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  1. On 09/03/2020 at 18:43, andydclements said:

    On the Aston Expressway in Birmingham (England's second largest city) there are lanes that are so smart that traffic in one direction uses at some times, and traffic in the other uses it at other, so there's no central reservation.  At least the use of hard shoulders is c70mph meeting stationery, rather than c140mph closing speed. Both are DUMB to the extreme

    Closing speed should be 120 as according to my recent speed awareness course no central barrier means single carageway not duel.   Like thats going to make a differance!!!

  2. Turned up to a job this morning to be told by the neighbour that the customer is trapped on a cruse ship in the West Indies thats not allowed to dock anywhere.     Think I might wait 2-3 weeks after their return before rebooking the appointment.😷

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  3. They are listing a lot of nice kit in good nick from various trades which looks dodgy.  I think the serial nos should be registered with Festool as nicked.   Seem to rememer my son saying they hold onto them if they ever come back for repair and have been listed as nicked.

    We engrave post codes or phone nos deep into the plastic or ally on our kit.    They are used and serviced until dead so doesnt matter what they look like. Oh and sharpie details all over the boxes as well.

  4. 21 hours ago, Lotusfab said:

    Filling with coolant and bleedin the air out??.

    Well, why we are getting to the bottom of some of the issues on this car has anyone come up with a full proof method of filling the coolant up. I will have to do it again and last time it took ages tomget all the air out. Yes I jacked it on it nose squished the front pipes etc. I can believe Lotus went through this with every car they made. Do we know anyone who worked in the factory to ask them what the secret is?

    Mine was an 88 Stevens  but I do seem to remember having to blead air out at the heater matrix pipes as well. 

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  5. Mk1 Vauxhall Astra 1.3 L

    Mk3 Vauxhall Cavalier 2.0

    Triumph Spitfire 1500 x 2

    Triumph  Stag

    Vauxhall Omega 3ltr elite estate

    MGB GT

    Lotus Excel SE

    Peugeot 205

    Vauxhall Cavalier Mk2

    Daewoo Matiz

    Mk4 Ford Escort

    Mondeo Estate x2

    Skoda Superb

    Lotus Esprit n/a

    Skoda Fabia Mk1

    GTM K3

    Skoda Fabia Mk2

    VW passat tdi estate

    Skoda Yeti

    Peugeot 107

    Mr2 roadster x 2

    Moves about a bit depending on what we need at the time.  



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  6. Cheers for all your help.    Replaced them and still no go  so  new combustion control unit fitted.   Not quite as bad  as first feared but £381 on a 3.5 year old boiler is not on. Thanks once again.   Turns out its now got an upgraded version so they obviously use customers to road test the boiler🤬.

  7. Yes sorry they are tiny.   Those 2 little f%^&ers are going to cost me £500  if I cant find some and replace them.   Its a baxi fan control board only 3 years old but out of guarantee.   The gas fitter has had them go on 3 of this model boiler.  Its half the cost of the boiler. Not happy.

    If I can find the surface mount ones is there a problem fitting the through board ones?

  8. 2 hours ago, Barrykearley said:


    seeing this on the BBC. When you understand the management behind this young girl and the way she is being played to an audience - frankly it’s vile

    Once the fame has gone  and with the aspergers it would not suprise me if she ends up with a whole bunch of mental health issues and none of todays  hangers on to help her through it.   

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  9. I agree. I put mapped iginition with a lotusbits stage 1 engine and a full alunox manifold and exhaust and it heads well on the way to carb turbo performance not the same but not to far off. There is a thread on here some where with my  print out from it being mapped.  I imagine £10k would get you all the way to efi etc.

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  10. 1 hour ago, DaKa said:

    Would circa £10k on refurb be a reasonable estimate assuming 80 percent of the work done by professionals?

    Depends what standard you want. I put well over £10k in parts only  plus a £5k engine into my old n/a and didnt touch the body.  These cars really really dont like being dumped in a barn and left.

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