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  1. I have just got back from the Bronze Licence at the Lotus Driving Academy. A top day including a great tour of Classic Team Lotus and the factory which engaged us with the heritage of the Lotus family! I had David Pittard as my instructor and had three fantastic sessions that pushed me to think, reflect and drive more smoothly and faster. The others on the course were a great bunch and most were Lotus enthusiasts and owners. If you are thinking about booking just do it. For those on the full package to completing Gold have a great time!
  2. Does anyone know what time it starts as I am there tomorrow!! I thin’ it is quite early but have no paperwork I can find!!
  3. Does anyone know what time the Lotus Driving Academy starts as I am there tomorrow??!
  4. Any latest advice as we need to renew?
  5. @tim_marra I’m really sorry to hear about your challenges and thanks for the advice. I better start planning it and saving up for a trip to Hofmanns at some point soon!
  6. @tim_marra any chance for some reflections on your recent upgrades?
  7. Any further reflections so far @tim_marra on the experience and driving experience for the new supercharger or geo?
  8. Good news it has made you happy - what stands out???
  9. @tim_marra unlikely to respond in the next few weeks if he is enjoying the new found power so much!!
  10. Very generous of you... would want to feel the change all myself! @tim_marra
  11. @tim_marra any first impressions to share??
  12. Definitely counts - @tim_marra What geo are you getting done??
  13. I got a new K&N filter and de-cat done a while ago. What is the @Bravo73 airbox?
  14. Looking forward to hearing the outcome @tim_marra - have you changed anything else??
  15. @BrussI am sure it will be better fun to do it yourself... Is the best suspension the Nitrons or Ohlins? Would you suggest the best starting point is the supercharger upgrade? Thanks to you and @Bravo73 for the advice!
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