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  2. Cheekily jumping on this thread as it relates to the wheels... What wheel centre caps fit? Are they the same as for the Elise (55mm ID)? I have one missing and I'm buggered if I can find the exact replacement! Any ideas?
  3. You are a legend! Thanks. It turned out to be the former, the diagram helped completely as I couldn't find the drawing of the latch itself. Very fiddly but now sorted (although my fingers are red raw :/ Thanks again
  4. Hi I've a problem where the two lamps inside the boot don't seem to light up. Neither do I get the 'tailgate open' warning / indicator on the right hand of the dash. The boot opens fine, shuts fine. Checked fuses etc. all OK. Thinking this is basically one problem with two outcomes (i.e. the ECU manages the signal to the bulbs and to the dash module and basically that signal isn't operating). Anyone got any ideas? Cheers, Ben.
  5. Guys, thanks for the constructive comments towards the sale of my otherwise impeccable car - much appreciated... Just to be clear, I was assured by Scott Walker when I bought the car that this sensible modification was both safe and perfectly functional, qualified also by Max at Lakeside. Agree it's not the most aesthetically pleasing solution but performs it's purpose well, nonetheless. Cheers, Ben.
  6. It's sorted. I took the delay module out and cleaned the terminals, back to normal operation now.
  7. All Before I go and simply buy a new pod delay module, just wanted your opinions; Upon attempting to flash the headlamps, initially this either doesn't happen or takes a very long time before the pods lift up. If I then keep doing this, they respond a normal, until I wait for say 30 seconds where the original problem comes back. They seem to be hesitant sometimes too and occasionally come up in 2 stages? Will the delay module sort this? Ta Ben.
  8. I also agree chaps, and would have gone down that route had I had not exhausted all possibilities. Turns out PNM were very useful as the guys that build their exhausts have a bin full of flanges (got to be a euphemism there) that I know are the correct size. So should be sorted
  9. Chaps Does anyone know of the simplest route to replace the 3 bolt flange on the exhaust silencer side? This appears to be extremely hard to find, if not impossible. The only option for me is to hack off the original (from my standard GT3 exhaust) and weld on to the new one, or get something made bespoke (expensive). I don't really want to render the stock silencer as useless in case I sell the car on... The flange is unusual in that it's dished (as you may know). Anyone on here got an old exhaust they don't mind hacking this off, or any idea where to get one from - I've tried everywhere?! The exhaust I'm trying to fit is a stainless Janspeed LH exit but has had a 2 bolt flange fitted. I need to replace this with the 3 bolt to marry up to my decat pipe. Janspeed don't stock the part. Had a quote to fabricate at £50 plus vat(!). Jetex do something that may fit if the dimensions match. Any ideas? Any help much appreciated!! Cheers, Ben.
  10. Peter, do you still have your old SuperSports box...? My GT3 is decatted so I'm only after something a little more audible ;o)
  11. Just ordered the Service Kit from SJ - Mobil 1. Should be sorted. Was very difficult to resist adding their Supersports exhaust though...
  12. Thanks for responses, pretty unanimous. For any serious work (like camblet - neither do I have big enough bollocks to tackle that) it'll go to a specialist. What oil should I use? Was thinking Castrol Edge 10w60 but some people have also mentioned Valvoline Racing 20w50 (mineral). Any advice? Cheers, Benj
  13. Hi I've a '99 GT3, last had a service around 18 months ago but in that time I've only done 3000 miles. It's up for an A service and was going to get this done locally with a stamp in the book (currently book is stamped by Lakeside @ 42K and the car has just hit 43K). However, I was also thinking that I can quite easily do this myself and then wait until next year for the B service stamp. What do people do on this forum? Should I just do this myself and record the receipts in my file and make a note on the service book? I don't mind either way, it's just more convenient to do this in my own garage than pay someone to effectively give the car an oil change. If I do it, will it affect resale? Cheers, Ben.
  14. enjybenjy

    yellow gt3

    Chaps local to me in Fareham; where do you get your cars serviced? Southways are happy to do this...looks like they're more than capable.
  15. enjybenjy

    yellow gt3

    Wahay!!! That was me I was on my way back from Southways...
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