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  1. I recall in the only other thread I saw about recon engines you recommended the same guy, and the reply was that the OP had had a few bad experiences with them. ES have done work for me now and then and I had to take the car back as there were still problems, so hmmmm not sure on that one :/
  2. Did a search on here before I posted and only found one thread that was also asking for engine recommendations, but there wasn't a lot of info on it.....I'm shopping around for a 2002 S2 recon engine as mine of 119k miles gave up the ghost and has 3 cylinders full of water. The last time the head gasket was done the head had to be skimmed and welded 3 times, so it's definitely up the spout. My other half is willing to drop the old one out, put all the necessary bits on a recon one and re-fit it so I don't need a COMPLETE "just drop it in, ready to go" engine, just the block/head and sump, pistons/rings etc. I think the exhaust gasket has gone too, but until we drop the engine out we'll not know. Apologies if this is a bit nonsensical but I'm not right on with all the technical bumf, that's my OH's department. Any places I should avoid? I don't want to just randomly pick somewhere off Google, would rather hear first-hand accounts.
  3. Hmmmm may be up for it but there will be a queue as long as your arm for the simulator
  4. Not long back from a 2600 mile road trip in the Elise that included the Furka Pass, Stelvio, Umbrail Pass, Gross Glockner, numerous other twisty alpine roads, Lambo factory tour and museum, Porsche museum, Mercedes museum, Ferrari museum, Schlumpf collection, Lake Como, Reims old circuit - it was totally epic. Took two GoPros so there will be onboard footage once I've edited it together! Here are some of my fave shots out of the 1600 that I took..... Reims-Gueux: Porsche museum car park: Stelvio: Schlumpf Collection (image quality slightly crap as it's from Facebook) Full Schlumpf album here Ferrari museum: Lambo museum: Jungfraujoch mountain:
  5. This little puppy will be on the Lotus static display at Goodwood this weekend: Full album on my portfolio at http://kuqo.weebly.c...-evora-gte.html
  6. ShaunM, Kronos1664, Andyclements, Chipp, Garry, Jammy-pop, J400GED, Buddsy. OwenGT3, clivef38, i like cocopops L666
  7. Dont have a clue how to do that sorry Got any photos?
  8. Started today - while driving at normal speeds and even blatting at 60-70, the fan is on - ALL THE TIME. Engine running temp is normal, is it just a crusty connection or a thermostat issue? Hellllp.........
  9. How about a long weekend across the Cheddar Gorge region, plan a good driving route around the area, hit the Gorge, country pubs, stay in a B&B? And of course, another Rockingham wet skid weekend plz!!
  10. Coming soon to Aussie Lotus drivers...... May have to get this one framed
  11. Just wondered if anyone could recommend a recovery company that does good deals on multiple cars....currently with Green Flag for the Elise and the Yaris is on my parents RAC cover, but would prefer them both under one policy - any advice would be fab.....will be Googling later on I expect. PS after reading the small print on the AA parts & labour cover, it doesn't seem to be worth the paper it's written on. Check out: and see what ISN’T covered. Example: 8 Suspension All parts are covered other than wheels, tyres and suspension forks. (erm doesn't this make up most of the suspension?) 9 Braking System All parts are covered other than brake discs, pads, drums and shoes. (so what does that leave then?) Also excluded are: exhaust systems, diesel particulate filters, wheels and tyres, sunroof motors and mechanisms, lights and bulbs, faulty connections, window mechanisms (mechanical and electrical), air conditioning components, speedometers and odometers; all body parts, locks and keys, steering locks, ignition locks and barrels; all windows, paint, trim, upholstery, cosmetic finishes, folding roof motors, frame and fabric, fuel gauge; brake discs and pads or brake drums and shoes, motorcycle drive chains and sprockets, motorcycle suspension forks, motorcycle frames and fairings; So we're fast running out of parts that can be included! The £500 that they would put towards something like a head gasket failure INCLUDES VAT, so that's only £400 towards the cost of the repair. But they don't make it clear if there is extra allowance for labour charges, which they are happy to pay up to £85 per hour. If labour cover isn't an extra then 4 hours labour and the allowance is used up before any parts have even been added to the bill. Just doesn't seem to be worth it at a cost of over £100 per year for the policy, I may as well just squirrel money away into a "Lotus disaster repair fund".
  12. My UK design rights on one of my products has been infringed, I'm pondering getting a solicitor's letter sent to the infringer to put the shits up them....need some advice though, can anyone help? PM me if you can.
  13. My car is now SORNd for winter so I'm officially going to be a grumpy moo until March when it's back on the road again, so if I turn up it'll be in a Yaris. Oh the shame......I may pop along but I hate walking into crowded pubs on my own so if you see a nervous ginger girl wandering around, point yourselves out!
  14. 0735am this morning: Was so amazed at seeing such sun I forgot to switch camera to RAW format. Light was changing so fast I abandoned any attempts at using manual settings on the DSLR, and stuck to AUTO and scenic. Oh dear....... SORN kicks in midnight on Friday then it's winter hibernation time. *sniffle*
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