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  1. Confused as to whether 4 cylinder is dual clutch only and v6 manual. Which is the mode expensive?
  2. robcarter

    Lotus Emira

    An anyone clarify - is it V6 manual and 4 cylinder dual clutch? Which is the most - powerful one? Do we think they will be £60k and £80k? Loved the look of it…
  3. Bibs is gifting to all Evora owners since he joined the gang!
  4. No crack or luck but it’s very similar for me... obviously below 70!
  5. Best decision ever!
  6. We have a 2011 Evora S which seems to have developed a rattle around the windscreen. I thought it may be the windscreen wiper but having replaced this I don't think it is. Has anyone experienced this? Could it be the seal? Who would you suggest could resolve it... Any ideas welcome!
  7. Do you think his other half has put it up for sale without him knowing?!
  8. Did the company take the wheel off or DIY? I have very limited skills!
  9. @Bibs I know this is over 3 years late to this debate but do you know where you can get a pair of these seats and how much it would bankrupt me?! Cheers buddy...
  10. This has probably been noticed on here before but how about a whip round for @Bibs - he's worth it!
  11. What a car and beautiful light too!
  12. @Nexus were the other cars driving backwards? A great drive and showing the GT430 to its best!
  13. I have just got back from the Bronze Licence at the Lotus Driving Academy. A top day including a great tour of Classic Team Lotus and the factory which engaged us with the heritage of the Lotus family! I had David Pittard as my instructor and had three fantastic sessions that pushed me to think, reflect and drive more smoothly and faster. The others on the course were a great bunch and most were Lotus enthusiasts and owners. If you are thinking about booking just do it. For those on the full package to completing Gold have a great time!
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