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  1. Let start from the point that I  would be crapping myself with worry as well.   BUT    you have to feel some pride that he has put together and organised all that and has the determiantion  to go through with it.     I know of  a number of neurotypical 24 ish year olds who can hardly do  thier own shoe laces  as they are too lazy or thick.    

    Prepare him,   make sure he knows how to get hold of you and your details are in his passport.   Make sure YOUR passport is valid and ready to go.     And let him go,    he is going anyway with or with or without your blessing by the looks of it.

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  2. How about a dummy run to somewhere in Europe,    might find out he can do it or  he might decide he needs a little help.        My son has an aspergers diagnosis  so to a much  lesser degree I get it.     At 18 he meet a German girl online and was flying there  every other week until covid struck.   He now rides to nothern germany  every 3 weeks on a motorbike for the weekend  to avoid being on a germ filled plane!!!.     If nothing else it incentivises them,   they need to work to earn to meet up etc.   

    Its very hard to let them go isnt it.   He is probably more capable than you think after all you have seen  and dealt with every mistake he has made over the last 24 years and I imagine a lot  are seared  into your memory.   This might make him and if not now at 24 when?     Its not easy but at least you can track him via his phone etc and you are a call away not like 40 years ago.     Good luck.



  3. The young lady In my previous post came to us  as her mother left her ( age 14) to look after all her siblings and 3 of her friends kids (2 under 18 months)  whilst the mother and friend went out on the lash for 48 hours.  The drunk driver the mother was  with crashed the car and she was seriously injured.  The family were on ss books and this was the final nail.    Makes you wonder how many never get caught as no fire or accident happens.


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  4. I will post on here what I put on Piston Heads yesterday.

    We have fostered for 8 years. Sitting in my front room as I type is a 19 year old who came to us at 14 when she and 7 siblings were finally after 12 years of social services intervention put into care. This year her mother had another baby and social services had to play a game for 6 months letting this woman pretend she wanted to be a mother until she finally gave up and the baby will go for adoption. Even her 19 yo daughter said her mother doesnt want the baby she just doesnt want to lose. BUT she has her rights so we all P*** about pretending she can have her "rights" attended to at OUR cost rather than someone being an adult and saying enough is enough. Mean time the poor baby has had a mucked up first 6 months not bonding properly as not sure who the mother figure is.

    I have seen this over and over again and its really depressing. We have now had 3 seperate children from  6 plus children  familys we have looked after who have had ss intervension for more than 80 % of their lives before decisive action is taken. The family courts have a LOT to answer for.



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  5. They are certainly much better insulated.     The rads in my sons newbuild are single panel and tiny  and thats for a decent sized double bedroom ( by new house standards) yet keep the room warm.     We converted our double garage into an annexe this year, it has 100mm insulation above, 75mm below floor and 75 stuck to the inner walls.  I am pretty sure just body warmth alone will keep it at a resonable temperature with a little backgrounnd heat from  fridge freezer, oven  etc.    Only big problem was the heat in the summer through the large windows meant it needed AC until I put mirror film over the glass. 

  6. My son recently bought a house from Persimmon  and paid to have a snagging report.   It came back with 170 faults most of which were minor.  These were things like poor silicone around shower,   mark to dishwasher door etc.    The worst one was the oven fitted 25mm lower than the nextdoor cupboards as the half wit who fitted the hob left he gas pipe in the wrong place.    So rather than refit the hob they dropped the oven and cut the plinth.    The main bits seem to be built ok.    Their big problem seems to be its all built by subcontractors so nobody really cares as they  probabaly wont be on the next job anyway.

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  7. The greatest risk is how foolish and usless the law looks.     Being totally ignored with zero effect.      The police arrest them, they go before the courts and are back at it again 24hours later.    Quite honestly Im not sure why every tom dick and harry nut job is not out there  gluing themselves to what ever  they fancy for what ever the  reason they desire.   Someone will in the end get hurt or worse as the public will deal with it themselves before the police get there.    Only needs the first person they step in front of to be having a crap day and  things dont go as they planned.

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  8. My son bought a new  house recently and paid for it to be snagged.     They found 179 faults,  none major but some were just 2nd rate and lazy.    Gas fitter puts the hob pipe in too low so when hob fitted the oven top at the back clashes with the pipe.    I know lets drop the top of the oven 20mm...................except the fitter is too thick to think if the top goes down 20mm does the bottom.  That means the oven sits 20mm lower than the cupboards eash side and the  skirting now sits forward on the oven fitting brackets.   Yes the fitter was too lazy to even knotch the skirting under the oven bodge so it at least looked sort of right.      The basic structure was ok just almost any of the finishing bits.        Shame you cant just buy a bare shell plastered  and do every thing else yourself.

  9. 34 minutes ago, Bibs said:


    While I'm full of sympathy for those in need, there can't be that many people seeking political asylum genuinely and the UK is their only option?

    The Uk is the "only option" for none of them.  We had to do training on refugees and were told the UN rules are the  place you stop is the first point of safety and back then if you were an Afghan in the taliban held country side then Kabul was regarded as safe ( bit different now).

    I would sugest  its our inability to police our boarders thats at fault not their desire to leave the dumps they come from.     How crap are we as an island that we chose not to deal with this.     Set a number, deal with it in France and anyone alse straight back no questions.

  10. 18 hours ago, Alfa2Evora said:

    IDespite almost 2 entire cans of high-quality penetrating oil being used to soak them beforehand, virtually every bolt in the front clam/bumper/A-panels/undertray assembly either sheared-off or had to be cut out as the 'captive' part had ceased to be captive and the whole lot was just spinning around uselessly, :censored:. I've spent days drilling out umpteen knackered blind nuts and replacing them with stainless alternatives which is especially fun on the ones bonded into the clam itself - one slip and the outer surface of the panel has some extra ventilation, :o.

    He has been working there a long time, ask any esprit owner who has had to remove the front bumper, under tray etc.

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  11. I love the way with planners it's we are not going to tell you the rules, you have to pay  then we will tell you you got it wrong.  Then you can pay for another guess.    Then you see the mess they have made of my town for years.     I actually hope it is corruption and brown envelopes as otherwise it's shocking incompetence.

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  12. 1 hour ago, Arregueti said:

    I can always dream, but I would be a very happy man if they similarly agreed to allow Caterham's new japanese owners (and Lotus importers in Japan) to continue building the Elise.

    It would make a lot of sense too, right?  😉

    Wouldn't it just canibalize sales of the new car.   I agree however  it would be a great idea.

  13. Architect and local council BCO  said get the engineer in nobody wants to be responsible!!!.      I wouldnt mind but its one row of blocks high  to keep the studwork off  the floor and only about 6 -7 foot of studding / window above   over a 2 meter span.     The slab is 200mm concrete with 2 layers of mesh in it and has been fine with estate cars and suvs cars driving back and forth over it. 

  14. We are converting our 7 x 7 meter garage to an annexe.    This involves replacing the double door with a footing,  one row of blocks then a meter of studding and windows above that.  The existing lintel above the window stays with the 4 rows of brick above.      I have just been told I have to pay £295 plus vat for a structual engineer to come out to design the footing  2 meters wide  to hold one row of blocks.  The world has gone mad.     The engineer is going to cost more than the footing and blocks.

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