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  1. Good write-up. Honest and clear about the difference. Will look forward to driving both back to back when we come to buy in 2012. Also have a soft spot for LB as you can see from our old Elise!
  2. Great to see there was no mention of the deer incident. Maybe better to wait for the Laser blue one having borrowed one from Parky at the weekend.
  3. Went to see this one on Saturday and it is gorgeous... also borrowed a Laser Blue S from Parky @ Lipscomb for the day which was great. It is a demo but he was very good at trying to get the deal to work. We are going to face the N/A vs. S dilemma when we buy. In the real world where are the key differences. We will probably end up spending 40-45k. Likely to do a small number of track days so mainly weekend type use. Any wisdom appreciated.
  4. I've fallen for this SP Evora S.... Should I just go or an N/A and save the mony for a few future upgrades? Forgot the link!!
  5. I think most owners gave it 5 stars long ago!
  6. Have they gone for a 4x4 version!
  7. The "other" one sounds interesting!
  8. I'm eating humble pie!! Went to B&C this afternoon & Jamie was a top bloke and very enthusiastic. There was a Renault f1 there 2010 in this years livery and apparently Martin Donnelly had just finished giving pax rides in Evora S all day Fri & Sat. So my faith is back and I'll be dropping in there again soon.
  9. B&C is nearest and biggest but Parky @ Lipscombs was a top man as is Scott Walker as an independent!
  10. I've just heard he got the job thrown into an Evora sales as a sweetner! Am pleased to hear they are sponsoring Norwich City again - a local club and they need the money...
  11. We too are looking for a N/A or S in the spring / summer of 2012. Will be interesting to look at the gap in price second hand. Recently spent some time with a specialist and main dealer. Specialist was top man and main dealer was good too and sent us on long test drives in Exige / NA and S back to back. Main dealer we bought the Elise from new hasn't been so pro-active so unlikely to buy from them. Interesting how important it feels that the salesmen are not just dealers but real genuine enthusiasts! Thanks for the reflections from owners - really useful!
  12. replaced by an Evora S by any chance??? Great write up too!
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