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    2002 V8,1995 Ferrari F355 Berlinetta, 1998 Ferrari F355 Spider

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  1. Haven't listed on ebay yet again. Too many tire kickers.... I would like to sell this car to someone looking for one and appreciates a nice example. 16K miles, Yellow with Black leather piped in yellow #95/100 New clutch, Eagle F1's, tubi exhaust, Spax coil overs, Johan ECU, Etc Tons of records and add-ons Email direct bought another car-out of room
  2. Thanks for the compliment, considering I've got 70K in it yes it's priced to go! '06 Aston Martin DB9 on the way and I'm out of room
  3. I hate to do this, but it's time. Anybody looking for a beauty this is it. She needs a good home, first 56K takes it.....
  4. I really like the Mazda!!!!! Hard to find a car (RX-7) that looks that good and not ricer tacky! Sharp car!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Actually, all of them....
  5. In all fairness...What does a gear case cost.....5-10K big deal...No offense but if a person can't handle a 10 dollar bill while owning a car like this, it's best left for sale on Ebay.... These vehicles are hardly comfortable nor are they realistic for everyday life. 90% of the folks on here have it as a play toy and not a work car....Like I said before you can look at it 2 ways. 1)If you bought an F355-F360 your 30K service alone would cost a gearbox (10K or better, I know) 2)Buy a used Lambo and a rearview mirror or a shock may cost that.? Yeah, I was concerned about it and read all the posts...Needless to say I installed Johan's computer. At the moment I nailed the accelerator I didn't care what flew out the back...Best investment I have made! Before I get off my soap box-Here is my rule of thumb.....15% of the value of your car should be set away as an emergency fund for maintenance. One more thing The word Vette----AKA Flexible flyer or Viper-of which I would like to have, belong no where in this forum. The traction control kings just don't fit in with LOTUS--- Leave Off The Unecessary Stuff This message was just in good humor.......
  6. Just went through the whole spax thing....Great units but the front is way too high. Jeff is supposed to be getting me shorter springs for this problem. You may want to call him (JAE 805-967-5767) Ian
  7. No offense if you like the 915 gear case.....If you ask me it is the WORST shifting gearbox Porsche ever had in the 911. I have had 3.2 Carreras with fresh overhauled (5 grand) gear cases that shifted just as difficult as 100K mile units. The market on 3.2 Carreras reflect about a 4K difference between the exact car with a G50. Indeed you are right, they are strong, but not smooth...... It's just a personal opinion so don't take it any other way, actually I liked the 915, but only in an old Porsche. Kind of gives the old German tank a certain feel and character. There is a good article in Excellence magazine on the G50 vs 915 box. I believe it was a couple of months ago. I'll try to find it if you like. Ian
  8. Do it!!! Call Jeff at JAE 805-867-5767 for the pipes and Johan Hybinette for the ECU ( Have fun with the new ride!
  9. Anyone know the best source for info on the Omega/Carlton (owners forum etc.).....I am considering importing one. Not worried about implications as it should fall under the newer laws that also allow XJ220's and 959's for import (limited use). Any help appreciated Thanks in advance, Ian
  10. When I say *feather* I guess that's just a personal figure of speech. If you have ever driven a Noble M400 that's the best expression I can give. I try to mechanically feel the boost come on and keep it low until established with traction and on a roll. Hard to explain, I guess...It sounds like you get the idea anyway. 'sorry to hear about your failure, hope that doesn't happen to me.... Ian
  11. Now that's what I like to hear! Where do I sign up, buy the components, etc. I'm ready! Johan said the chargecoolers were VERY expensive. Where did you get yours? Thanks in advance Ian
  12. Well, today I installed the *Red Race ECU* from Johan Hybinette......I have straight pipes, K/N's and now this mod on my '02 V8. I have owned numerous exotic cars and for the money I will tell you there really is no ZO6, Viper, or Lambo that would get my attention as far as bang for the buck.....This car is simply in a different league now, it is absolutely not the same car. By the way, I have zero fear about the gearbox. If you "feather" the throttle in first and second I see no mechanical strain. I have new F1's on the rear and it simply sends them ablaze if you want to be that wild...Point being that the theory is correct, something does give----the rubber. If you made it stick and you want a dragster yes, the gearbox would probably go out the back end. If that's what your after buy a Nova with a big block....If you like jet type thrust on the fly, this is for you. Johan, did a fantastic job. Turn around was 1 day and he delivered everything promised. I thought I'd share this as many people posted questions about adding HP in the past, I reviewed them all and made this decision. I believe Matt Monet truly knew and proved this car had serious potential, now I know first hand. As many of you know Johan can be reached at Many of my other components were purchased from Jeff at JAE. Both are top notch folks and have made this car pleasant to own! I'm off my soap box now, I think I'll go out and find a vette to smack around!
  13. Yes, Caddy alternator does work!!! 3500 miles since the swap. Actually, I found that it fits an Opel Omega or Vauxhall Omega, something like that. It must be Bosch and 120 amp. I would take the old one out and carry to the parts dept. match them up before you pay. Good luck! Ian-2002 V8
  14. FYI, I justed added SPAX fully adjustable dampers to my 02 V8....... Excellent value. I got them from Jeff at JAE.... You can adjust the valving and ride height=super cool! I was able to lower my car and it is rock solid, no lean Ian
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