spotted

    They are cracking car, much underrated. When you consider youve got a very simlar chassis (back to front), engine etc to the early esprits they are amazingly cheap. Not sure if its true but I was told they only got the big spoiler and the big rear mud guards to slow it down as otherwise it was as quick or quicker than the non turbo esprits ( willing to be corrected if im wrong!!!) Just a shame they ran out of money when it came to designing the back half of it!!
  8. Im not sugesting the new esprit should have 4 cylinders but it needs that bit of individual magic to make it stand out from the crowd. If every one else is going down the bigger and bigger route where does it stop. What is it that made someone buy a Lotus rather than a Porsche or Ferrari. I suppose there is a different answer to that depending on if you are buying new or 2nd hand. Is the buyer from new a different type of person to the 2nd or 3rd buyer a few years down the line. At the end of the day it has to be targeted at the 1st owner who if he/she can afford it new has different priorities and values to the later owners.
  9. If you are going Size wins all the time then I guess youve chucked away most of your Lotus DNA if you follow that route. I always thought the great skill of Lotus was to do with 4 cylinders and great chassis what others needed 6 or 8 cylinders etc to do. Plus Lotus has that unique something special, and the new car will need it as well. It will need that magic bit that has obviously infected the people on this forum and other Lotus owners. The bit that makes you look at your Lotus as you hold the latest bit to fall off and think God I love that car and Im quite happy to spend more time and money than I should to keep it on the road. And I say this as just a mere Excel owner.
  10. Just bought a Garmin 310D. No probs so far. As previously mentioned nice and compact. If I am being fussy could do with a bit more volume but perhaps thats my hearing rather than the Garmin. Pics up satelites nice and quickly as well. UK maps are on the unit and europe on a disc. You get a 512 mg sd card which you can loadmost of the middle of europ on to. If you need the lot from almost Russa to Portugal you will need a 2 gig card.
  11. Got to aggree with Kimbers re the working for free. My wife is a nurse and they were all sent a letter a few months ago. It stated that to balance the books they either needed to sack people or would all the staff like to work a day for free!!! And the bit that got me was they didnt even seem to be deeply embarissed or humiliated by having to ask this of their staff.
  12. You may even be able to have the whole lot including the green and yellow on vynal then wrapped on to the car. You see a lot of SKY tv transits wrapped with all sorts of designs/ photos. Not sure if its posable but may be worth looking in to. Barming signs have just put vynals sign writing on one of my work cars and they have just brought a machine that prints your design on to the sheet of vynal which is then wrapped arround the object so no small bits to peal off, just one dirty great sheet. They are round the back of the prison, first road on the right off Boxley Rd.
  13. Well im not sure who else there is to have a go as the Conservatives already proved they cant do it either.
  14. Spot on, that is exactly my view. I was reversed into by one mother in a Range Rover on the school run and she had to be told she had done it by a 3rd party as she didnt belive me. Bonnet and head lamp damaged ( just a mondeo so nothing to cry about). What you say re size wins is true, theres no contest. We do seem to be living in a as long as im alright I dont care about you society. Didnt some one say the best way to ensure road safety was to have a great big spike coming out of the centre or every steering wheel and then see how every one drives. I guess thats one of the good things about a Lotus , you are not as insulated from the road or whats going on around you.
  15. Looooooooooooong walks before bed time, guess I could try that with my kids!!
  16. If you are willing to go out to places like Staplehurst and Marden which are 20ish mins from maidstone there are qiute a few industrial estates of all sizes that might be worth looking at plus plenty of farms with outbuildings etc.
  17. You are correct to a degree in that statement. I come to this from having an 86 Excel SE for 7-8 years which is relatively simple and straight forward. So im not looking for something so complicated that it will have to spend months at a specialist and cost a fortune just to keep running properly. I prefer the Stevens shape but cant justify going as far along as the S4 etc which is why I chose the 2 models I did. I also wish to keep the excel so have got to limit my buget a little.
  18. Im thinking of buying a esprit turbo or esprit se (if I can find the right one). Is the major difference that the se is injected with a charge cooler, whilst the turbo has a carb. Any other differences I should know. Also any pointers I should look out for. Many thanks Malcolm
  19. It doesnt help that Club Lotus keep selling him the back page of the magazine. I guess thats where most of the fresh victims come from. He has no better reputation on the Excels sites.
  20. My point re the nutter with a gun rather than a steak knife is that it ( the gun) allows the nutter to kill lots of people quickly rather than a few. Faced with someone on the rampage with a gun I guess most of us would run for the hills. If he has a knife the odds are a little better. You hear of few multiple stabbings resulting in multiple deaths. However due to the shear quantity of guns In the US I guess if I lived there I too would want one. Just hope it never gets that far over here.
  21. Im sure i read somewhere that there are far more gun deaths where its husband/wife or child/child or neighbours than good guy bad guy. I guess you only have to compare the US and UK to see its not a great idea to have guns about. If you are a nutter it far easier to kill lots of people with a gun in a short time than your bare hands or a steak knife. The argument that if we all had guns some one could shoot the bad guy doesnt stand up. How many times does that happen the regular US multiple shootings we hear about. It always seems to be the police who kill them in the end or they run out of bullits and top themselves Its never a gun totting member of the public and the US is full of gun owners.
  22. I think the "special way" is by law you have to be CORGI registered to touch the gas supply. I think you have to have and keep a corgi certificate for work done to the supply ( like fitting a hob) which you will need when selling the house.
  23. Got to aggree. About 2 years ago I was at Headcorn airfield early one morning with my son when one of these was warming up and then took of. Quite incredible sound, smell and feeling. Unforgetable.
  24. One of the problems now is if we like it or not roads are really for cars lorrys and motorbikes, not horses, push bikes or people. I know the rules say otherwise and its wrong but shear quantity, speed and accelleration mean its just not safe to mix it. Perhaps cars make too little noise. Heaven help us when they are all electric!!
  25. The jury is out on that one until the cash for honours police enquiry finishes.
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