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  1. I have recently become one of the PM's constituents.   With her antics she has pretty much stopped about 30 to £35,000 worth of work going to  local tradesmans  pockets over the next two years.    Won't really stop our plans just delay them as I will have to do most of the work myself.   

  2. 3 hours ago, Barrykearley said:

    Eldest came to see me yesterday after being away with mum for 2 weeks.

    unless I withdraw the court case against her mum she will never speak to me again. I’m afraid I simply have to safeguard the two kids whom live with me and I will not cower to such demands. She is an adult and entitled to make her decisions as am I and I simply refuse to be controlled by anyone again.

    I will let the judge decide on Monday.

    Tough call but probably right. 

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  3. 2 hours ago, Colin P said:


    There seems to be an "unlimited" access charge, which presumably means that the features are unlocked for the life of the car. This being the case, is a fee of, say £500 to unlock the heated seats for life any different than the cost of an "option" @ £500 to install heated seats?


    I bet that is unlimited for the drivers ownership. They will want to fleece the next few owners.

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